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EDUC4720/1 2012_Jane Jarvis_Tiering format adapted from Tomlinson (1999)

Lesson Plan

Lesson Topic: World War One
Curriculum Area: History
Year Level: 9

Brief Unit description (2-4 sentences) of the broader unit into which this
lesson fits, and where it fits into that unit:
This is the first lesson of a term length unit of work on World War One (for which I
will be taking the first 6 weeks).
The lesson is a 40 minute single lesson.

Learning Objectives*. As a result of engaging with the lesson, students will:
*As appropriate, these should be based on the Australian Curriculum. You can include specific references to
ACARA in parentheses where you have taken an objective verbatim (ACMMG006), or use language like
Adapted from.. if you have made some changes to statements from ACARA, but been guided by these.

Understand that (Concepts, principles, big ideas. Make sure your objectives are statements
that work in the form, students will understand that)

World War one was caused by various interlinking factors.
World War One involved all the major European powers of the time.
Begin to understand the idea of History is the propaganda of the victors.

Know (e.g. facts, vocabulary, dates,
Who fought on what side of the war
The dates of WW1
What caused the outbreak of war

Be able to (do) (Skills, processes)
Use chronological sequencing to
demonstrate the relationship between
events and developments in different
periods and places (ACHHS164)
Use historical terms and
concepts (ACHHS165)

Essential Questions

How did alliances affect the outbreak of World War One?

Could World War One have been prevented?

EDUC4720/1 2012_Jane Jarvis_Tiering format adapted from Tomlinson (1999)

Lesson Title: World War One introduction The outbreak of War

(Describe and refer to appendices where necessary)

Lesson Plan
Lesson Sequence

Introduction: (5 Mins)
Personal Intro
Unit into
Explanation and expectations
of exit cards

WW1 School yard fight role play. (15-
20 mins)

Work book WW1 Key
understandings page (10 Mins)

Explanatory notes

Run through the break out of the World War with a
teacher guided student role play. Students act as
countries and are talked through each countries
action and the other countries reaction

After the demonstration is over, students should
have a good understanding of the out break of
WW1. The students then create a page in their
exercise books to initiate the start of the WW1 unit
that documents the key points of the war. Students
will add to this as the unit goes on. It allows student
access to concise information of WW1 which they
can return to whenever they feel the need. The page
will contain key dates of the war, who fought on what
side and definitions. It allows students to summarise
information into their own words and provides a
base point for the remainder of the unit.

This exercise will run as a group discussion with
guided questioning from the teacher.

Lesson Closure/ Check for Understanding
Exit Cards (5 mins)
This allows students to review what they have learnt through the lesson. The exit cards will operate on a
3,2,1 format. The students will write down 3 things they learnt through the lesson, 2 thins they contributed
and 1 question they still have. Their will also be a section for additional comments. Here students can right
EDUC4720/1 2012_Jane Jarvis_Tiering format adapted from Tomlinson (1999)
any comments they had of the lesson, whether they liked it, hated it, thought it was boring etc