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The Jos Mourinho System for FM14
Jos Mourinho's "Anti-Football" system at Chelsea, including the infamous "Park
The Bus" tactic.
By Justice Updated on 2014-08-24 00:47 40133 views 18 Comments
"Look, were not entertaining? I dont care; we win." (Mourinho, 2006)
Jos Mourinho, 'The Special One', is possibly the most controversial managers of the twenty-first
century, if not eternity. His antics on the pitch (where he usually ends up when unhappy with a
refereeing decision), comments to the press and relationships with other managers often come under
extreme amounts of scrutiny. And then there is his football philosophy. There are many critics of
Mourinho's 'park the bus' system which he likes to utilise in games where his side would never ordinarily
be able to match their opposition in possession play. His philosophy is considered to be ugly,
unattractive and inhuman. However, it almost always earns valuable results when needed. His defence
is organised and sturdy while his attack give the opposition no respite and usually finds a way through
to goal. his system is not intended to capture the imagination 'tiki-taka' lovers; it's only objective is to
obtain results.
This is my second system released, after my Brendan Rodgers System, which comes in to great
contrast with this one. Before you download this tactic expecting to win every single game, please note
that This tactic is not an instant result-winning tactic, as those tactics well and truly do not exist, no
matter what anybody says to you about a tactic. Games are won by the players who play on the pitch,
not the tactic on the paper. If somebody tells you otherwise, he is lying. This is Jos Mourinho's style of
football. Your team will try to emulate his philosophies, using this tactic. It is a style of play which is very
unique, and it will help your team to play effective, opposition-frustrating football.
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"Three tactics, this can't be the same system!?!?" - what some of you may be thinking. Well the thing is,
they are all the same system. Not many managers use just one formation at all times and these are the
three which Mourinho uses the most. The 4-2-3-1 and 4-5-1 have identical Philosophies and
Strategies, with only the formation differing. The 4-3-3 is the 'bus' tactic which Mourinho used so
successfully against the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City last season, where they claimed four
wins from a possible four.
4-2-3-1: This is Mourinho's most used set-up. It makes use of a flat back-four with two central midfields
in front of them. The two wide players will come inside looking for goals while the attacking midfielder
sits just behind the lone striker. Creating chances is the aim of the game here as Mourinho looks for as
big a win as possible with this set-up.
4-5-1: This set-up is very similar to the last. The only difference is that there is a defensive midfielder in
the place of an attacking one. The player roles have been switched around slightly in midfield and the
objective of this set-up is to make sure the midfield battle is won by your side.
4-3-3: Finally, the "Park The Bus" tactic used by Jos Mourinho. A very flat back-four protected by a
deep midfield triangle ensures defensive security while the front three are rather isolated in attack.
Mourinho uses this to grind out results in situations where Chelsea look, by far, the second-best team.
A sound defensive combined by an effective attack makes this a formidable set-up.
Team Instructions - The Playing Styles
These are the team instructions, these are the settings which defines how your team plays it's football.
This is where you create your style of football, where your master plan for success comes together.
The Team Instructions are the exact same for the 4-5-1 and the 4-2-3-1, while the 4-3-3 (Bus) has
different instructions. These instructions are set in a very specific way and are not really meant to be
tampered with, as these define Mourinho's system.
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Philosophy: This is how your team acts through each phase of the game. Mourinho likes his defence
and attack to be quite separate from each other, so the 4-5-1 and 4-2-3-1 are set to rigid. The defence
and attack are even more separate when he 'Parks The Bus', so it is set to Very Rigid there. This
means that defenders won't attack much and attackers won't defend much, which helps keep the
overall shape of the team.
Strategy: This is how you take on your opponent. The 4-5-1 & 4-2-3-1 are both set to Attacking.
Mourinho usually likes to make his team look for many goals as his attackers are world-class (Hazard,
Costa, etc). The 4-3-3 is set to Defensive in order to hold the fort and ensure that no goal-chances are
conceded to the opposition, while using quick counter attacks to penetrate the hopefully-scarce
Passing Style + Tempo: This is how you pass the ball and how quickly you play your football. The 4-
2-3-1 and 4-5-1 uses a Higher Tempo in order to give the opposition no respite and to move the ball
around very quickly. These two formations also look to use Shorter Passing and In To Space in order
to Retain Possession of the ball while moving in to gaps left by the opposition. The 4-3-3 uses a Lower
Tempo in order to slow down the play and kill time. Combined with Route One passing In To Space, a
lot of time is wasted as the ball is Cleared To Flanks as often as possible.
Attacking Play: This is how your team attacks the opposition, to state the obvious. In the 4-2-3-1 and
4-5-1, your defensive line will look to stay Deep in order to cancel out any quick counter attacks
through pacey attackers. Your team will look to play Wider football and Exploit The Flanks, Drilling
Crosses in to the box for the striker and other attackers. Mourinho loves his wide play, especially at
Chelsea where his biggest threats are on the wing. In the 4-3-3 (Bus), your defensive line will stay
Much Deeper than usual. Wide Play is still used and your wide players will Swap Positions in order to
evade marking. Your players, otherwise, will stick to positions to keep their shape.
