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Lighthouse Free Will Baptist Church

942 Burks Hill Road
Bedford, VA 2452
!his Co"stitutio" a"d B#la$s is %ade to&
'( )reser*e a"d secure the pri"ciples of our faith(
2( )ro*ide for orderl# co"duct of i"ter"al affairs, i" deali"g $ith others, a"d of
go*er"i"g church %e%+ers(
,( -a%e
!he "a%e of this church shall +e Lighthouse Free Will Baptist Church( ,t shall +e affiliated $ith the -atio"al
Associatio" of Free Will Baptists, Virgi"ia Free Will Baptist .i"istries, a"d the Ce"tral Virgi"ia Free Will
Baptist Associatio"(
,,( .issio" /tate%e"t
!he %issio" of Lighthouse Free Will Baptist Church is to $orship 0esus Christ as Lord a"d /a*ior a"d to lear",
+elie*e, share a"d practice 1od2s Word, the Hol# Bi+le(
,,,( )urpose
!he purposes of Lighthouse Free Will Baptist Church are&
'( !o faithfull# $orship 1od corporatel# a"d perso"all#(
2( !o teach the Word of 1od i" order to help people %ature spirituall#(
( !o %i"ister to the "eeds of %e%+ers a"d others as the church is a+le(
4( !o participate i" local a"d $orld$ide %issio"s(
5( !o e"courage a"d participate i" ge"ui"e, +i+lical, lo*i"g fello$ship(
3( !o faithfull# share the 1ospel of 0esus Christ i" order to fulfill the 1reat Co%%issio" as set forth i"
.atthe$ 24&'9526(
,V( /tate%e"ts of Faith
!he curre"t Free Will Baptist !reatise is the adopted state%e"t of faith for the church(
V( Church Co*e"a"t
!he follo$i"g is the adopted co*e"a"t of the church
Ha*i"g +ee" led, as $e +elie*e, +# the /pirit of 1od, to recei*e the Lord 0esus Christ as our /a*ior a"d Lord,
And on the profession of or f!ith" h!#in$ %een %!pti&ed in the n!'e of the (!ther" !nd of the Son" !nd of
the Ho)* Spirit"
We do "o$ i" the prese"ce of 1od, a"d this asse%+l#, %ost sole%"l# a"d 7o#full# e"ter i"to co*e"a"t $ith o"e
a"other as o"e +od# i" Christ(
We en$!$e" therefore" %* the !id of the Ho)* Spirit to +!), to$ether in Christi!n )o#e" to stri#e for the
!d#!n-e'ent of this -hr-h in ,no+)ed$e" ho)iness" !nd -o'fort.
!o pro%ote its prosperit# a"d spiritualit#8 to sustai" its $orship, ordi"a"ces, discipli"e, a"d doctri"es8
To -ontri%te -heerf))* !nd re$)!r)* to the spport of the 'inistr*" the e/penses of the -hr-h" !nd the
re)ief of the poor" !nd spre!d of the $ospe) thro$h !)) n!tions0
We also e"gage to %ai"tai" perso"al, Bi+le de*otio"s8 to religiousl# educate our childre"8 to de"ou"ce the
practice of a+ortio" a"d ho%ose9ualit#8 to seek the sal*atio" of our ki"dred a"d ac:uai"ta"ces8
To +!), pri$ht)* in the +or)d" to %e 1st in or de!)in$s" f!ithf) in or en$!$e'ent" !nd e/e'p)!r* in
or -ond-t.
!o a*oid tattli"g, +ack+iti"g, a"d e9cessi*e a"ger8
To pro'ote !%stinen-e in the se of i))e$!) dr$s" !)-oho)i- %e#er!$es" to%!--o !nd porno$r!ph*. !nd to
%e &e!)os in or efforts to !d#!n-e the 2in$do' of or S!#ior0
We further e"gage to $atch o*er o"e a"other i" +rotherl# lo*e8
To re'e'%er one !nother in pr!*er. to !id one !nother in si-,ness !nd distress. to -)ti#!te Christi!n
s*'p!th* in fee)in$ !nd Christi!n -ortes* in spee-h.
