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Updated October 2014

Trust for London

Funding Guidelines
About Trust for London
1 About Trust for London
2 Introduction
4 Employment
6 Advice
8 Social Justice
10 Violence
11 Small Groups
12 Shortlisting criteria
14 How to apply
16 Non-priority areas
17 Complaints
17 Feedback
About Trust for London

Trust for |ondon |s the |argest |ndependent char|tab|e foundat|on fund|ng work
wh|ch tack|es poverty and |nequa||ty |n the cap|ta|.
We are part|cu|ar|y |nterested |n work that deve|ops new and |mag|nat|ve ways of
address|ng the root causes of |ondon`s soc|a| prob|ems, espec|a||y work wh|ch
has the potent|a| to |nfuence and change po||cy, pract|ce and pub||c att|tudes.
We are w||||ng to take r|sks by support|ng unpopu|ar causes and act|v|t|es that
government |s un||ke|y to fund. We a|so want to make sure that we are ab|e to
respond to new |ssues and |deas and fnd creat|ve ways of tack||ng deep-rooted
prob|ems re|at|ng to poverty and |nequa||ty.
Annua||y we prov|de around 7 m||||on |n grants and at any one po|nt we
are support|ng some 400 vo|untary and commun|ty organ|sat|ons and other
|nst|ut|ons. Estab||shed |n 1891, we were former|y known as O|ty Paroch|a|
These fund|ng gu|de||nes prov|de |nformat|on about us, what we w||| and w||| not
fund, and how you can app|y to us.
2 Trust for London Funding Guidelines 2012-17 3
There are many ways that poverty and |nequa||ty can be addressed, though we do
not have suffc|ent resources to support a|| needs. ln deve|op|ng our pr|or|t|es, we
have rev|ewed what others are do|ng, consu|ted peop|e work|ng |n th|s fe|d and
cons|dered where we can have the greatest |mpact. Much of our fund|ng pr|or|t|es
bu||ds on our prev|ous work.
Our focus |s on four areas: Emp|oyment, Adv|ce, Soc|a| Just|ce and v|o|ence. We
a|so have a spec|fc programme for sma|| groups. Each of the fund|ng pr|or|t|es
are exp|a|ned |n deta|| on pages 4 to 11.
How to apply
P|ease read these fund|ng gu|de||nes |n fu|| before f|||ng |n our on-||ne fund|ng
app||cat|on form. Deta||s of how you can app|y are on pages 14 to 15. Our
webs|te www.trustfor|ondon.org.uk |nc|udes a fu|| ||st of recent grants we have
made. lf you want to keep up to date w|th our work, p|ease s|gn up for our
e-bu||et|n - deta||s are on our webs|te.
Non-priority areas
You may fnd |t usefu| at th|s stage to |ook at the areas of work we w||| not support
or are un||ke|y to support on page 16.
Funding available
There |s no m|n|mum or max|mum s|ze of grant and the amount you request
shou|d be the amount you need. However, the average grant (not |nc|ud|ng
fund|ng we award under our sma|| groups pr|or|ty} w||| be around 75,000 |n tota|,
a|though a number of grants w||| be for a |esser amount, wh||e some w||| be for
The amounts may be spread over one, two or three years. For examp|e, |f you are
awarded a grant of 75,000, th|s cou|d be 25,000 over three years, or 40,000
|n the frst year and 35,000 |n the second.
We w||| not norma||y make grants that exceed 100,000. You may therefore need
to app|y to other funders to fund your proposed work jo|nt|y w|th us and we
encourage you to do th|s, as we cannot a|ways prov|de the tota| costs that you

Grants made under our sma|| groups pr|or|ty w||| not norma||y exceed 30,000
w|th an average grant be|ng 20,000 |n tota|, a|though many grants w||| be |ess
than th|s. You may app|y over one, two or three years.
