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Achidi 1

Thelma Achidi
Professor Grant
UWRT 1101-032
3 September 2014
I am Basketball
I always seemed to be helping someone and being the nice one in class. I loved gym
class in elementary school, so I decided to start playing a sport. When I was in third grade I
decided to play basketball because I knew it involved team work and working hard. Since I liked
helping people and not afraid to interact, it was a perfect sport for me. I was not the best when I
first stepped on the court but slowly and surely I became better, basketball opens a lot of doors
for me and teaches me many things. Each day as I stepped on the court I did not just play, but I
also learned team work, sportsmanship, responsibility, respect, and kindness.
I am grateful for learning team work since everyday it helps me become a better person.
Without teamwork, my team wouldnt function correctly and we would probably lose all our
games. With being responsible I learned you shouldnt be lazy, and sometimes you have to do
things for others rather than being selfish. When my team lost games, instead of being negative I
have learned to embrace the other teams winning. Since I had to listen and not put down anyone
when they made a mistake I was able to develop respect for others. I could not put anyone down
because I had no idea of what situation they are facing, and my words could just make their
already bad problem worst. Being able to learn teamwork, sportsmanship, responsibility, respecti
Achidi 2

and kindness is now helping me when I am faced with difficult situations. Basketball proved to
me that education and sports are one, but education comes before sports. However, to be
successful with sports you also have to be an excellent student at school.
Basketball opened my eyes by showing me how sports and school go hand in hand. I had
maintain good grades in school in order to remain on the team. That drove me to work harder
and stride to succeed even more. Having good grades and staying on the team proved to me that
anything is possible if you put your mind on it. Without basketball I believe I would have
become very lazy. Not only did basketball allow me to focus on more important things it also
provided me with opportunities I otherwise would not have had like leadership organizations.
Looking back I see how basketball has changed me. Interacting with team members has
made me more open and trusting. Basketball has also thought me plenty life skills, and has paved
a road for me. As I sit and think I now realize how basketball has made me more disciplined. By
being disciplined I shall remain one less statistic. I love basketball and will play it until Im no
longer able to. Basketball has and will continue to make me who I am.
High School
Everyone has their favorite subjects in which they excelled in and I have come to notice
my favorite subjects were English and Health Science. I was able to easily excel in those subjects
because I had an interest in them. I attribute my liking of the subjects to my personality, passion
and motivation in succeeding in life. If I didnt have the drive to succeed in life I wouldn't have
tried my best in my classes. Also, to the great teachers I was lucky to have that made it easier for
me to learn and understand. English was one of my favorite subjects because it is the basis of our
ability to communicate with one another. It taught me numerous skills and has helped me
Achidi 3

become a well-rounded individual. Literature has contributed to my overall growth as a young
person, as it has showed me the many points of views, ideas, and beliefs. It opened my eyes on
many issues, and helped me acquire many skills. I think it's quite interesting that my favorite
subjects ended up being English and Health Science because they were very different but similar
at the same time.
In my various Health Science course in High School I learned an immense amount of
vocabulary. Through various classes I was able to gain an incredible amount of knowledge and
was able to foster my love of the Health Sciences. The classes allowed me to find my true
interest of the healthcare field and helped me develop a love of helping people. English went
hand in hand with my Health Science course and helped with all subjects in my curriculum. It
helped me build better communication skills and it also played a part in my everyday living.
English is relevant to virtually all subjects, wherever there is speaking, writing, or thinking
English is essential. Being proficient in it shows that you are educated and you can communicate
well; knowledge is the key and once you have it no one can take it away from you. My English
and my Health Science classes were like stepping stones to a lifetime of rewards; not only did
the lessons positively affect my literacy; they also built a bridge towards gaining a successful
Health Occupations Students of America
With everything Im involved in I strive to better myself so that I may be able to achieve
and accomplish current and future goals. I challenge myself every day to work with excellence
so that I have the opportunity to make dreams and ambitions become more than that, a reality.
Since my desire is to be in the healthcare field, I had to prepare myself well in order to pursue
those goals. To start out, I have successfully completed courses such as Health Team Relations,
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Biomedical Technology, Health Science I, Health Science II Honors, and Health Science
Advanced Studies, and Pharmacy Technician. Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)
is a national student organization endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health
Science Education Division of ACTE. HOSA's two-fold mission is to promote career
opportunities in the healthcare industry and to enhance the delivery of quality healthcare to all
people. HOSA's goal is to encourage all health occupations instructors and students to join and
be actively involved in the HSE-HOSA Partnership.
My high school had a HOSA club which I was a part of since my freshman year of high
school. During my junior year I was selected to be part of a 10 person leadership board. I was
very excited about being chosen because it allowed me to be one step closer to reaching my
goals. Being able to gain life skills such as responsibility, self-discipline, leadership, and
communication from HOSA will be greatly rewarding as I go throughout life, accomplishing my
goals. Without these skills, I dont think I would be able to even come close to reaching my
literacy and lifetime goals.
Social Environment
While most people are able to feel perfectly content in a peaceful environment, I am able
to find comfort in a social environment. In a social environment, I am able to show my peers,
teachers, family, and even strangers what a genuine leader looks like. I easily demonstrate my
leadership abilities and qualities because I feel at peace when I am around people. I feel perfectly
content in a social environment because I am able to form relationships with people I
communicate and come in contact with. From an early age I was the student who the teachers
knew they could depend and rely on when they needed assistance in their classrooms. Back then,
Achidi 5

it wasnt such a big deal to me because I enjoyed helping my teachers as well as students, but in
retrospect I was learning how to become a leader.
Being in a social environment is meaningful to me because I am able to be a leader. My
idea of leadership is being able to lead by example, communicate easily, have a positive attitude,
motivate others, work hard, and walk the walk. I believe that good leaders are made through
experiences and not born. In a social environment I am able to continuously improve my abilities
and grow as a person and as a leader. Being in a social environment brings back memories of my
childhood and allows me to feel perfectly satisfied.