!o +e slo$ to take offe"se, +ut al$a#s read# for reco"ciliatio" a"d %i"dful of the rules of our /a*ior to secure it
$ithout dela#(
We" 'oreo#er" en$!$e th!t +hen +e 'o#e to !nother -o''nit* +e +i)) !s soon !s possi%)e nite +ith
so'e other -hr-h +here +e -!n -!rr* ot the spirit of this -o#en!nt !nd the prin-ip)es of 3od4s Word0
V,( 1o*er"%e"t
!he go*er"%e"t of Lighthouse Free Will Baptist Church is *ested i" its %e%+ers( !he %e%+ership retai"s u"to
itself the right of e9clusi*e self5go*er"%e"t i" all phases of its life a"d orga"i;atio"( ,t recog"i;es the "eeds for
%utual cou"sel a"d cooperatio", $hich are co%%o" a%o"g Free Will Baptist churches( !his church $ill
*olu"taril# cooperate $ith a"d %utuall# $ork $ith the Ce"tral Virgi"ia Free Will Baptist Associatio", Virgi"ia
Free Will Baptist .i"istries a"d the -atio"al Associatio" of Free Will Baptists(
V,,( .arriage a"d Fa%il#
!he +i+lical %a"date for %arriage is o"e %a" a"d o"e $o%a" u"ited i" a co*e"a"t relatio"ship for life( /a%e
se9 %arriage is "ot +i+lical or accepta+le, a"d the church ca""ot e"dorse or participate i" such i" a"# $a#
i"cludi"g the perfor%a"ce of sa%e se9 %arriages +# our pastor a"d<or staff or the use of church facilities for
a"# sa%e se9 %arriage cere%o"#(
Childre", i"cludi"g those i" the $o%+, are a special +lessi"g fro% 1od a"d are co"sidered *alua+le a"d *ia+le
hu%a" +ei"gs fro% co"ceptio"( )are"ts are to teach their childre" +i+lical, spiritual a"d %oral *alues so as to
lead the% to a perso"al, sa*i"g relatio"ship $ith Christ(
V,,,( A%e"d%e"t
!his Co"stitutio" a"d B#la$s %a# +e a%e"ded at a"# regular +usi"ess %eeti"g pro*ided the proposed
a%e"d%e"t shall ha*e +ee" prese"ted i" $riti"g at the prior regular church +usi"ess %eeti"g a"d the" circulated
to the %e%+ership( A%e"d%e"ts to this Co"stitutio" a"d B#la$s shall +e t$o5thirds *ote of %e%+ers of the
church $ho are :ualified to *ote a"d are prese"t i" the +usi"ess %eeti"g $ith a :uoru% to discuss a"d *ote for
this %atter(
,( Church .e%+ership
A( =ualificatio"s&
.e%+ership of Lighthouse Free Will Baptist Church shall co"sist of people $ho ha*e %ade a professio" of
faith i" 0esus Christ as Lord a"d /a*ior, $ho ha*e +ee" scripturall# +apti;ed +# i%%ersio", a"d are i"
agree%e"t $ith the Articles of Faith a"d a"# Co*e"a"t>s? adopted +# the church
B( Receptio"&
.e%+ership i" the church %a# +e attai"ed +# %a7orit# *ote of the church i" a"# of its regular +usi"ess
%eeti"gs a"d i" o"e of the follo$i"g %a""ers&
'( B# scriptural +aptis% +# i%%ersio" after professio" of faith i" 0esus Christ as perso"al Lord
a"d /a*ior(
2( B# tra"sfer of church letter fro% a"other Free Will Baptist church(
( B# a state%e"t of faith of their prior e9perie"ce of co"*ersio" a"d scriptural +aptis% +#
i%%ersio" i" a"other e*a"gelical church of like faith a"d practice if a letter ca""ot +e secured(
4( B# restoratio" to the church %e%+ership after ha*i"g +ee" re%o*ed through discipli"ar#
C( !er%i"atio"&
.e%+ership i" this church shall +e ter%i"ated $he" a %e%+er&
'( Re:uests a letter of tra"sfer to 7oi" a"other Free Will Baptist church(
2( ,s dropped fro% the roll of %e%+ership $he" he or she 7oi"s a church of a"other
de"o%i"atio"( A letter of tra"sfer is "ot "ecessar#(
( @ies
4( ,s dis%issed +# a *ote of the church due to reaso"s a"d circu%sta"ces pro*ided i" the
church discipli"e sectio"( !he pastor a"d deaco"s $ill do all the# ca" to cou"sel the %e%+er for restoratio"
prior to actio" of dis%issal or a re:uest of the %e%+er to +e dis%issed fro% the church %e%+ership(
@( Rights a"d @uties of .e%+ers&
'( .e%+ers i" good sta"di"g >acti*e a"d cooperati"g %e%+ers? shall ha*e the right to a *oice a"d *ote i" all
church tra"sactio"s a"d shall ha*e the right a"d pri*ileges to full participatio" i" the life a"d $ork of the
2( ,t shall +e the dut# of church %e%+ers to uphold the Articles of Faith, Co"stitutio" a"d
B#la$s, a"d Co*e"a"t>s? of the Church(