We support |ong-term strateg|es for dea||ng w|th poverty and |nequa||ty. Therefore
organ|sat|ons that have rece|ved fund|ng may return for support for work wh|ch
|s part|cu|ar|y effect|ve and cont|nues to meet our cr|ter|a and pr|or|t|es. However,
you shou|d not assume we w||| award further fund|ng and shou|d a|so app|y to
other funders. lf you w|sh to app|y aga|n for the same or d|fferent work, you shou|d
contact your re|evant offcer at |east e|ght months before your current fund|ng
exp|res. Genera||y we do not prov|de more than one grant at a t|me.
Who and what we will fund
We fund organ|sat|ons undertak|ng char|tab|e act|v|t|es. You do not need to be
a reg|stered char|ty. We w||| support work wh|ch meets our areas of work as
out||ned on pages 4 to 11. Th|s may be for a spec|fc project or on-go|ng costs.
Th|s |nc|udes staff sa|ar|es and overheads. We encourage organ|sat|ons to |nc|ude
a reasonab|e amount of core costs to cover the|r overheads when they app|y for
fund|ng. The major|ty of our fund|ng |s for revenue costs, though we can a|so fund
sma|| cap|ta| |tems.
The purpose of our fund|ng |s to beneft peop|e who are ||v|ng |n poverty. Th|s
|nc|udes work to |ncrease the|r |ncome as we|| as address|ng other |ssues that
may affect them such as |nequa||ty, d|scr|m|nat|on or v|o|ence. We w||| fund work
that benefts a |arge number of peop|e ||v|ng |n poverty e.g. a campa|gn to make
hous|ng more affordab|e |n |ondon; as we|| as spec|fc |ssues affect|ng sma||er
numbers e.g. work to prevent fema|e gen|ta| mut||at|on.
Innovation/Exceptional need
We may occas|ona||y fund work to tack|e poverty and |nequa||ty wh|ch fa||s
outs|de our pr|or|t|es. Organ|sat|ons w||| need to demonstrate c|ear|y how the
work |s except|ona| or how your organ|sat|on |s deve|op|ng genu|ne|y |nnovat|ve
approaches to address these |ssues; or that an except|ona| need has ar|sen. You
w||| need to speak to us |f you w|sh to app|y under th|s head|ng. Genera||y we w|||
on|y make a few grants under th|s category each year.
4 Trust for London Funding Guidelines 2012-17 5
Pa|d work |s cr|t|ca| to tack||ng poverty. Wh||st the c|earest benefts are fnanc|a|,
work |s a|so |mportant |n |mprov|ng peop|e`s confdence, se|f-worth, hea|th
and |ncreas|ng |ndependence. The Government through Job Oentre P|us and
the Work Programme |s prov|d|ng cons|derab|e fund|ng to support peop|e |nto
emp|oyment and our resources are ||m|ted |n compar|son.
Our emphas|s |s therefore on act|v|t|es wh|ch Government and ma|nstream
tra|n|ng and emp|oyment funders w||| not or are un||ke|y to support, |nc|ud|ng
deve|op|ng new and |nnovat|ve |deas to he|p peop|e |nto work and rema|n
However, work |s not a|ways a so|ut|on to address|ng poverty and often
emp|oyment serv|ces are mov|ng peop|e from work|ess poor to work|ng poor.
Many jobs are |ow-pa|d and over one m||||on |ondoners ||ve |n |ow-|ncome
househo|ds where at |east one adu|t |s work|ng. These jobs are somet|mes
|nsecure, unreward|ng and fa|| to act as a stepp|ng stone |nto a future career. We
are keen to address these |ssues.
Your project shou|d be des|gned to ach|eve outcomes that w||| |ead to one or
more of our outcomes:
D|sadvantaged peop|e are more ab|e to secure and susta|n sat|sfy|ng
|ow-pa|d workers secure |mprovements |n pay, cond|t|ons and r|ghts.
D|sadvantaged groups have |mproved access to apprent|cesh|ps, pa|d
|nternsh|ps and work p|acements.
lmprovements to po||c|es and pract|ce |n the emp|oyment fe|d.
Dec|s|on makers and serv|ce prov|ders have greater |ns|ght and know|edge on
emp|oyment-re|ated |ssues.
