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Ecology Webquest

#1 Populations

a. What is population?
b. Two things that increase a population
c. Two things that decrease a population
#2 Communities

d. What is a community?
e. How are communities distinguished?
#3 Ecosystems

f. What is an ecosystem?
g. What do ecosystems include?
h. What happens if one part of an ecosystem in damaged or destroyed?
#4: Biodie!sity
i. What is biodiversity?
j. Why is it important?
k. What are abiotic factors?
l. What are biotic factors?
#": #ood C$ains
Diagram your food chain:

m. person is called a !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because
they eat meat " vegetables.
n. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are animals that only eat meat.
o. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are animals that only eat plants.

#% #ood Webs

p. #ame a consumer in your food web !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
$. #ame a producer in your food web !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
r. #ame a decomposer%if there is one& in your food web

#& Ene!gy in an Ecosystem

s. Write three to 've sentences describing what you learned:
#' 1() *ule
t. What is the () percent rule? Where does the unused energy go?
#+ Ca!bon Cycle
Diagram the carbon cycle:
u. #ame * places on the earth we 'nd carbon
v. +lants pull carbon %in the form of carbon dio,ide& from the atmosphere to
make food- through a process called !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
w. Through food chains animals get !!!!!!!!!!!! from the plants and other
animals they eat.
,. When plants and animals die and !!!!!!!!!!!!- carbon goes back into the
y. .ome carbon is buried deep in the ground and forms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
/. When humans burn fossil fuels- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is released back into the
aa. When humans and animals e,hale- they release carbon back into the air
by a process called !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

#1( Nit!ogen Cycle
Diagram the nitrogen cycle:
bb. What are * ways nitrogen becomes useable to plants- humans and

cc.How do herbivores obtain the nitrogen they need?
dd. How is nitrogen returned to the atmosphere?
ee. What are two ways humans impact the nitrogen cycle:

#11 Wate! Cycle
Diagram the water cycle:
#12 Biomes ,!ound t$e Wo!ld
0. How are biomes determined?
gg. What are the 1 2iomes of the World?
hh. What are the 3reshwater 4cosystems?
ii. What are the 5arine 4cosystems?
#13 -uman .mpact
.oil 4rosion
4,tinction of .pecies
6reenhouse 40ect