,,( Church Afficers
All church officers %ust +e %e%+ers of the church i" good sta"di"g >acti*e a"d cooperati"g %e%+ers?( !he
"o%i"ati"g co%%ittee shall reco%%e"d officers >e9cept the )astor a"d other church staff? a""uall# i" August at
a special called %eeti"g( !hese officers shall take office the '
of /epte%+er, shall ser*e as %e%+ers of the
Church Cou"cil a"d shall i"clude the follo$i"g(
A( !he )astor&
'( !he :ualificatio"s for pastor shall +e co"siste"t $ith those listed i" ' !i%oth# &'5B(
His trai"i"g, skills, a"d e9perie"ces are "eeded i" this area of leadership(
2( His respo"si+ilities&
>a? !hese ge"erall# fall i"to the follo$i"g areas& preachi"g, teachi"g, pastoral care,
ad%i"istratio", pla""i"g, a"d guidi"g the church to gro$ a"d fulfill its purposes(

>+? He shall lead the church, its orga"i;atio"s, a"d all leaders of the church i" perfor%i"g their
tasks i" $orship, procla%atio", educatio", a"d e*a"gelis%(
>c? !he pastor shall +e a" e9 officio %e%+er of all church co%%ittees a"d cou"cils(
>d? He shall secure pulpit suppl# $he" he "eeds to +e a+se"t fro% a"# $orship ser*ice(
( Call&
>a? A pastor shall +e chose" a"d called $he"e*er a *aca"c# occurs(
>+? A )astor /earch Co%%ittee shall +e elected +# the church i" a regular +usi"ess %eeti"g or
special +usi"ess %eeti"g to seek out a suita+le pastor a"d this co%%itteeCs reco%%e"datio"
$ill ser*e as a "o%i"atio"( -o%i"atio"s $ill +e take" fro% the floor for a )astor search
Co%%ittee( !his co%%ittee shall seek trai"i"g fro% de"o%i"atio"al sources +efore
+egi""i"g the search(
>c? !he )astor /earch Co%%ittee $ill reco%%e"d o"l# o"e ca"didate at a ti%e(
>d? !he )astor /earch Co%%ittee $ill %ake appropriate, regular reports to the church o" its
>e? Co"sideratio" of a ca"didate +# the church shall take place at a %eeti"g called for that
purpose, of $hich at least o"e $eek "otice shall +e gi*e" to the %e%+ers(
>f? A" affir%ati*e *ote of three5fourths ><4? or %ore of those prese"t is "ecessar# for issui"g a
call to a"# ca"didate(
4( !er%s of /er*ice&
>a? !he chose" pastor shall ser*e u"til the relatio"ship is ter%i"ated +# either his re:uest or that of the church(
," either case, at least a thirt# >6? da# "otice shall +e gi*e" u"less other$ise %utuall# agreed(
>+? !here shall +e a $ritte" %utual co"tract<agree%e"t %ade +et$ee" the pastor a"d the church(
!his co"tract $ill +e dra$" up +# the )astor /earch Co%%ittee i" co"sultatio" $ith the
Budget a"d Fi"a"ce Co%%ittee regardi"g salar# a"d e9pe"se ite%s a"d prese"ted to the
church $he" the ca"didate is to +e co"sidered( !he chose" pastor shall +e respo"si+le for the
allocatio" of his total support package to +udget li"e ite%s i" co"sultatio" $ith the Budget
a"d Fi"a"ce Co%%ittee(
B( Church /taff&
!his church shall e%plo# or call staff as it shall "eed a"d as fi"a"ciall# a+le(
'( /taff %e%+ers other tha" that of the pastor shall +e reco%%e"ded for e%plo#%e"t +# the
Church Cou"cil or a special co%%ittee(
2( A $ritte" 7o+ descriptio" a"d %utual co"tract<agree%e"t $ill +e prepared $he" the "eed for
church staff is deter%i"ed a"d shall +e prese"ted to the church for *ote(
( !he Church Cou"cil or special co%%ittee $ill $ork closel# $ith the Budget a"d Fi"a"ce Co%%ittee i"
de*elopi"g a fi"a"cial support package for a"# "e$ staff(
C( @eaco" Cou"cil&
'( -u%+er a"d ter% of office&
!here shall +e fi*e >5? deaco"s for the first '66 reside"t %e%+ers a"d o"e >'? for each
additio"al fift# >56?, or portio" thereof, $he" $illi"g, :ualified %e" ca" +e fou"d( @eaco"s shall +e elected for
a ter% of ser*ice of three #ears or a lo"ger ter% of ser*ice $he" :ualified %e" ca"2t +e fou"d(
2( =ualificatio"s&
>a? A church deaco" %ust %eet the :ualificatio"s listed i" ' !i%oth# &45'(
>+? A deaco" shall de%o"strate a" e9e%plar# Christia" testi%o"# i" pri*ate, fa%il#, a"d pu+lic
life, %ust +e a co%%itted Christia" leader a"d part"er of the pastor, a tither a"d fi"a"cial
