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Reading literary selections, poems,

short stories, novels, plays, or essays, not

only provide pleasure. The task also
developed your analytical skills as you
must consider each of the parts of the text
separately before you can interpret the
meaning of the entire work and eventually
appreciate reading.

Poems express idea in a tighter,
more compact way that prose as they
do not include details and
explanations common to the short of
the novel.
. . . They are more concentrated,
suggestive and rhythmical than prose
as they resort to the use of symbols,
figurative language, and imagery,
which tend to leave more to a readers
imagination rather than giving
everything he needs to know.

Allegory; Ballad
Blank verse
Canzone; Conceit
Dactyl; Elegy
Epic; Epitaph
Free verse
Haiku; Imagery
Lyric; Name
Ode; Pastoral
Petrarchan sonnet
Quatrain; Refrain
Sonnet; Tanka
Terza rima

Latin word lyricus"
meaning .

Some of the best examples of lyric poetry
come from Italian and English sonnets.
In lyric poetry, the mood is musical and
emotional. The writer of a lyric poem uses
words that express his state of mind, his
perceptions, or his feelings. expresses the
observations and feeling of a single speaker.
expresses the observations and
feeling of a single speaker.
Poems maybe in the form of
, an unrhyme verse form,
consisting of three lines.
The first and third lines contain
five syllables while the second line
consists of seven syllables.

Example of Haiku
A Tanka is another verse form.
It has thiirty-one syllables arranged
in five lines


The angry wind blows
The branches of tree move
I shiver with fear.
Then the sky groans and it cries
Dreas seizes me and I swoon.

A Cinquain is a poetic unrhyme
form consisting of five lines. It
comes in three formats:

Pattern #1: Line 1: One word
Line 2: Two words
Line 3: Three words
Line 4: Four words
Line 5: One word

Pattern #2: Line 1: A noun
Line 2: Two adjectives
Line 3: Three-ing words
Line 4: A phrase
Line 5: Another word for the noun

Pattern #3: Line 1: Two syllables
Line 2: Foure syllables
Line 3: Six syllables
Line 4: Eight Syllables
Line 5: Two syllables

A Diamante is a seven-line, diamond-
shaped poem. It has the following formats:

Line 1: a noun that contrast line 7
Line 2: two adjectives that describe line 1
Line 3: three action verbs that relate to line 1
Line 4: four nouns, the first two relate to line
1; the last two relate to line 7.
Line 5: three action verbs that relate to line 7
Line 6: two adjectives that describes line 7
Line 7: a noun that contrasts the line 1

tranquil, placid
musing, meditating,
Serenity, calmness, gloom,

(Aida Villanueva)
Short stories are also literary type which
you may find interesting as it deals with the
fantastic or the unusual.

You will also find in short stories
elements such as :
Point of view

Like lyric poems, they are concise;
hence they can be read in one sitting.
They create a single effect, or dominant
impression, on the reader. The events
usually communicate an idea about life
or human nature.

Learning Outcomes

Heighten awareness of three
structure of literature selections
Enhance appreciation of stylistic
Compare different interpretative

Narrative poems are the stories to which
all the elements of a short stories are