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Rock Island Elementary

Hello Mr. Curtis 3

grade Rockets and Parents,
I am extremely excited and looking forward
to this upcoming year. I would like to thank
all of the parents and students that attend-
ed the Open House Meet and Greet allowing
me the opportunity to meet you personally.
To keep everyone informed, Mr. Curtis
Rockets will receive a monthly newsletter
outlining the academic agenda, classroom
activities, and upcoming school events. The
newsletters will be a bridge to connect every
parent to the classroom, ensuring that we
are working as a team to support the growth and development of our stu-
dents. With my guidance in the classroom and your guidance at home, third grade
will be the best experience your child has ever had!
Review identification of basic
shapes (Ie. Rectangle, circle,
Recognize and draw shapes
and their attributes (number of
sides and angles)
Learn to partition circles and
rectangles into two, three, or
four equal shares
Identify shape shares utilizing
appropriate words, such as
halves, thirds. half of, etc.
Social Studies
Introduce students to the school
library . Register with the librarian.
Learn to utilize the media center
technology (Ie. Computers) and
informational sources to locate
information about historical topics.
Identify the different types of maps
(political, physical, and thematic)
Identify map elements.
Review the concept of
Matter and its two fun-
damental properties
Review the concept of
Identify the concept of
Thoroughly learn the key dif-
ferences between the concepts
of mass and weight and how
they relate to one another.
Mr. Curtis
3rd Grade Newsletter
September 2014 Volume 1, Issue 1
What We Are Learning This Month
Labor Day
September 11 9-11
Class Rule Agreement
(Reviewed & Signed)
Early Release 9-18
Spelling Bee Sign-up 9-22
Teacher Planning Day
(No School)
Zoo Fund Raiser
Monthly Reminders
Language Arts/
Defining and identifying
compound words
Recognizing the elements
of compound words
Utilizing compound words
in a sentence
Participate in a
Compound Word scaven-
ger hunt
Students will have the opportunity to engage in numerous activities for specials
throughout the entire month.
Music Art Physical Education Sign Language
Thoughts from Mr. E. Curtis Jr.
I am honored to have the opportunity to assist every parent in building a firm academic foundation for
each student. I will be sure to utilize every skill that I have obtained and promise to put forth 100% ef-
fort at all times to ensure that each student will benefit from this classroom experience. I want every
parent to feel comfortable and secure about who will be instructing their child this year; Therefore, here
are a couple of facts about myself and my educational background. I graduated from Flagler College
with a degree in Elementary Education and Exceptional Student Education
(ESE). This will be my third year as a teacher at Rock Island Elementary and
I am extremely ecstatic about teaching your child! I have a beautiful wife, a
son who is growing quickly, and two dogs that I love dearly. I enjoy sports,
especially football, basketball, and bowling, and I enjoy listening to music.
So, that is Mr. Curtis Jr. in a nutshell! If you have any questions, concerns, or
suggestions, please DO NOT hesitate contact me! Thank you so much for
reading our monthly newsletter!
Rock Island Elementary
Contact Information
Meeting Hours
Mon. Fri.:
6:30am 7:50am or
School Phone
Helpful Links
Student Challenge
Crazy Captions
Student challenges will be administered every month and will take the efforts of
both parents and students to complete. Each student will present their challenge
to the class on the last Friday of each month. Work as a team!
Materials Needed:
Family photos, old magazine, or catalogs
Glue stick or Stapler
1 Sheet of plain construction paper
A pencil, colored pencils or markers
Parent please provide your child with family photos or old magazines to look through
for images. Allow him/her to choose their favorite image. Let the child glue/staple
one photo onto the construction paper. Encourage your child to think of descriptive,
funny, or just plain crazy captions for their image. Have the child write the caption
below the image onto the construction paper (with help if needed).
Monthly Spelling Words
Week 1
1. high 8. else
2. every 9. checked
3. near 10. grand
4.west 11. stand
5.dress 12. am
6. best 13. matter
7. next 14. forms
Week 2
1. between 8. pond
2. own 9. front
3.base 10. thump
4. country 11. inches
5. plant 12. yard
6. slip 13. stored
7. lunch 14. motion
Week 3
1. save 8. raise
2. school 9. theme
3.father 10. scream
4. keep 11. easy
5. safe 12. batteries
6. grade 13. fuel
7.reached 14. iron
Week 4
1.trade 8. broke
2. start 9. sign
3. city 10. tiny
4. earth 11. whole
5.hope 12. waves
6. stone 13. current
7.follow 14. electric