Trust for Londons Open Programme
What we will fund
Projects deve|op|ng new mode|s of support|ng peop|e |nto work and |mprov|ng
job retent|on. We w||| on|y fund work test|ng new |deas or adapt|ng creat|ve
mode|s, |nc|ud|ng those from other countr|es, wh|ch have s|gn|fcant potent|a|
for |nfuenc|ng po||cy and pract|ce. You w||| need to demonstrate how the
work |s new and how |earn|ng w||| be shared. We w||| a|so fund |ndependent
eva|uat|ons of new mode|s that are demonstrat|ng effect|veness.
Progress|on routes out of |ow-pa|d work. Th|s cou|d |nc|ude adv|ce, tra|n|ng
and support to he|p |ow-pa|d workers |nto better-pa|d, susta|nab|e emp|oyment
wh|ch offers a career path.
Research on emp|oyment-re|ated |ssues |nc|ud|ng that wh|ch prov|des greater
|ns|ghts |nto what he|ps peop|e secure and reta|n emp|oyment; enab|es career
progress|on for those |n |ow pa|d work; and how more jobs can be created |n
the cap|ta|.
Po||cy change and campa|gn|ng work on |ssues such as:
lmprov|ng access to apprent|cesh|ps, pa|d |nternsh|ps and work
lmprov|ng pay, cond|t|ons and r|ghts for those on |ow |ncomes, |nc|ud|ng
promot|ng the |ondon ||v|ng Wage and address|ng exp|o|tat|ve
emp|oyment pract|ces.
H|gh||ght|ng |ondon-spec|fc cha||enges such as the h|gh cost of
ch||dcare and |ssues re|at|ng to the |abour market e.g. the shortage of
qua||ty part-t|me jobs.
Promot|ng good emp|oyment pract|ce amongst emp|oyers, |nc|ud|ng
chang|ng att|tudes.
lmprov|ng the capac|ty and sk|||s of vo|untary and commun|ty organ|sat|ons
work|ng on emp|oyment-re|ated |ssues. Th|s means we w||| fund organ|sat|ons
to support other groups to |mprove the|r pract|ce, share know|edge and
6 Trust for London Funding Guidelines 2012-17 7
Access to r|ghts, ent|t|ements and just|ce |s not a|ways equa|. Somet|mes the
processes and systems are comp|ex and d|ffcu|t to understand, part|cu|ar|y for
those who are the poorest and most vu|nerab|e |n soc|ety. ln these s|tuat|ons,
re|evant and t|me|y adv|ce and |ega| representat|on |s v|ta| |n upho|d|ng the|r r|ghts
and ensur|ng there |s fa|r treatment.
We w||| fund d|rect adv|ce work and representat|on |n areas wh|ch are part|cu|ar|y
underfunded and wh|ch we have prev|ous|y supported. Th|s work |nc|udes good
qua||ty ear|y adv|ce for cases that mer|t support, prevent|ng prob|ems becom|ng
more ser|ous, comp|ex and cost|y. We are part|cu|ar|y |nterested |n support|ng
|ega| adv|ce work wh|ch has the potent|a| to have w|der |mpact on the ||ves of
d|sadvantaged |ondoners.
Organ|sat|ons we support shou|d have an understand|ng of what causes demand
for adv|ce and shou|d a|m to address these causes, reduc|ng waste and tack||ng
demand at source. They shou|d a|so support and empower c||ents to reso|ve
prob|ems and take more contro| over the|r ||ves. We are part|cu|ar|y |nterested |n
|nnovat|ve approaches to dea||ng w|th these |ssues.
We are a|so |nterested |n |mprov|ng the qua||ty, access|b|||ty and prov|s|on of
adv|ce; and |n the co-ord|nat|on of serv|ces so that ||m|ted resources are used
effc|ent|y and effect|ve|y.
Your project shou|d be des|gned to ach|eve outcomes that w||| |ead to one or
more of our outcomes
M|grants are more ab|e to secure the|r r|ghts and ent|t|ements.
|ow-waged workers are more ab|e to secure the|r r|ghts and ent|t|ements.
