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Essay #3Writing a Profile

This third writing project is a collaborative research/presentation project that will culminate in your writing an
individual profile on your topic. Working with others in your group, you will flesh out a profile of a specific
geographical/cultural location in the United States. Each of these areas is unique, and you will convey this
uniqueness both in your final oral presentation and in your essay. As a group you are free to choose the slant of
your profile. As an individual you are free to choose the slant of your essay.

Most of the sources for your research can be found on the Internet. As you conduct your research, keep in
mind two items: the credibility of your site and all of the facets that constitute a geographical/cultural region,
i.e. topography, inhabitants, economics, history, ethnicity, languages, laws, etc. You will not necessarily
incorporate every facet into your profile, but you may need to provide backgrounds, definitions, examples, etc.
that will enhance, for your reader, the particular profile slant that you have chosen. You may want to begin
with each member of your group researching specific topics related to your location.

The attached handout will help you to both establish some ground rules for setting up the research and
brainstorm as you begin to evolve your presentation. Just remember that on this project you are an active
member of a team. Too, your role within that team may change. On one day you may initiate ideas; on another
day you may record ideas. Be flexible. Be open. Be fair. Be dependable. Good collaboration that creates a
respectable end product (and grade) demands consistency in both effort and participation from all group

Tentative Profile Dates

Oct. 6/7 Begin project Profiles
For next class, Read assigned essays (two handouts and two of your choice from
text, pp. 74-95)
Write a one page reflection per essay --Discuss the slant that the author uses for the profile. Then think of what
other approach the author might have taken?

Oct. 8/9 Discuss essays
In-class writing
Choose and research project

Oct. 13/14 Writing exercise

Oct. 16 (library)/17 (cart) Research

Oct. 20/21 In-Class Writing (15 Sentence Profile)
Discuss effective oral presentations

Oct. 22/23 Library for PowerPoint work

Oct. 24/28 Presentations 75 pts.
& 27/29 (15-18 minutes)

At time of presentation Final Draft Essay #3 100 pts.