Defensive Play: This is how your team defends against opposition attacks, sorry for stating the
obvious again! In the 4-2-3-1 and 4-5-1, your defenders will mark tightly while not committing to tackle
an opponent too quickly. However, when they do commit to a challenge, they make sure their opponent
feels it through very hard tackling. In the 4-3-3, your defenders will also mark tightly while not
committing but will also take very good care not to foul an opposing player when they challenge for the
4-2-3-1 - Player Roles
Defender - Right
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Defender - Centre, Right
Defender - Centre, Left
Defender - Left
Midfielder - Centre, Right
Midfielder - Centre, Left
Attacking Midfielder - Right
Attacking Midfielder - Centre
Attacking Midfielder - Left
4-5-1 - Player Roles
Defender - Right
Defender - Centre, Right
Defender - Centre, Left
Defender - Left
Defensive Midfielder
Attacking Midfielder - Right
Attacking Midfielder - Left
4-3-3 (Bus) - Player Roles
converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
Defender - Right
Defender - Centre, Right
Defender - Centre, Left
Defender - Left
Defensive Midfielder - Right
Defensive Midfielder - Left
Midfielder - Centre
Attacking Midfielder - Right
Attacking Midfielder - Left
Typical Defensive Scenario (The Bus Tactic)
This is a typical defensive play using the 'bus' tactic, showing you how your defence will set up to nullify
your opposition's attacks.
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The Back Four: As you can see, the back four are playing very deep and standing off the opponents
in order to keep their shape and not allow the opposition to find a gap to run in to. The only gap which
is visible is between the left back and the other defenders. However, this is because he is marking a
winger and if an opposition player were to look to run in to that gap, the Anchor Man would slot in there.
The Midfield Triangle: As you can see, the Ball Winning Midfielder is closing down the ball. The
Anchor Man is sitting deep marking the attacker while the Box To Box Midfielder is ready to move
around the pitch when required, while keeping an eye on number eight (he doesn't need to close down
a player when somebody is already doing so). The three midfielders will do the exact same throughout
the entire game.
The Attacking Trio: These leaves the two Inside Forwards and the Target Man. They won't do much
defending as they are not required to do so and their only role is to take the ball up the pitch and look
to fashion chances between them.
you do decide to use this system, please take note that it may take several months for your team to
become fully accustomed to this tactic, even if the familiarity bar is full. If your results at the start of the
season are poor, this is not the tactic's fault. It is just that your players need to have more experience in
this system in competitive matches. My recommended training approach would be on Defending or
Fitness, to get your team to be as able to nullify attacks as possible, as you will be looking to do so
every game. For match preparation, you can work on either attacking or defending set pieces, which is
the norm for any team. If you are looking to train players for this system, train them in the roles which
are included, so that they become familiar with them. Just remember, if you are patient with this system
or any other system, it can succeed for you.
Installation Instructions
Step One
Download the file.
Step Two
Extract the files using 7-zip/winRar to this folder:
Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2014 > tactics
Step Three
The 'Tactic' menu, located to the top right of the right panel, allows you to save and load different
tactics. To Import or Export a particular tactic, select the 'Manage Tactics' option, which will display a
dialog box. 'Import' will prompt you to select a tactic (.tac file) to import into the game, whilst 'Export' will
prompt you to save it to a directory. The 'Delete', 'Copy', and 'Rename' options allow you further control
over your physical tactics files.
Author's Note
I highly recommend this system to those looking to play a style of football which is defensive but lethal
in attack. Be warned, it may take a while for your team to get used to this system. Also, I cannot
guarantee that this tactic will be the best possible tactic for you. A tactic's success depends on the
players used in this tactic. This is just a different way of playing which will hopefully bring you success.I
hope that you enjoy using this system and I hope you have success with it. Any criticisms you may have
are welcome, I am always looking to learn where I can improve. Thank you!
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Discussion on "The Jos Mourinho System for FM14"
pro_17 2014-09-13 18:56
I think the 4-2-3-1 attacking should be Control with High Tempo Overlaping Backs like Ivanovic
and Azpilicueta and not Full Backs!And not Rigid maybe Balanced.
shaunwwfc 2014-09-08 21:30
I think for a "Jose Mourinho" system to work, in needs to work well defensively. Unfortunately
this doesnt. I am Wolves in League One sitting in 4th place with 4 games to go (I really should
have walked this league as Wolves did IRL) and 12 sides have a better defensive record than
me. Apart from the park the bus system (potentially) it just isnt robust enough for me. Thanks for
uploading though.
RichB17 2014-09-06 16:25
Do you use opposition instructions?