Adv|ce agenc|es work more effect|ve|y to respond to need and demand.
Dec|s|on-makers |mprove the|r po||c|es and/or pract|ce.
Adv|ce-g|v|ng agenc|es are better ab|e to susta|n the|r work.
Aims of the Programme
What we will fund
Emp|oyment |ega| adv|ce |nc|ud|ng casework and representat|on, wh|ch
protects workers` r|ghts and tack|es |ssues of d|scr|m|nat|on. We w||| fund
tr|buna| work and the enforcement of tr|buna| awards.
lmm|grat|on |ega| adv|ce. Th|s can be e|ther |mm|grat|on adv|ce at a spec|a||st
|eve| (advocacy and representat|on}; or adv|ce work re|at|ng to a spec|a||st
|ssue e.g. for those seek|ng asy|um because they are be|ng persecuted as a
resu|t of the|r sexua||ty.
Po||cy and campa|gn|ng work to |mprove access to adv|ce serv|ces.
Research to |mprove the ev|dence base on the va|ue of adv|ce.
Deve|op|ng new mode|s of fund|ng adv|ce work |nc|ud|ng charg|ng for serv|ces
and secur|ng funds from new sources.
Oo-ord|nat|ng the de||very of adv|ce serv|ces at a |oca| and reg|ona| |eve| to
|mprove the de||very of serv|ces and meet needs more effect|ve|y.
lmprov|ng the capac|ty and sk|||s of vo|untary and commun|ty organ|sat|ons
work|ng |n the adv|ce sector part|cu|ar|y |n re|at|on to the qua||ty, access|b|||ty
and prov|s|on of adv|ce. Th|s means we w||| fund organ|sat|ons to support
other groups to |mprove the|r pract|ce, share know|edge and |nfuence.
8 Trust for London Funding Guidelines 2012-17 9
Social Justice
vo|untary and commun|ty organ|sat|ons have a |ong trad|t|on of advocat|ng for
soc|a| change, |ead|ng to many s|gn|fcant |mprovements to peop|e`s ||ves as a
resu|t of sh|fts |n po||cy and pract|ce. However, we recogn|se there are ||m|ted
funds for th|s work, espec|a||y g|ven the focus |n recent years on |ncreas|ng the
vo|untary sector`s ro|e |n de||ver|ng serv|ces. Wh||st serv|ces are cruc|a||y |mportant
|n a||ev|at|ng poverty, we be||eve |t |s a|so |mportant to undertake campa|gn|ng
work to |nfuence government, other po||cy-makers, the med|a and the genera|
pub||c, |f we are to tack|e the root causes of poverty and |nequa||ty.
Th|s |nc|udes work to |nfuence pub||c att|tudes, estab||sh an ev|dence-
base, as we|| as enhanc|ng sk|||s |n campa|gn|ng and |obby|ng to br|ng about
We are a|so |nterested |n fund|ng work that supports the vo|ce of |ondon`s
d|sadvantaged and exc|uded commun|t|es, as we|| as co||aborat|ve work to br|ng
together grassroots groups w|th th|nk-tanks and/or estab||shed organ|sat|ons, to
campa|gn on any of the pr|or|ty |ssues ||sted be|ow.
Your project shou|d be des|gned to ach|eve outcomes that w||| |ead to one or
more of our outcomes:
Dec|s|on-makers |mprove the|r po||c|es.
Serv|ce prov|ders |mprove the|r pract|ce.
lnd|v|dua|s affected by poverty and |nequa||ty have a stronger vo|ce (e.g. |n
More know|edge and so|ut|ons to poverty and |nequa||ty that cou|d |nfuence
Ra|s|ng or ma|nta|n|ng the prof|e of an |ssue among re|evant aud|ences.
