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Pienuiville - Yeai 1u Science 2u14

Year 10 Science
Term 3, 2014

Mysterious Universe
Research Assessment

Weighting 20%

Student Name: _______________________________________________

Due Date: ________________________ Mark: / 30
Rationale Earth and Space Sciences

The Earth and Space Sciences sub-strand is concerned with Earths dynamic structure and its place
in the cosmos. The key concept developed within this sub-strand is that: Earth is part of a solar
system that is part of a larger universe. Through this sub-strand, students view Earth as part of a solar
system, which is part of a galaxy, which is one of many in the universe and explore the immense
scales associated with space.

- Adapted from ACARA: Australian Curriculum 2014
Most of us think of astronomy as the science of the
night sky and, indeed, thats a good starting point.
Todays astronomy encompasses painstaking
detective work, using information from every nook
and cranny of the universe. This has enabled us to
construct a picture of things out there that is
extraordinarily cogent and complete. Our
knowledge now encompasses the entire spread of
space and time, from the Earth itself to the horizon
of the Universe, and from the Big Bang to the
grand finale whatever that might be. If
astronomy is defined as the study of the universe
and all it contains, then it truly is the science of
Pienuiville - Yeai 1u Science 2u14

!"##$%&' )*'+# !"##$%&' ,"-$.# /$01$2 ,1$# )*'+
The Solai System - The Sun - Comets
- Asteioius - Neteois
Stais - What is a stai. - Astiobiology
- Stai clusteis - Supeinovae
- Nebulae - Black holes
ualaxies - Types of galaxies - ualaxy clusteis
- Nilky Way - Quasais
- Anuiomeua ualaxy
Space Exploiation - Bistoiy of exploiation - Apollo's Tiiumph
- Pioneeis of spaceflight - Space stations
- Animals in space - Space shuttles
- The Space Race - Emeiging spacefaiing nations
0bseiving the Stais - Space telescopes
- Satellite applications

You aie an astionomei anu uocumentaiy makei (like Cail Sagan oi
Stephen Bawking) anu you have been chosen to make a
uocumentaiy on one of the 0niveise's astionomical phenomena oi

You many choose any appiopiiate topic - as long as it ties in with the
content anu you have checkeu with youi teachei. Follow youi
inteiest anu pick something that appeals to you.

0sing the $3"4$' application you aie to piouuce an infoimative anu visually inteiesting 567
8$290' uocumentaiy on youi chosen aspect of the univeise. Youi uocumentaiy shoulu
incluue uetaileu infoimation on the following points (N0TE: Be suie to iefei to youi iubiic

Bistoiical eviuence ielating to youi topic e.g. fiist uiscoveiy of the galaxy, invention of
space telescopes.
Composition of youi cosmic bouy e.g. asteioiu, the sun., oi how it happeneu.
0thei ielevant anu inteiesting ielateu infoimation.
Youi iNovie 89#t also incluue - but is not limiteu to (i.e. can incluue backgiounu music,
giaphics, subtitles) - naiiation, ielevant pictuies oi visuals ielateu to the topic.

You aie stiongly encouiageu to use othei apps to enhance youi piesentation (eg. Explain
Eveiything, Puppet Pals, Piezi etc.) , as long as youi final piouuct is saveu as a movie.

Pienuiville - Yeai 1u Science 2u14


10 marks
10 7 marks
Comprehensive written
account of documentary
(500 words max).

Characteristics and
features described in full
6 4 marks
Reasonable written
account of documentary
(250 words min).

Characteristics described
in some detail.
3 0 marks
Limited written account of
documentary (<250

Characteristics described
in little to no detail.

10 marks
10 7 marks
Use of several features (eg.
Transitions, multiple
images, map, movie clips,
sound clips).

Narration is clear.
6 4 marks
Use of some features (eg.
Images, sound +

Narration and voice
usually clear.
3 0 marks
Use of images and sound

Limited narration with
missing elements.

4 marks
4 marks
4 references cited
according to College
3 2 marks
3 or less references cited
according to College
1 0 marks
No references cited.

References not cited in
accordance to College
2 marks

4 marks

2 marks
Comprehensive brainstorm
reflecting chosen topic.

4 3 marks
Full notes submitted.
1 mark
Reasonable brainstorm
reflecting chosen topic.

2 1 marks
Brief notes submitted.
0 marks
Limited or no brainstorm.

0 marks
No notes submitted.

Marking Key:

Total Marks: _____ / 30





NOTE: iMovie will be submitted to your teacher through Student Uploads. You should submit
your assignment into the appropriate folder and titled with your full name.

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