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Drug Name Action Indication Contraindicati Adverse Nursing Considerations

on Effect

Generic Inhibits protein • Serious • Contrain CNS: • Obtain specimen for culture and
Name: synthesis by infection dicated sensitivity test before giving first
binding cause by in - dose. Therapy may begin while
amikacin directly to the sensitive patients neuromu awaiting the results.
sulfate 30S ribosomal restrains hypersen scular • Evaluate patient’s hearing before
sub unit; of sitive to blockade and during therapy if he will be
bactericidal Pseudom drug or EENT: receiving drug for longer than 2
Brand Name: onas other weeks. Notify prescriber if patient
aeruginus aminogy - has tinnitus, vertigo, or hearing loss.
Amikin a, E.coli, cosides. ototoxicit • Weigh patient and review renal
Proteus, • Use y function studies before therapy
Route: IV Klebsiella, cautiousl begins.
Classification: staphyloc y in • Correct dehydration before therapy
Onset: occus patients because of increase risk of toxicity.
Amino immediate • Uncompli with • Obtain blood for peak level 1 hour
glycoside cated UTI impaired I.M injection and 30 mins. to 1 hour
Peak: 30mins.
caused by renal after IV infusion ends; for trough
Duration: 8-12 organism function levels draw blood just before the
Available hrs. susceptibl or next dose. Don’t collect blood in a
forms: e to less neuromu heparinized tube; heparin is
* toxic scular incompatible with aminoglycosides.
*Infection: drugs. disorders • Peak drug levels more than 35
Route: I.M
• Active , in mcg/ml and trough levels more than
Onset: tuberculo neonates 10 mcg/ml may linked to a higher
unknown sis, with and risk of toxicity
other infants • Watch for signs and symptoms of
Peak: 1hr. antituber and in super infection (especially URT),
culotics elderly such as continued fever, chills, and
NSS: Duration: 8-
• Mycobact patients. increased pulse rate.
5mg/ml(500m 12hrs.