Pos|t|ve sh|fts |n pub||c att|tudes on soc|a| just|ce |ssues.
lncreased sk|||s w|th|n the vo|untary and commun|ty sector |n campa|gn|ng and
We will fund
Po||cy change and campa|gn|ng work on the fo||ow|ng |ssues:
Reduc|ng poverty - on |ssues such as we|fare benefts, pay, debt and
pens|ons. We are part|cu|ar|y |nterested |n work target|ng s|ng|e work|ng-
age adu|ts, ch||dren and fam|||es ||v|ng |n poverty.
Reduc|ng |ncome and wea|th |nequa||ty through work that h|gh||ghts
the gap between r|ch and poor, and pract|ca| work to promote a better
shar|ng of wea|th such as Fa|rness Oomm|ss|ons.
lmprov|ng hous|ng - work to address system|c prob|ems |n the
ava||ab|||ty, access|b|||ty and affordab|||ty of decent hous|ng for |ow-|ncome
|ondoners. We are a|so |nterested |n p||ot|ng and shar|ng examp|es of
good |oca| pract|ce.
Promot|ng env|ronmenta| just|ce on |ssues such as the bu||t env|ronment
and po||ut|on |n poor areas and the |mpact c||mate change cou|d have on
|ondon`s poorest commun|t|es.
Promot|ng equa||ty and c|v|| r|ghts spec|fca||y where peop|e are
exper|enc|ng mu|t|p|e d|scr|m|nat|on and d|sadvantage due to the|r
race, gender, d|sab|||ty, c|ass, sexua||ty, fa|th or age |n add|t|on to the|r
|ow |ncome. We are a|so |nterested |n work re|ated to refugees, asy|um
seekers and m|grants, |nc|ud|ng those who are undocumented.
lmprov|ng the capac|ty and sk|||s of vo|untary and commun|ty organ|sat|ons
that are undertak|ng campa|gn|ng work. Th|s |nc|udes the|r advocacy, research
and eva|uat|on sk|||s. Th|s means we w||| fund organ|sat|ons to support other
groups to |mprove the|r pract|ce, share know|edge and |nfuence.
Projects to bu||d the capac|ty of serv|ce de||very organ|sat|ons to use the|r
ev|dence to campa|gn for po||cy change.
Research wh|ch prov|des greater |ns|ghts |nto poverty and |nequa||ty |ssues,
w|th a spec|fc emphas|s on |dent|fy|ng and mode|||ng so|ut|ons.
10 Trust for London Funding Guidelines 2012-17 11
Wh||st peop|e from a|| soc|a| c|asses can be affected by v|o|ence, our focus |s on
support|ng those who have ||m|ted fnanc|a| resources. Th|s can often mean that
they cont|nue to ||ve |n v|o|ent s|tuat|ons or take |onger to fnd appropr|ate he|p.
Th|s work bu||ds on our recent exper|ence of fund|ng a number of |n|t|at|ves
|nc|ud|ng work w|th young peop|e to address kn|fe cr|me and prevent|ng rac|st
v|o|ence; p||ot|ng new mode|s of prov|d|ng spec|a||st advocacy support to v|ct|ms/
surv|vors of domest|c v|o|ence; and work on spec|fc harmfu| pract|ces wh|ch are
somet|mes ||nked to cu|ture or trad|t|on. We recogn|se the need to fund work that
h|gh||ghts good pract|ce, prov|des spec|a||st support as we|| as prevent|on work.
We will fund work that addresses
Oonf|ct reso|ut|on - to p||ot and adapt new mode|s of conf|ct reso|ut|on work
w|th young peop|e. Our focus |s on enhanc|ng the|r sk|||s |n dea||ng w|th a range
of conf|ct |n the|r ||ves.
D|sab|||ty hate cr|me - prevent|on work and projects support|ng v|ct|ms/surv|vors
of d|sab|||ty hate cr|me.
Harmfu| pract|ces - prevent|on work and support to v|ct|ms of harmfu| pract|ces
such as forced marr|age, fema|e gen|ta| mut||at|on and 'honour` based v|o|ence.
Po||cy and campa|gn|ng work to |mprove the qua||ty, access|b|||ty and prov|s|on
of support to v|ct|ms/surv|vors of gender-based v|o|ence and v|ct|ms of hate
cr|me, |nc|ud|ng homophob|a and rac|sm.