supporter of the church2s %i"istries a"d a pro%oter of the church faith, practice, progra%s,
a"d %i"istries(
( Dlectio"&
>a? Whe" a deaco" *aca"c# occurs, the chair%a" of the @eaco" Cou"cil shall a""ou"ce that a"
electio" of a deaco" $ill +e held duri"g a "a%ed church +usi"ess %eeti"g(
>+? !he @eaco" Cou"cil $ill e"list acti*e %e" to +e reco%%e"ded to the church( !he duties,
:ualificatio"s, a"d i%porta"ce of the office of a deaco" $ill +e i"terpreted to the ca"didates
a"d +e re*ie$ed to the church prior to the scheduled electio" of deaco"s(
4( Ardi"atio"&
>a? /electio", electio", a"d ordi"atio" of deaco"s is a pri*ilege of the local church(
>d? Whe" the cou"cil reco%%e"ds the ordi"atio" of deaco"s, the ordi"atio" ser*ice shall +e
scheduled as led +# the pastor(
5( @uties&
>a? !he @eaco" cou"cil shall a""uall# elect its o$" chair%a"(
>+? @eaco"s are to +e ser*a"ts a"d are to assist the pastor i" his %i"istr# to the church(
>c? !he @eaco"s shall assist the pastor i" %i"isteri"g to the %e%+ers +# i%ple%e"ti"g a
@eaco" Fa%il# .i"istr# )la" as orga"i;ed +# the pastor a"d @eaco" Cou"cil(
>d? /eek to scripturall# sol*e a"# fello$ship pro+le%s of the church(
>e? Assist the pastor i" ad%i"isteri"g the church ordi"a"ces(
>f? /er*e as church %e%+ership co%%ittee(
@( Church .oderator&
'( !he pastor shall ser*e as church %oderator(
2( !he %oderator shall preside at all regular a"d called +usi"ess %eeti"gs of the church(
( ," the a+se"ce of the %oderator, the chair%a" of deaco"s shall preside o*er the regular
a"d called +usi"ess %eeti"gs of the church(
4( ," the a+se"ce of the %oderator a"d the chair%a" of deaco"s, the church clerk shall
call the church to order a"d a" acti"g %oderator $ill +e elected(
D( Clerk&
'( !he church clerk shall +e elected a"d +e respo"si+le for keepi"g a" accurate record of
all +usi"ess %eeti"g tra"sactio"s of the church a"d prepari"g a"# "ecessar# reports to a"# "ecessar# Free
Will Baptist e"tities(
2( He or she shall keep a register of the "a%es a"d addresses of the church %e%+ers,
$ith dates of ad%issio", dis%issal, dedicatio" of childre", a"d deaths of %e%+ers of
the church fa%il#(
( He or she shall issue letters of dis%issal *oted +# the church a"d $rite letters of
tra"sfer of %e%+ership, prepare $ritte" reports of the church of church +usi"ess %eeti"gs, a"d
keep a" accurate histor# of the church(
4( A" assista"t church clerk %a# +e elected or the clerkCs respo"si+ilities shall +e
delegated to a church secretar# if a"d $he" the church ca" afford to e%plo# o"e(
F( !reasurer&
'( !he church treasurer shall +e elected as the custodia" of all accou"ti"g of church %o"ies
a"d shall dis+urse these %o"ies +# checks as authori;ed +# the church(
2( !he church treasurer shall "ot +e a %e%+er of the %o"e# cou"ti"g co%%ittee or ha"dle a"#
offeri"gs or %ake a"# +a"k deposits(
( He or she shall keep, at all ti%es, a" ite%i;ed accou"t of all receipts a"d dis+urse%e"ts a"d
shall re"der a :uarterl# a"d a""ual $ritte" report of this accou"t to the church( All +ooks
kept +# the treasurer are the propert# of the church(
4( !he treasurer shall ser*e as a" e95officio %e%+er of the Budget a"d Fi"a"ce Co%%ittee(
1( Fi"a"cial /ecretar#&
'( !he church fi"a"cial secretar# shall +e elected a"d shall +e respo"si+le for seei"g that
i"di*idual %e%+er2s gi*i"g is accuratel# recorded(
2( He or she shall +e respo"si+le for prepari"g a"d %aili"g a" a""ual record of
co"tri+utio"s to do"ors(
H( !rustees& > %e%+ers?
'( !rustees shall ha*e "o po$er to +u#, sell, %ortgage, lease, or tra"sfer a"# propert# of the
church $ithout a specific *ote of the church authori;i"g each actio"(
2( ,t shall +e the fu"ctio" of the trustees to sig" a"#, a"d all legal docu%e"ts i"*ol*i"g
the sale, %ortgage, purchase, or lease of church propert# or a"# other legal docu%e"ts
re:uiri"g the sig"ature of the trustees for a"d i" +ehalf of the church(
,( Church Cou"cil& >"u%+er of %e%+ers *aries?
