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Global Classrooms

Road Map to Success

Week 1 September 30

Project Introduced
Our Goals, UN Structure Worksheet, leading into MDGs
Assignment Write a paragraph (5 Sentences) on what MDG they think is the
most important, why, look for an example of an organization or

Week 2 October 7th
CS: Get them thinking about the world more,
English: Position Papers topic sentences, paragraphs, essay structure
Return paragraph, with input, ask them to make improvements

Week 3 October 14th
English: Cover Position Paper, Reliable Sources
*Turn in MDG Paper
CS: 10/16 screening of Girls Rising and talk back
CS 10/16 Topic Introduction: Expanding the Role of women in Government
English: Friday 10/17 return MDG Paper, assign improvements (students should
add 50 words, add organization, (hamburger ARE) paste links to their sources at the
bottom of the paper)

Week 4 October 21
**Keith only here on Tuesday/Wednesday
English: Tuesday Research, Citation, Plagiarism applied to papers, Papers due
CS: Public Speaking Lesson (Give kids a break and let them have fun)

1. Build Position Papers through several drafts and skill sessions
2. Rules of Debate and Public Speaking Skills

Week 5 October 28th
English: Position paper assign countries and pairs. Tell them to work on research
and basic ideas. Have a worksheet for them to address the first section of their paper.
We will then give them the outline for the whole structure of the paper and have them
apply the same process for each section on their own. Worksheet Due on Tuesday
November 4th

CS: Topic Presentation Continues with more detail, suggesting sources for research (1
organization, 1 news organization), skimming and source evaluation, note taking skills
and recording sources

Week 6 November 4th
English: Computer Lab time? Help writing position paper
CS: Debate skills

Week 7 November 11

English: First draft due, Rules of Procedure
CS: Topic Review and Ideas

Week 8 November 18th
English: First draft returned, input on organization, citation, and substance
Possible to use computer lab again?
CS: Review Rules of debate

Week 9 November 25

English: Second Draft Due
CS: Rules of Debate and Public Speaking

December Goals
Build Public Speaking Skills and Rules of Debate
Review Dress Code
Host Mock Debate
Turn in Position Papers to CM
Select our Ten Participants

Dressing Professionally
Week 10 December 2

Return 2
Draft and Give input for final corrections
Dressing Professionally, Rules of Debate, Make students aware that

Week 11 December 9

**Host Mock Debate organize a double period to continue debate without interruption

Week 12 December 16

Evaluate students and make selection of final 10 (2 alternates)

January Goals:
Keith breaks off with our final 10 students
Review Country Assignments and Details
Practice Debate and Order
Review Dress Code

Week 13 January 7

GC10: Review Countries and Practice Reading Position Papers

Week 14 January 13

GC 10: Debate and Public Speaking Activities

Week 15 January 20
Debate and Public Speaking Conferences
Conference Time: Game Faces ON!
Debrief Conference

Week 16
Wait to be told that we move on