Your project shou|d be des|gned to ach|eve outcomes that w||| |ead to one or more
of our outcomes:
Young peop|e are better ab|e to reso|ve conf|ct |n the|r ||ves.
v|ct|ms/surv|vors of abuse/hate cr|mes are better supported to fee| safe.
Dec|s|on-makers |mprove the|r po||c|es towards v|ct|ms/surv|vors of abuse/hate
Small Groups
We have a |ong trad|t|on of support|ng sma|| commun|ty groups as we be||eve
they are often we||-p|aced to |dent|fy needs and fnd potent|a| so|ut|ons. We are
therefore keen to fund sma|| commun|ty groups that have an emphas|s on user
|nvo|vement and se|f-he|p.
We w||| fund act|v|t|es that tack|e poverty and |nequa||ty |n |ondon by empower|ng
peop|e to advocate for themse|ves and wh|ch bu||d stronger commun|t|es.
We defne sma|| groups as those that have an annua| |ncome of under 75,000.
We will fund
Speak|ng out and campa|gn|ng act|v|t|es - spec|fca||y work that empowers
groups of peop|e to speak out for themse|ves and to campa|gn for pos|t|ve
change. Th|s cou|d |nc|ude |mprov|ng access to serv|ces; |ncreas|ng |nfuence
on |oca| dec|s|on-makers; or chang|ng po||c|es wh|ch affect the qua||ty of
peop|e`s ||ves.
Adv|ce and |nformat|on work that supports d|sadvantaged commun|t|es to
access ma|nstream serv|ces and/or prov|des so|ut|ons to the|r |mmed|ate
needs. Our focus |s on soc|a| we|fare adv|ce. Th|s work shou|d prov|de good
qua||ty ear|y adv|ce, prevent|ng prob|ems becom|ng more ser|ous, comp|ex
and cost|y; and shou|d support and empower c||ents to reso|ve prob|ems and
take more contro| over the|r ||ves.
Pract|ca| act|v|t|es to |mprove |oca| ne|ghbourhoods - we w||| fund sma||-sca|e
act|v|t|es wh|ch br|ng d|fferent groups of peop|e together to enhance the|r
env|ronment. Th|s cou|d |nc|ude |mprov|ng |oca| green spaces; p|ay areas; or
road safety.
We wou|d encourage sma|| groups to app|y under th|s fund|ng pr|or|ty, a|though
you may a|so be e||g|b|e to app|y under the other pr|or|t|es |f you have the sk|||s,
exper|ence and capac|ty to undertake the work we w|sh to fund.
12 Trust for London Funding Guidelines 2012-17 13
Shortlisting criteria
We rece|ve many more app||cat|ons than we are ab|e to fund. When assess|ng
app||cat|ons we g|ve add|t|ona| we|ght to work (for wh|ch fund|ng |s be|ng sought}
that can demonstrate the fo||ow|ng:
ln add|t|on, we pr|mar||y support sma|| to med|um-s|zed organ|sat|ons, usua||y w|th
an expend|ture of |ess than 1 m||||on. |arger organ|sat|ons can app|y but they w|||
need to meet a s|gn|fcant number of the e|ght po|nts ||sted above.
We w||| assess your app||cat|on aga|nst our fund|ng pr|or|t|es and short||st|ng
cr|ter|a. At the same t|me we w||| |ook at what other app||cat|ons have been
rece|ved and what we have funded recent|y. App||cat|ons for types of work, |n
geograph|ca| areas, or part|cu|ar commun|t|es/benefc|ar|es, where we have
a|ready prov|ded s|gn|fcant funds w||| be a |ower pr|or|ty. P|ease |ook at our
webs|te for deta||s of recent grants we have made.