'( !he Church Cou"cil shall ha*e as regular %e%+ers all church officers a"d all church progra% leaders(
Chairperso"s of sta"di"g co%%ittees shall +e i"*ited to participate $he" the Church Cou"cil dee%s
2( !he )astor shall ser*e as chair%a" of the Church Cou"cil(
( !he Church Cou"cil shall reco%%e"d to the church o+7ecti*es a"d goals8 shall re*ie$ the coordi"ated
progra% pla"s reco%%e"ded +# the pastor, church officers,
orga"i;atio"s, a"d co%%ittees8 reco%%e"d to the church the use of leadership,
cale"dar ti%e, a"d other resources accordi"g to progra% priorities a"d e*aluate
progra% achie*e%e"ts i" ter%s of church goals a"d o+7ecti*es(
( All %atters agreed o" +# the Church Cou"cil calli"g for actio" "ot alread# pro*ided
for shall +e referred to the church to +e *oted upo"(
0( Vaca"cies&
," case of *aca"c# i" a"# office, e9cept that of the pastor a"d staff %e%+ers, the *aca"c#
shall +e filled +# the church at a regular or special %eeti"g as soo" as the -o%i"ati"g Co%%ittee ca" prepare to
%ake "o%i"atio"s(
,,,( Church )rogra% Leaders
!he "o%i"ati"g co%%ittee shall reco%%e"d the follo$i"g church progra% leaders, as "eeded a"d as feasi+le,
a""uall# i" August at a special called %eeti"g( !hese leaders shall take office the '
of /epte%+er, shall ser*e
as %e%+ers of the Church Cou"cil a"d shall i"clude the follo$i"g( All progra% leaders shall +e %e%+ers of
the church i" >acti*e a"d cooperati"g %e%+ers?(
'( /u"da# /chool @irector
!he /u"da# /chool @irector shall gi*e o*ersight of the /u"da# /chool Bi+le teachi"g progra% a"d the
@iscipleship !rai"i"g )rogra%( He or she shall $ork closel# $ith the pastor a"d church cou"cil( He or she
shall order %aterials, pla" for teacher<leadership trai"i"g, %a"age %e%+ership records, a"d gi*e reports to the
church o" the progress of the Christia" %i"istr#(
2( .aster2s .e" @irector
!he .issio"s Dducatio" @irector shall gi*e o*ersight of the %e"2s %issio"s educatio" progra%( He shall $ork
closel# $ith the pastor a"d church cou"cil( He shall order %aterials a"d %a"age records a"d gi*e reports to the
church o" the progress of the progra%(
( Wo%e" -atio"all# Acti*e For Christ >W-AC? @irector
!he W-AC @irector shall gi*e o*ersight to the $o%e"2s a"d childre"2s %issio"s educatio" progra%( /he shall
$ork closel# $ith the pastor a"d church cou"cil( /he shall order %aterisals a"d %a"age records a"d reports to
the church o" the progress of the progra%>s?
4( .usic .i"istr# @irector
!he .usic .i"istr# @irector $ill pla" a"d e*aluate the %usic progra% of the church, i" the for%atio" of choirs
i" the church a"d pla""i"g special %usical progra%s throughout the #ear( He or she $ill assist $ith special
%usic i" the regular a"d other ser*ices of the church( He or she shall $ork closel# $ith the pastor a"d church
5( Eouth .i"istr# @irector
!he Eouth .i"istr# @irector is respo"si+le i" pla""i"g a"d coordi"ati"g #outh progra%s a"d acti*ities i"side
a"d outside of the church( !hese acti*ities are to +e correlated $ith the acti*ities of other church progra%
orga"i;atio"s i" attai"i"g o+7ecti*es set forth +# the church( He or she shall $ork closel# $ith the pastor a"d
church cou"cil(
,V( Church Co%%ittees
!he follo$i"g co%%ittees shall +e for%ed as "eeded i" order to acco%plish the church2s %i"istr# a"d as
leadership is a*aila+le( All co%%ittee %e%+ers %ust +e church %e%+ers i" good sta"di"g >acti*e a"d
cooperati"g %e%+ers?, shall +e elected +# the church fro% "o%i"atio"s prese"ted +# the -o%i"ati"g
Co%%ittee, a"d "o%i"atio"s fro% the floor $ith the co"se"t of the "o%i"ee(
!he "o%i"ati"g co%%ittee $ill "a%e chairperso"s for each co%%ittee(
Dach co%%ittee %e%+er shall ser*e for a period of #ears( A"e third >'<? of the %e%+ers of all co%%ittees
$ill rotate off each #ear, $he"e*er possi+le( !he# %a# +e elected to ser*e o" co%%ittees other tha" the o"es
fro% $hich the# ha*e 7ust rotated(
A"# co%%ittee %e%+er elected to fill a"# *aca"c# shall ser*e the u"e9pired ter% of the positio" *acated +ut
%a# +e elected to ser*e a" additio"al #ears $he" that ter% e9pires(
Dach co%%ittee chairperso" shall su+%it a" a""ual +udget re:uest to the Budget a"d Fi"a"ce Co%%ittee(
A( -o%i"ati"g Co%%ittee& > %e%+ers?
