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Climbing the Food Chain

I havent always been the top predator..well apart of the top predator. The names
Molly, Molly da Molecule, nice to meet you! I came from humble beginnings. I was born in an
evergreen tree in a beautiful taiga in Canada. I didnt really have parents. I was born from the
process known as photosynthesis. So if youve been leaving under a rock and dont know what
photosynthesis is, photosynthesis is the process in which a plant (and some protists) make their
food/or energy. You need water, CO2, sun light, and most important of all a plants
chloroplast! What comes out is oxygen, glucose (C6H12O6), and ATP (energy).
Anyways when the evergreen tree went through photosynthesis, I was created and
I have 10,000 full energy. The evergreen tree is called a primary producer. I was the energy
source of one of its many seeds. The creepiest thing happened to me though and it wouldnt be
the last time
One day I was minding my own business, powering things you know, and this ugly
little rodent thing came along. I think it is referred to as a Squirrel. Eww The squirrel was
eyeing the pine cone I was working in. It was quite creepy. The squirrel then bolted towards my
pine cone and started to gnaw into it. Bits and pieces of the pine cone were ripped off. The
squirrel finally got to the seed and ate it. I began to fall with the seed down to the disgusting
digestive track of the small mammal. The digestive track took away the nutrients of the seed,
and more importantly 90% of ME!!! I shank to around 10% of my original size, energy at
1,000. Later on the same thing happened.
My new home, the ugly disgusting Squirrel, was resting on the ground like a
dummy and was eaten by a fox. Uhh, great. Looks like I got to move and down size. So once
again, nutrients are taken along with 90% 0f me. I now my energy is at 100. Within the next
twenty four hours, the weasel was eaten by a Lynx. The large feline is the top predator. Its at the
highest level. Thats where I am now at 10% withering away to nothing, Im dying in this Lynx.
The Lynx is very sick. Vultures are over head. The end is near. Finally the Lynx is out of its
misery. The vulture eats the lynxs remains. The vulture takes up the nutrients from the lynx and
finally the last bit of me. I have no more energy. I cant go on!!! Why couldnt I just have stayed
in my humble beginnings. Uhhh, sigh

The End