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Our Body is Our House

Lesson Plan: Organs systems of the body

I. 115.4. Health Eduation! "rade #.
b) Knowledge and skills.
(3) Health information. The student understands the basic
structures and functions of the human body and how they
relate to personal health throughout the life span. The
student is expected to:
() identify the ma!or systems of the body.
II. Ob$eti%es ("ocus on #keletal system)
A. $) ogniti%e
1. &. 'ro%iding students with multiple resources( including
cut)out bones of the body and an interacti%e board*
a. a) #tudents will be able to accurately identify the
ma!or bones of the body: ranium( +ibs( Humerus(
+adius( ,lna( #acrum-'el%is( "emur( .etatarsal( Tibia(
and "ibula /-&0 times.
b. b) #tudents will be able to correctly identify the
placement of the ma!or bones on a body 102 of the
c. c) #tudents will be able to explain the basic
functions (shape( support( and mo%ement) of the
skeletal system &002 of the time.
III. &aterials
A. $) 3ou tube %ideo 4The 5one #ong6
B. 5) The 45ones 'oem6
C. ) 5ody and bones pu77le handouts
D. 8)49peration6 $cti%ity board
I'. Presentation
A. () Engagement
1. &. 8ance to the 45ones #ong6
2. :. Teacher will ask the students 4;ho can tell me what
makes our bodies grow bigger<6
3. 3. $s a whole class( teacher will discuss the functions of
bones and how bones work with the body as a system. ;e
will discuss how houses are built and what a houses
function is and compare that to the function of our skeletal
A. B) Exploration
1. &. #tudents will work with a partner. Teacher will hand
out body outlines and a bag of bones.
2. :. Teacher will gi%e the students 3)= minutes to try to
put the bones in the correct location of the body without
any instruction or description of the bones.
3. 3. Teacher will describe a bone and tell its function
(without naming the bone) and students will >nd that bone
and glue it accurately onto the body outline.
A. *) Explanation
1. &. #tudents will get into their groups and discuss why
each bone is an important part of our body.
2. :. ?ach group will explain to the class one bone that
they found to be the most interesting and important to our
3. 3. #tudents will identify where the bones we are
learning about are located in their own body by pointing to
their body and naming the correct bone.
A. +) Elaboration
&. +ead the 45ones 'oem6
:. $s a whole class we will discuss what would happen to our
body if we were missing certain bones or all of our bones.
3. #tudents will play with the 49peration6 acti%ity board
where they will locate and name the ma!or bones of the body.
@. "irst they will place the bone in the correct position on the
=. $fter they put all the bones in their correct position( the
students are to correctly name all the bones.
A. The answers for the board will be located on the back so
that the students can check their work.
E) E%aluation
&. "ormati%e: #tudents will >ll out a worksheet that will reBuire
them to correctly name the bones on the body. Ct will include a
word bank to gi%e assistance for spelling-grammar.
:. #ummati%e: #tudents will write a detailed letter thanking a
particular bone for the speci>c functions that bone performs.
Detters should be addressed to the body part in which it is
.ultiple Cntelligences E
'isual,-.atial E 5ones pu77le handouts
Bodily,/inestheti E 5ones 8ance( interacti%e acti%ity board
&usial ) 5ones 8ance
Inter.ersonal E Detter to a bone
Intra.ersonal E 5ones pu77le( interacti%e acti%ity board
Linguisti E pointing to body and naming bones orally(
writing a letter
Logial 0&athematial E 5one pu77le
1aturalisti E 5one 'u77le
2ni%ersal +esign for Learning
This lesson plan encompasses the uni%ersal design for learning.
Ct uses lecture( discussion( a poem( and a music %ideo to
represent the bones in our body. There are se%eral means of
engagement including( the bones song and dance( the bones
pu77le( and the interacti%e acti%ity board. #tudents may
demonstrate their knowledge by doing the bones pu77le( naming
the bones in their body( using the interacti%e acti%ity board( and
writing a letter to a bone.