!he -o%i"ati"g Co%%ittee shall +e respo"si+le throughout the #ear for "o%i"ati"g a"d
prese"ti"g to the church people to ser*e i" *arious positio"s of the church >u"less
pro*ided for other$ise i" these B#la$s? *acated +# e9piratio" of ter% of office, +# death,
+# resig"atio", or +# re%o*al( Dach perso" co"tacted shall +e i"for%ed of his or her
respo"si+ilities. !he co%%ittee shall o"l# "o%i"ate perso"s $ho are %e%+ers of the church i" good sta"di"g
>acti*e a"d cooperati"g %e%+ers? (
B( Budget a"d Fi"a"ce Co%%ittee& > %e%+ers?
!his co%%ittee shall reco%%e"d fi"a"cial policies to the church a"d shall foster a"d
pro%ote progra%s of ste$ardship( ," co"sultatio" $ith the Church Cou"cil for the "e$
church #ear, it shall dra$ up a"d su+%it to the church, for actio", a" a""ual +udget duri"g the %o"th of Acto+er
for the "e9t cale"dar #ear a"d reco%%e"d a +udget pro%otio" progra% a""uall#( !his co%%ittee shall +e
respo"si+le for ha*i"g the treasurerCs +ooks audited a""uall#(
C( )roperties Co%%ittee& > %e%+ers?
!his co%%ittee shall +e respo"si+le i" %atters to properties ad%i"istratio"( !hroughout
the #ear, this co%%ittee shall gi*e atte"tio" to a"d stud# the co"ditio" a"d state of repair
a"d appeara"ce of the +uildi"g a"d grou"ds of the church a"d e:uip%e"t therei", %aki"g
arra"ge%e"ts for repairs a"d i%pro*e%e"ts authori;ed +# the church a"d i"cluded i" the
church +udget( All %atters of %a7or repairs, cha"ges, i%pro*e%e"ts or ite%s of
e:uip%e"t "ot i"cluded i" the +udget shall +e referred to the Budget a"d Fi"a"ce Co%%ittee for fiscal re*ie$(
)urchase of e:uip%e"t shall +e through this co%%ittee u"less a"other co%%ittee is directed specificall# to
%ake studies, report to the church, a"d %ake "ecessar# arra"ge%e"ts as the church decides(
@( Fitche" Co%%ittee& > %e%+ers?
!his co%%ittee shall ha*e ge"eral super*isio" of the supplies, e:uip%e"t, a"d use of the
church kitche" a"d fello$ship hall, suggesti"g to the church rules a"d regulatio"s as the# dee% $ise( ,t shall
e"force policies "ecessar# to properl# %ai"tai" the kitche" i" a clea", orderl#, a"d
accepta+le co"ditio"(
!his co%%ittee shall +e respo"si+le for all social a"d recreatio" acti*ities of the church,
for%ulati"g policies a"d super*isi"g the ser*ices re"dered to the church through the
kitche" a"d pro%oti"g regular church fu"ctio"s to +uild the fello$ship of the church( ,t $ill +e the
respo"si+ilit# of this co%%ittee to recruit others to aid the% i" their $ork(
D( Lord2s /upper Co%%ittee > %e%+ers?
!his co%%ittee shall prepare for the ordi"a"ce of the LordCs /upper ele%e"ts e*er# '
/u"da# of each :uarter
a"d at other special ti%es $he" the ordi"a"ce is o+ser*ed(
F( Baptis% Co%%ittee > %e%+ers?
!his co%%ittee shall assist the pastor +# assisti"g the ca"didates a"d +# prepari"g the +aptister# $he" it is
"eeded i"cludi"g filli"g the +aptister# a"d heati"g the $ater(
1( Foot5$ashi"g Co%%ittee > %e%+ers?
!his co%%ittee shall assist the pastor +# prepari"g for the a""ual foot5$ashi"g ser*ice to +e held each spri"g i"
associatio" $ith the Daster seaso"(
H( .o"e# Cou"ti"g Co%%ittee >4 %e%+ers?
