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Wyant (2014)

LESSON LENGTH: 30 minutes
UNIT: Chasing, Fleeing, Dodging
LESSON FOCUS: Chasing, Fleeing, Dodging
PREVIOUSLY LEARNED SKILLS: no previously learned skills
FACILITITES: Blacktop, or grass
EQUIPMENT: 20 cones, assortment of game balls (6-10), 1-2 scarves and 3-4

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):

Psychomotor: By the end of this lesson SWBAT demonstrate chasing fleeing and
dodging movements (faking, plant foot, change direction) across all activities.

Cognitive: SWBAT identify different strategies on how to get away from a chaser, and
come up with different movements to escape them. Chasers must also do the same
except to develop their own strategies for tagging others.

Affective: SWBAT gain confidence when being engaged in such activities where it is
necessary to chase, flee and dodge. Students must also have positive attitudes, smile
when playing, and give high fives to their teammates.

H-R Fitness: Students will go through an instant activity to warm up their muscles and
increase their heart rate.
Instant Activity: 5 minutes

Intro- Quickly demonstrate red light green light to the students and rules for this

3 min Game of red light green light- All students are on the line besides the one
person who is the traffic cop. After the one student reaches the traffic cop they
take that position and the rest of the students will then go back to the line

2 min water break if needed!

Dr. Wyant (2014)

LESSON BODY: Chase, Flee, Dodge: 23 minutes

Dodge Bowl
Time 7 minutes
Set up
Set up like dodgeball so there is a middle line that cannot be crossed. Students will be
divided into two even teams. And there will be cones on the outside of the perimeters
of both sides. Students are to knock the cones down by rolling the balls underhand,
while the other students must dodge out of the way. If they are hit, they still stay in
the game and play but students must not purposefully hit others.
Time Activity/COTS Refinement Organization
1 min Demonstration of game. Use
volunteers to in demonstration
On home base
facing me and

3 min Round 1 In general
3 min Round 2 If student is hit by
the ball they must
hop on one foot and
roll the ball.
In general
Sharks and Minnows
Time 7 minutes
Set up
Students will be on one line and need to get across to the other designated line.
Students that are running are the minnows, and the person that is tagging them is the
shark. If a shark tags a minnow they then also become a shark. The game is played
until there are no more minnows or there is a minnow that is the last one standing.
1 min T:S demo On home base
3 min Round 1 General space
inside cone
3 min Round 2: Add more sharks to the
start of the game.
General Space
# 3
Jack/Jill Frost Tag Game
Time 7 minutes
Set Up
In this tag activity one (or more) student (s) are chosen to be Jack and/or Jill Frost's
(and wears the scarf. Two to four other students are the snow angels and they carry
pennies. When the activity begins Jack and/or Jill attempts to tag people by walking
first (all of the students do the same locomotor movement) and then the teacher can
Dr. Wyant (2014)
add other locomotor movements like skipping, sliding, etc. When Jack or Jill tags
someone they become frozen snowmen. To get unfrozen a snow angel must give them
a hand warmer. Once a person (snowman) is unfrozen, they become a snow angel and
the person who gave them the warmer can now get tagged. Snow angels can't be
tagged by Jack and/or Jill Frost.
1 min S:T demo On home base
3 min Round 1 General space
3 min Round 2: Add more Jack/Jill
General space

Closure: 4 minutes
1. What were some strategies to dodging someone who was chasing you?
2. What things did you have to say to your teammates when a chaser was near them?
3. Which activity was your favorite activity?
4. Which activity was the most difficult for you? Why?
5. Go over what we will be doing across the week for Chasing Fleeing and Dodging.

Assessment plan
I will go around observing students as well as providing feedback and using positive
reinforcement when I see fit.