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HEADLINE1 = How to enhance your interiors the Innovative way

HEADLINE2 = Storage solutions for your lifestyle and udget
Your home is more than a place its a space where you are most comfortable. Thats
the defining principle at Innovative Interiors, which offers welldesigned and custom
storage solutions which will enhance your living space, clear away clutter and help
you get the most out of your house.
Innovative Interiors which was established !" years ago is #ew $ealands leading
wardrobe and storage company, providing a complete service, from initial design
concepts through to manufacture and installation.
%hether you live in a smaller traditional house or a larger contemporary one, their
designers have a wealth of &nowledge and e'perience, allowing them to offer creative
and effective solutions. (%e help our clients ma'imise space in even the most
challenging areas, increasing the usability, en)oyment and visual appeal of any
property,* +urray ,linch, director, Innovative Interiors, says.
-ccording to +urray, wardrobes and storage designs have evolved to become stylish
elements of the home, and form an integral part of a wellplanned and functioning
living environment. (Our solutions are crafted not only to match your lifestyle and
budget but also to complement e'isting decor,* he says.
.esides homes, +urray and his team of designers including .erwic& /ouglas and
Issac 0ayward offer storage solutions for garages, wor&shops, laundries and
childrens rooms.
Importantly, every product is made out of solid wood, and is custom designed and
manufactured in #ew $ealand. This allows the company to offer a 1"year warranty
on products and a lifetime guarantee on parts. (%e have our own factory so we
outsource nothing,* +urray says.
You may re2uest a free consultation in your home or visit the showroom at 34
-rrenway /r, -lbany. .erwic& and Isaac can wal& you through the design process
and preview how your interiors will loo& in 5/ before you ma&e a decision.
6or more information call 7as&ia ,oles on "8"" 8" 5" 9". Open +onday to 6riday
8.5"am to 3.""pm and 7aturday 4.5"am1!.5"pm. Or visit