!$o %e%+ers of this co%%ittee shall cou"t %o"e# gi*e" to the church at a"# %eeti"g o" a rotati"g +asis so
that "o t$o %e%+ers cou"t together %ore tha" o"ce a %o"th( !his co%%ittee shall +e respo"si+le for securi"g
the offeri"g i%%ediatel# follo$i"g the $orship ser*ices( All %o"ies shall +e deposited i" the +a"k pro%ptl#
each /u"da# a"d after a"# other special %eeti"g( -o /u"da# %or"i"g offeri"gs are to +e left at the church
+uildi"g( D*e"i"g offeri"gs are to +e secured i" the church office for "e9t /u"da#2s %o"e# cou"ters to cou"t(
!his co%%ittee shall su+%it reports of offeri"gs recei*ed each $eek to the pastor a"d the church treasurer( A
cop# of these reports $ill +e kept i" the church office( !his co%%ittee shall pro%ptl# su+%it to the Church
Fi"a"cial /ecretar# all offeri"g e"*elopes a"d other records of i"di*idual gi*i"g o" a $eekl# +asis( Dach
co%%ittee %e%+er is e9pected to co"duct hi%self or herself $ith the highest degree of co"fide"tialit#
co"cer"i"g offeri"gs +# i"di*idual %e%+ers(
,( 1reeter Co%%ittee > %e%+ers?
!his co%%ittee shall +e respo"si+le for greeti"g all %e%+ers a"d guests that atte"d church ser*ices( !his shall
i"clude greeti"g the% i" the parki"g lot, the church fo#er a"d the $orship ce"ter( !his co%%ittee shall assist
guests i" fi"di"g /u"da# /chool classes, the "urser# a"d other areas of the church facilit# "eeded(
0( Gshers >3 %e%+ers?
!his co%%ittee shall assist the pastor +# recei*i"g the offeri"g duri"g all $orship ser*ices o" a rotati"g
schedule deter%i"ed +# the co%%ittee a"d +# helpi"g %e%+ers a"d guests $ith seati"g $he" "eeded( Afferi"g
plates are to +e retur"ed to the co%%u"io" ta+le after +ei"g recei*ed duri"g the offertor# respo"se so"g(
Gshers $ill also assist the 1reeter Co%%ittee i" $elco%i"g %e%+ers a"d guests to ser*ices(
F( Audit Co%%ittee > %e%+ers?
!his co%%ittee shall a""uall# audit the treasurer2s +ooks( !he# shall seek ad*ice fro% the Budget a"d Fi"a"ce
co%%ittee or a" outside source $he" dee%ed "ecessar#(
L( -urser# Co%%ittee > %e%+ers?
>'? !he -urser# Co%%ittee shall %ai"tai" a "urser# for childre" duri"g the regular $orship ser*ices of the
church a"d at such other ti%es as it %a# +e "eeded(
>2? !he -urser# Co%%ittee shall +e respo"si+le for the super*isio" of "urser# $orkers( !his $ill i"clude securi"g a"d
scheduli"g of such $orkers(
.( Flo$er a"d @ecorati"g Co%%ittee > %e%+ers?
>'? !he Flo$er Co%%ittee shall pro*ide for, arra"ge, a"d dispose of all flo$ers a"d other decoratio"s used i" the church
facilities( Flo$ers "ot disposed of +# the do"or shall +e used at the discretio" of the co%%ittee for other ser*ices or
for distri+utio" to the sick(
>2? !he Flo$er Co%%ittee shall %ai"tai" for the church all *ases a"d other per%a"e"t decoratio"s as %a# +e
>? !he Flo$er Co%%ittee shall purchase flo$ers for fu"erals li%ited to %e%+ers a"d their spouses(
-( Audio5Visual Aids Co%%ittee > %e%+ers?
!his co%%ittee shall e"dea*or to %ake a" effecti*e use of audio a"d *isual aids i" the life
a"d $ork of the church a"d shall operate e:uip%e"t as "eeded(
A( La$" .o$i"g Co%%ittee& >' %e%+er?
!his co%%ittee of o"e $ill recruit *olu"teers to %o$ the church la$" duri"g the %o$i"g seaso" a"d prepare a
schedule for each $eek to +e gi*e" to each *olu"teer(
)( Church Clea"i"g Co%%ittee >' perso"?
