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Caitlyn Mauck
#2 Prewriting Strategies
Writing 3.9 - The student will write for a variety of purposes.
a) Identify the intended audience.
b) Use a variety of prewriting strategies.
c) Write a clear topic sentence focusing on the main idea.
d) Write a paragraph on the same topic.
e) Use strategies for organization of information and elaboration according to the type of writing.
f) Include details that elaborate the main idea.
g) Revise writing for clarity of content using specific vocabulary and information.
Large paper
Printed templates for each student
Sample topics created by teacher
This lesson will be taught at a time when we have been working on choosing a topic. At this point, students
have already chosen an appropriate topic and will be entering the prewriting stage. We will focus
prewriting strategies on cluster webs so that students can learn how to break a topic down into
categories/smaller topics for paragraphs.
1) Share my writing topic with the students and discuss ways to narrow my topic so that it is specific,
but big enough to break into smaller topics.
2) Ask students what smaller topics could be discussed (and model them on the cluster web)
3) Work with students while discuss details and where they would fit best. Also, provide students with
details I would like to include about my topic and ask where they would put them