We rece|ve a |arge number of app||cat|ons. Many organ|sat|ons w||| meet our
pr|or|t|es and we w||| not be ab|e to fund a|| of them. nfortunate|y, we have
to make d|ffcu|t cho|ces and w||| therefore have to reject a number of good
app||cat|ons. Just because you are not short||sted does not necessar||y mean that
we do not th|nk you are do|ng good and va|uab|e work.
1 The potent|a| to have s|gn|fcant |nfuence |nc|ud|ng an |mpact on po||cy.
2 Deve|ops new and/or |mag|nat|ve ways of tack||ng an |ssue.
3 F|nds |t d|ffcu|t to get support because the |ssue |s perce|ved as be|ng
cha||eng|ng or r|sky.
4 Shares best pract|ce and |earn|ng w|th others and the organ|sat|on has a c|ear
strategy for th|s.
5 Targets peop|e and geograph|ca| areas affected by poverty and d|scr|m|nat|on -
th|s may |nc|ude pockets of poverty w|th|n re|at|ve|y we||-off areas.
6 Strong user |nvo|vement at a|| |eve|s.
7 ls access|b|e.
8 Sk|||s, exper|ence and ab|||ty w|th|n the organ|sat|on to undertake the proposed
work and the work |s of a h|gh qua||ty.
You do not need to meet a|| of the cr|ter|a but we w||| short||st organ|sat|ons wh|ch
meet a number of them.
14 Trust for London Funding Guidelines 2012-17 15
How to apply
1. Read the funding guidelines
P|ease read these fund|ng gu|de||nes carefu||y to check whether your proposed
work fts our pr|or|t|es. P|ease check on our webs|te to see |f you are read|ng the
|atest vers|on of our gu|de||nes.
2. Any questions?
lf, after read|ng these fund|ng gu|de||nes, you are |n doubt as to whether your
work fts then p|ease te|ephone us so that we can d|scuss |t. We we|come such
te|ephone ca||s as |t can save you and us t|me and resources.
3. Complete our on-line application form
To app|y to us you need to comp|ete our on-||ne app||cat|on form. The form
conta|ns contextua| he|p on a number of quest|ons wh|ch w||| he|p you to
comp|ete |t. You can a|so down|oad a document conta|n|ng a|| of the quest|ons |n
the app||cat|on form. You do not need to comp|ete the form |n one s|tt|ng, as you
can save and c|ose |t and return to |t at a |ater stage. lf you have any prob|ems
p|ease contact us.

lt`s |mportant to note that we on|y accept app||cat|ons v|a our on-||ne
process. We do not accept app||cat|ons |n any other format.
You w||| rece|ve an automat|c acknow|edgement once you have subm|tted your
on-||ne app||cat|on form.
4. Closing dates
We have three c|os|ng dates for app||cat|ons. They are:
4 February by 5pm for the June Grants Oomm|ttee.
28 May by 5pm for the October Grants Oomm|ttee.
8 October by 5pm for the February Grants Oomm|ttee.
App||cat|ons rece|ved after the dead||ne w||| not be cons|dered unt|| the next
c|os|ng date.
5. Shortlisting
Once a c|os|ng date has passed, we w||| read and cons|der a|| the app||cat|ons we
have rece|ved. On some occas|ons we may contact you for further c|ar|fcat|on
regard|ng your proposed work.
We a|m to contact you w|th|n s|x weeks of the re|evant c|os|ng date to |et you
know whether you have been rejected or short||sted. P|ease avo|d contact|ng us
dur|ng th|s per|od to fnd out about your app||cat|on as th|s takes up our t|me and
lf you are unsuccessfu| we w||| g|ve you feedback. However, p|ease understand
our fund|ng dec|s|ons are fna|.
6. Visits
A|| short||sted organ|sat|ons w||| be v|s|ted by one of our grants staff. On some
occas|ons an add|t|ona| member of staff or one of our trustees w||| a|so attend.
Th|s w||| norma||y be at the p|ace where you de||ver your act|v|t|es, but on occas|on
we may ask you to come to our offces. We norma||y ask to meet w|th the
ma|n person who w||| be |nvo|ved |n the proposed work, the co-ord|nator/ch|ef
execut|ve of your organ|sat|on and a re|evant trustee.
