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Looking for a good pilot to cloud seed...

Its fall but it feels like summer with this heat do you want rain? I know I do! Looking for a good
pilot to cloud seed over the Oceanside & Carlsbad coast and cloud seed (static cloud seeding).
You will be paid $150.00 an hour and you will fly for 3 hours which is about 10-15 round trips
(including refueling (if needed)). Must have pilots license and experience in a Cessna aerobat.
Static cloud seeding involves spreading a chemical like silver iodide into clouds. The silver iodide
provides a crystal around which moisture can condense. The moisture is already present in the
clouds, but silver iodide essentially makes rain clouds more effective at dispensing their water.
Call us: 1-760-443-5324
Help make this wedding perfect!
Love is filling the air on Sunday because Trevor and Danica are tying the knot the tables are set
and the food is cooking but there is one thing we dont haveThe photographer! The last one
bailed out last minute PLEASE HELP! You will be paid $550 for the night (dinner is included).
Call us: 1-665-334-6343`
Silver iodine is used for bring out the color in pictures and it is also used to bring out the detail

Looking for construction workers!
HELP! Ive hit a snag in my project two of my workers were hurt in a car accident and cant work
with me. My crew and I have been working on an apartment complex in the Carlsbad area near
the train tracks need a cement layer and a cement truck operator. You will be paid $55.00 an
hour (will have to work for 6 hours must have construction experience!).
Give me a call: 1-940-555-3246
Silver iodine is found in cement like the floors of school!

We need lab personal!
My Company was recently given a patent on our new salt water centrifuge the only problem is
we just started and our company is not in full swing we need new lab assistants and we also
need new geo-chemists/oceanographers. We will give you full benefits.
Call us at 1-235-343-5435
Iodine is found in the salt water of the ocean iodine travels through the air and then hits the
water making the salt.

Looking for feeders at the ranch
Hi my name is Darrell I own a ranch up in Ramona and I have a lot of land the problem is I cant
feed all of my livestock I can pay you 50 bucks and hour and I will provide you with an atv 4
wheeler with feed. Give me a call at 1-313-352-2413
Silver iodine has been found in feed of course in small amounts (I hope).

Need some help laying down new soil!
The planting season has begun the tractor is fueled and ready to haul out to the fields but as
usual living in Napa the vineyards need all the soil they can get! I need someone to help me lay
down some of it because I have too much! And my tractor cant haul such a load up the hills
Give me a call at the Parducci winery: 1-343-244-3343
Silver iodine has been helping farmers forever! Its been found in the treatment of dirt to
become soil.

Looking for a daring pilot
Hi my name David Stanton Im a storm chaser along with my colleagues John, Gavin, and
Hunter. We follow storms mostly hurricanes but we need a second pilot to pilot our rxb-223 a
heavily moded jet that carries silver iodide clusters they are shot from the sides and they help
the storm die down. Im looking for the next Maverick because I want someone with a need a
need for speed. Call our storm center at 1-930-0334-3434

Looking for someone with a good eye
Hello everyone my name is John Davis Im a meteorologist/environmental chemist who wants
to see if the silver iodide experiment actually works. This experiment is used in china to bring
rain down on the city and everyone wants rain in San Diego. I need someone who is either a
retired marine, a sharp shooter or anyone who has dead aim. Call me at 1-334-122-3411
In china people are shooting rockets into the clouds that are filled with silver
iodide the chemical condenses the crystals in the clouds that are full of water with
a chain reaction the water drains from the cloud.3

Fast and furious
I need someone who is able to haul down the open road. Hi Im Gavin youve probably seen our
ad in the paper for a daring pilot well now we need someone who is an amazing driver
preferably one who has racing experience our last driver Grant got into an accident driving after
a tornado and rolled it! If youre an adrenaline junky like us well sign up and put the petal to the
metal! Give us a call at our storm center: 1-930-0334-3434
I hope this doesnt get counted off because this is a connected add to the one about the
stunt pilot.

Looking for a new school nurse. Hello my name is Principal Seymour skinner Springfield
elementary has been closed down for quite some time to remodel our nurses office the
problem is our school is our lunch lady due to budget cuts so were looking for volunteers to
work from 9:00-2:30 we need someone who has some medical practice.
Antiseptic has traces of silver iodide. This is used for cleaning out wounds (cuts not gunshots).

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