!his co%%ittee of o"e $ill recruit *olu"teers to the church facilities o" a $eekl# +asis a"d prepare a schedule
for each $eek to +e gi*e" to each *olu"teer( !his co%%ittee shall keep a list of clea"i"g duties a"d %ake it
a*aila+le to each *olu"teer(
=( Ather co%%ittees %a# +e for%ed as "eeded +# the church(
V( Church .eeti"gs
A( Worship /er*ices&
!he church shall %eet regularl# each /u"da# %or"i"g a"d e*e"i"g for the $orship of 1od, for preachi"g,
i"structio", e*a"gelis%, a"d o" Wed"esda# "ight, for pra#er, Bi+le stud# a"d progra%s for #outh a"d childre"(
!hese %eeti"gs $ill +e ope" for the e"tire %e%+ership of the church a"d all people of the co%%u"it# a"d shall
+e co"ducted u"der the directio" of the pastor $ith the aid of the @eaco" Cou"cil(
B( Regular Busi"ess .eeti"gs&
Regular +usi"ess %eeti"gs shall +e held o" e*er# third Wed"esda# of each :uarter( !he
age"da for a"# k"o$", i%porta"t, upco%i"g +usi"ess shall +e circulated or %ade k"o$" to the church o"e $eek
prior to the +usi"ess %eeti"g( -o %e%+er $ho has +ee" i"acti*e for a period of si9 >3? %o"ths or %ore $ill +e
e"titled to *ote i" +usi"ess %eeti"gs a"d is re:uired to refrai" fro% doi"g so( !his i"acti*it# $ill +e deter%i"ed
+# atte"da"ce i" /u"da# /chool a"d<or $orship ser*ices(
C( /pecial Busi"ess .eeti"gs&
A special called +usi"ess %eeti"g %a# +e called +# the pastor, a"d other church officers, or +# actio" of the
church to co"sider special %atters of sig"ifica"t "ature( A o"e5$eek $ritte" "otice or a""ou"ce%e"t %ust +e
gi*e" for the speciall# called +usi"ess %eeti"g( -o %e%+er $ho has +ee" i"acti*e for a period of si9 >3?
%o"ths or %ore $ill +e e"titled to *ote i" special +usi"ess %eeti"gs a"d is re:uired to refrai" fro% doi"g so(
!his i"acti*it# $ill +e deter%i"ed +# atte"da"ce i" /u"da# /chool a"d<or $orship ser*ices(
@( =uoru%&
!he :uoru% co"sists of those $ho atte"d the +usi"ess %eeti"g, pro*ided it is a stated
%eeti"g or o"e that has +ee" properl# called( At least o"e5fourth of acti*e %e%+ers shall
co"stitute a :uoru%(
D( )arlia%e"tar# Rules&
Robert's Rules of Order >re*ised editio"? is adopted as the authorit# for parlia%e"tar# rules of procedure for all
+usi"ess %eeti"gs of the church a"d for all other %eeti"gs that re:uire *oti"g of the church %e%+ers, i"cludi"g
co%%ittee %eeti"gs(
V,( Lice"si"g a"d Ardai"i"g
A( Lice"si"g&
A"# %e%+er of the church $ho has sho$" +# his life a"d has felt the call to the gospel %i"istr# %a# +# *ote of
the %e%+ership at a regular %eeti"g +e lice"sed +# the church to the Christia" %i"istr#(
B( Ardi"atio"&
Whe" a church of like faith a"d order shall ha*e called as its pastor a %e%+er of this church $ho possesses
scriptural :ualificatio"s a"d as de%o"strated +# his skills a"d trai"i"g for ordi"atio" to the $ork of the gospel
%i"istr#, a"d shall re:uest i" $riti"g that he +e ordai"ed, or the Church Cou"cil reco%%e"ds hi% for
ordi"atio", a special co%%ittee shall +e elected to co"duct the process of his ordi"atio"( @eaco"s of the church
%a# +e ordai"ed as deaco"s upo" the
reco%%e"datio" of the @eaco" Cou"cil( !he church shall co"sider such re:uest a"d +# a *ote of %a7orit# i" a
regular %eeti"g appro*e such re:uest( !he pastor shall asse%+le a" ordai"i"g cou"cil for the ordi"atio" of
:ualified a"d reco%%e"ded ca"didates(
V,,( Church @iscipli"e
A( /hould a"# u"happ# differe"ce arise a%o"g %e%+ers, the aggrie*ed %e%+er shall follo$ i" a te"der spirit,
the rules gi*e" +# our Lord i" .atthe$ '4&'55'B(
B( /hould a"# case of gross +reach of co*e"a"t, or of pu+lic sca"dal occur, the pastor a"d deaco"s shall
e"dea*or to resol*e the co"flict8 a"d if this effort fails, shall report the case to the church(
C( All such proceedi"gs shall +e per*aded +# a spirit of Christia" ki"d"ess a"d for+eara"ce, +ut should a"
ad*erse decisio" +e reached, the church %a# proceed to ad%o"ish or declare the offe"der to +e "o lo"ger i" the
%e%+ership of the church(
@( A"# perso" $hose %e%+ership has +ee" ter%i"ated for a"# offe"se %a# +e restored +# *ote of the church,
upo" e*ide"ce of his repe"ta"ce a"d refor%atio"8 or if o" accou"t of co"ti"ued a+se"ce, upo" satisfactor#
Ratified +# actio" of the church i" its +usi"ess %eeti"g o" HHActo+er '5, 26'4 (
.oderator& HHHHRe*( D( Larr# RossHHHHH
Church Clerk& HHHHHViolet )r#orHHHH