At the v|s|t we w||| d|scuss your app||cat|on |n more deta|| and how we w|||
proceed. However, |t`s |mportant to remember that not a|| organ|sat|ons we v|s|t
w||| rece|ve fund|ng. We take forward more app||cat|ons than fund|ng ava||ab|e can
support. Th|s |s to ensure that we are fund|ng the best work put forward to us.
7. Submitting a nal application
lf we agree to take forward your proposa| we w||| ask you to comp|ete a
fna| app||cat|on. Th|s w||| be based on your or|g|na| subm|ss|on. Th|s |s your
opportun|ty to make any add|t|ona| changes.
8. Grants Committee
lf we agree to proceed to the next stage, your app||cat|on w||| be presented to our
Grants Oomm|ttee wh|ch w||| then make the fna| dec|s|on about your request. We
w||| r|ng you w|th the outcome soon after the meet|ng. Th|s w||| be confrmed |n
wr|t|ng genera||y w|th|n ten work|ng days of the meet|ng.
lf you are successfu| |n secur|ng fund|ng, the who|e process w||| take no more than
fve months from our c|os|ng date.
16 Trust for London Funding Guidelines 2012-17 17
We somet|mes get th|ngs wrong. lf you have any comp|a|nts about how we`ve
hand|ed your app||cat|on, you shou|d |n the frst |nstance contact the member of
staff who has been dea||ng w|th your organ|sat|on. We`|| try to rect|fy any prob|em
or m|sunderstand|ng.
lf you`re not sat|sfed you shou|d wr|te to our Oh|ef Execut|ve who |s respons|b|e
for the management of the Trust. lf the comp|a|nt |s regard|ng our Oh|ef Execut|ve,
you shou|d wr|te to the Oha|r of our Trustees. However, p|ease note that you
cannot appea| any dec|s|on made by our Trustees about whether or not we fund
your organ|sat|on.
Any comp|a|nt you make w||| not jeopard|se your fund|ng app||cat|on or any future
app||cat|on to us.
We we|come any feedback you may have about the app||cat|on process or any
other aspect of our work. P|ease fee| free to contact us at: |nfo@trustfor|ondon.
org.uk or contact us on 020 7606 6145.
We have ||m|ted fund|ng ava||ab|e to d|str|bute and we therefore cannot fund some
very good work. Be|ow are some areas of work we w||| not support or are un||ke|y
to support.
We will not support applications
Wh|ch do not beneft |ondoners.
That d|rect|y rep|ace or subs|d|se statutory fund|ng (|nc|ud|ng contracts}.
That are the pr|mary respons|b|||ty of statutory funders such as |oca| and
centra| government and hea|th author|t|es.
From |nd|v|dua|s, or wh|ch are for the beneft of one |nd|v|dua|.
From organ|sat|ons wh|ch have fewer than three |nd|v|dua|s on the|r govern|ng
body e.g. trustee board/management comm|ttee. We wou|d norma||y expect
more than three on the govern|ng body.
For ma|nstream educat|ona| act|v|ty |nc|ud|ng schoo|s.
For the promot|on of re||g|on.
From organ|sat|ons seek|ng to d|str|bute grants on our beha|f.
For work that has a|ready happened.
For genera| appea|s.
For |arge cap|ta| appea|s (|nc|ud|ng bu||d|ngs and m|n|buses}.
From app||cants who have been rejected by us |n the |ast 12 months.
We are unlikely to support applications
Where organ|sat|ons have s|gn|fcant unrestr|cted reserves (|nc|ud|ng those that
are des|gnated}. Genera||y up to s|x months` expend|ture |s acceptab|e.
Where organ|sat|ons are |n ser|ous fnanc|a| defc|t.
From |arge nat|ona| char|t|es wh|ch enjoy w|despread support.
For work that takes p|ace |n schoo|s dur|ng schoo| hours.
Non-priority areas
6 Middle Street
t 020 7606 6145
e info@trustforlondon.org.uk
Charity Registration Number: 205629