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United Nations History and Structure Worksheet

Global Classrooms
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irections: Com!lete these questions during "eith#s !resentation$ at the end o% the class
you still won#t have all o% the answers you need. Go to our Global Classrooms website
to %ind the answers. Click on The United Nations button. Watch the %irst video %or the
remaining answers.
&questions that must be answered by watching the video on our website.
'. When was the United Nations %ounded (when it began)* Why was it created*
1945, After World War II, It was created to prevent another World War
+. How many countries are in the United Nations ,oday*
-. Who is the secretary general o% the UN* Where is he %rom*
Ban Ki!oon, "o#th Korea
.. How many countries %irst /oined the United Nations when it was %ounded*&
0. What %ive countries are per%anent members o% the UN Security Council*&
United "tates, UK, &#ssia, 'rance, and (hina
1. What does the UN Security Council do*
)isc#sses iss#es of *eace and "ec#rit+, (an p#nish co#ntries for cri%es
2. What UN document lists human rights*&
Universal )eclaration of ,#%an &i-hts
3. Name three o% the United Nations 4illennium evelo!ment Goals*
&ed#ce (hild !ortalit+
I%prove !aternal ,ealth
.ther Answers /isted on (o#rse We0site
5. Which 4illennium evelo!ment Goal do you think is most im!ortant*
1o#r .pinion