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Si xth Grade Sci ence Syl l abus 2014-2015

Mr.Ki ttler Ms. Brenneman
Team Ameri ca Team Phoeni x

This year, the students will explore the living world around us making connections between
life on a microscopic and macroscopic levels. Through the subject of science, we will be
teaching problem solving, organizational and studying skills needed to be successful in the
sixth grade.

Dates (ish) Topics
September Scientific Method, Lab Safety, Measurement, Microscopes
October Ecosystems, Food Webs, Energy Pyramids, Interactions
Among Living Things

Characteristics of Life, Necessities of Life, Cell Structure
Cell Processes, Heredity, Organization of Life

March-April Human Body Systems, Classification of Living Things

May 3 Domains of Life, The 4 Kingdoms of the Eukaryote Domain
June Evolution

II. Textbook: Li fe Sci ence: Holt Sci ence and Technology
1. The book is divided into five separate modules, making it easier for the
students to carry home and to class.

III. Gradi ng
1. Based on tests, quizzes, writing, journal/logs, lab/projects and maintaining a

IV. Notebook
1. Students will keep an interactive notebook.
2. Parents are encouraged to check through the notebook for progress and areas
of study. This system provides for an ongoing progress report throughout the

VI. Assessments
1. Quizzes are given frequently.
2. Tests are given at the end of each unit.
3. The tests consist of questions that come directly from the homework,
classroom assignments and quizzes.
3. We will provide advance notice of all tests.
4. All scores are recorded on IPASS.

VII. Di sci pli ne
1. In accordance with the school handbook.
2. We expect respectful behavior towards others and materials.

VIII. Parent Involvement
1. Check childs assignment notebook each day.
2.Review childs science notebook for topics covered and grades on tests, quizzes,
classwork and homework.
3. Help your child prepare for tests by reviewing information.
4. E-mail us anytime with question/concerns. It is easier to reach us with e-mail
than by phone.
nki ttler@nati ckps.org
ebrenneman@nati ckps.org
5. Be supportive of your child and ask questions!

My webpage address: www.ki ttlerhomepage.weebly.com

Thank you in advance for your support throughout the school year!!

Nathan Kittler Ellen Brenneman