Justice 2014-09-01 17:09
@Azzerlee95, I do have one more tactical system which I have already made and I will be
looking yo upload when I have time but I'm afraid I don't have enough time to make any more
for FM14. Perhaps FM15 though
Azzerlee95 2014-09-01 12:52
I am a big fan of your work, your Brendan Rodgers system was great fun to play with and your
Poetry in Motion add on and Jose Mourinho systems have also been class! I was wondering if
you would consider making a Luis Enrique system for FM15? I have always found his tactical
approach fascinating and I think that it would be great for somebody to create his system for Football
Manager since he is now Barcelona manager. I have given it a few goes myself but you seem to be much
better at designing tactics than I am, and I think I would have a lot more fun playing with one of your
designed tactics.
Either way keep up the great work, and I am looking forward to playing with your tactics on the new FM15
game (y)
Hekdah 2014-08-30 21:25
Player Instructions???? for 4-5-1 form
ation ...and for 4-3-3 if possible ..
Justice 2014-08-29 23:09
@Veedubvr6, like I said before, I don't mind negative comments as long as it is explained how
and why this tactic hasn't worked for you. Your comment lacks any substance at all and I just
can't take it seriously because of that. Come back with facts, figures and proof and I will respect your
@mantorras77, it's really just a personal decision, to be honest. Use whatever you think will be the best
set-up for your match.
Veedubvr6 2014-08-29 21:07
This tactic has turned my Europa League, fa cup European super cup charity shield winning
side into total dog mess.
Like Like
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mantorras77 2014-08-29 14:27
@Justice - How do you know when to use each tactic?
Veedubvr6 2014-08-29 09:47
Mixed results so far. Good pre season then lost opening game away to Watford. Followed up
by a 4-0 win vs Everton. Not sure about the park the bus tactic but I've not yet tried it against a
side I'd expect to struggle against. It's still early days but so far it's looking good
lukecrompton92 2014-08-28 11:14
brilliant set of tactics .. I sometimes switch the attacking tactics to counter if im getting
hammered particularly the 4-2-3-1!! KEEP GOING WITH THESE TACTICS
Justice 2014-08-27 19:15
@Veedubvr6, I do have Player Instructions for each and every player but uploading 33
screenshots (11 for each formation) is quite ludicrous so I explained each player's role in the
systems in the article briefly (click the spoilers).
@3RH4N, as I said in the article, "My recommended training approach would be on Defending or Fitness,
to get your team to be as able to nullify attacks as possible, as you will be looking to do so every game"
Veedubvr6 2014-08-27 13:07
Have you got any player instructions for this tactic?
Walter 2014-08-27 12:02
I'll be sure to try this out as I'm actually a big fan of Mourinho!
3RH4N 2014-08-26 14:44
thanks for the tactic bro,it superbly works for my chelsea 14.3.0 patch.Well,could you tell me
about team training
dark_boy 2014-08-25 13:07
I am using the BUS and 4-2-3-1 tactics on my Wolfsburg squad.
For 4-2-3-1, the tactics is getting better in every match. some passing error is happening but I
think it wont happen when the squad is more familiar with the tactics. I really like the way my
squad counter attack. strikers are scoring which is a great relief for me. Defending seems to be ok right
now but I am conceding goals more than the past games.defenders sometimes dont tackle at the right
time and gathers in the box without marking anyone. so long shots are a big threat. another problem is
ball position. its normally 40-60 which I think is not good. at least 50% is needed. The tactics allows my
players to create some wonderful attacking moves so I am hopeful that it will work out nicely soon.
For BUS tactics, I am disappointed. The defending is pathetic right now and still the right time tackling
and positioning problems. its like my players are inviting the opponent to score and let them have it. the
counter attacking is good but didnt scored a goal. No clean sheets so far. But I am not complaining or
giving up hope because its still early to judge the tactics. Its not properly familiar to the squad, specially
the mentality. But if these problems continues after being familiar then I will think about some changes.
My squad is balanced, specially done excellent defending in the league so far but they are not doing well
in defence using these tactics. I am going to use them for the rest of the season. I will let you know what
happens after a few months in the game.
Thanks, keep up the good work.
P.S. I used your BR tactics and have to say it was excellent. It works nicely on different teams and gives
a nice result.
Justice 2014-08-24 23:27
@Mangaz, I appreciate negative comments but you didn't even support your negative comment
at all and it isn't fair to say that this won't work for anybody else because I know for fact that it
has worked for others who I have spoken to. Okay, so it didn't work for you but some tactics work for
people and others don't.
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EDIT: Also, if you actually read the article which I spent quite a while typing up, you would see that I said
that this tactic would never guarantee results so call my tactic what you want, I never broke any promises
for it.
Mangaz 2014-08-24 22:49
This setup of tactics is complete shit. Tested it out with Dynamo Moscow, ended up with me
getting sacked after 7 games which resulted in 6 losses and 1 draw. I was also eliminated by
Cuckaricki Stankom in the 3rd qualifying round of EL. Keep in mind that I also signed Samuel
Etoo, Victor Valdes and Roman Eremenko.
I am aware of the fact that the players needs time to adapt to a tactic, but taking in consideration what a
strong squad I had the results speaks for themselves. Bottom line:
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