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Kathy Briscoe

Information Literacy
1/ 2. The article that I have chose was about how many Iphones were sold so
far on the first day they were available to the public. The article stated that the
demand for the new Iphone is so high that the Iphone 6 plus immediately sold
out within hours. The article also compared each phones size to let the public
see the differences. The Iphone is so sought after that people were camping
outside days before the phone was even available !ust to get their hands on the
new and improved "pple product.
#. a.$ %oogle & '()
b.$ *hen I searched for a related article on %oogle a lot popped up
numerous articles that I had to scroll through and read over !ust to
ma+e sure it really related to my topic and it !ust was not random and
had nothing to do with my topic. *hen I searched on '() I had a
much easier time finding what I needed and because if this I believe
that '() is the better search engine.
,. T.$ (eptember -. ./-, at 012/am. "rticle was last 3pdated
(eptember -0 ./-, at 01-4am.
5.$ The article is relevant and the title even reveals that 6"ll )ew
Iphones (ell 7ut Immediately89
".$ The "uthor is Bloomberg )ews !udging by their name I believe the
author& authors are credible.
".$ The article is trustworthy in my opinion due to the fact that the
other articles I read support it.
Kathy Briscoe
Information Literacy
:.$ The article was written to inform the customers about how many
phones have been sold and what all the buzz is about.
2. a.$ Keywords1 Iphone 6 sales
;atabases 3sed1 :ro<uest )ewstand
6. a.$ Internet vs. =ournal1 The internet is more efficient as far as ease of
access. 'ost phones have a google search bar. *hen it comes to
trying to get on the >cbc Library website it would not wor+ on my
phone. "s far as timeliness I believe that the Internet ta+es that on too
because of the fact that so many articles pop up with the words you
searched in it. The Library website you have to search and word
things a certain way to get what you are loo+ing for. Lastly as far as
authority goes the Library is more trustworthy than the Internet
because it is not !ust anyones opinion but actual facts.
?. 'L" @ormat1
"pple Inc. A"pple "nnounces 5ecord :reBorders for i:hone 6 C i:hone 6 :lus
Top @our 'illion in @irst ., Dours.A Business Wire (English) 01 Regional
Business News. *eb. .- (ept. ./-,.
Blair )ancy. A'illions (nap up I:hone 6 on 7pening *ee+end.A USA Today.
%annett .- (ept. ./-,. *eb. .- (ept. ./-,.
Bloomberg )ews. A"ppleEs )ew I:hones (ell out Immediately...A
OregonLive.co. The 7regonian -. (ept. ./-,. *eb. .- (ept. ./-,.
%oldman ;avid. A"pple (old , 'illion I:hone 6 and 6 :lus in @irst ;ay.A
!NN"oney. >able )ews )etwor+ -2 (ept. ./-,. *eb. .- (ept. ./-,.
Kathy Briscoe
Information Literacy
Love =ulia. A"pple @an @renzy as i:hone 6 Dits (tore (helves.A Oa#land
Tri$une(ep -0 ./-,. %ro&ues'. *eb. .- (ep. ./-, .