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Is literature important?

Literature defnitely is signifcant, due to three excellent reasons,

which are; expression of perspective, creating a sense of education
and improving individual creativity.
Supporting idea 1: expression of perspective
-Writer can be able to express his or her own imagination.
-Writer can express their feeling and emotion by writing
Supporting idea : creating sense of education
- literature are not only novel text or a short paragraph but it
also !nclude education literary or textboo".
-#eading literature will help you improve your s"ill and
"nowledge. $or example, if you
want to understand about biology then you should read the
biology textboo".
Supporting idea %: improving individual creativity
-#eaders can use the literature that they read to ma"e their
own ideas more creative and &exible.
-#eaders will have their own inspiration by reading literature.
Literatures are definitely significant because of several interesting and
intriguing reasons. First of all, Literature shows us the writers perspective. Writers
present their individual imagination by expressing feelings and emotions. For
example, !ame of "hrones, #egin $gain and %unger !ames are all movies created
by different writers. &ach writer has a different way to build a uni'ue storyline. "hey
do this by expressing their creative imagination. $s a result, all are different,
interesting and uni'ue. (econdly, literature is not )ust a way of expressing ones ideas
and creativity. &ducational merit and *nowledge are presented that can help the reader
gain and improve their s*ill. For instance, many writers use real merited textboo*s
that are educational. (ince literary wor*boo*s create *nowledge and information, this
can be passed on to the readers. Last but not least, literature can define the art of
written speech. "he style of words used in literature ma*es the poem or writers wor*
inspirational to enlightened enthusiasts. "o illustrate, in +ay #arrets poem she says
$ll because you say one thing, all because you say it true. $ll because you ma*e me
smile, all because you say I love you, her words become a heavenly story. "he reader
can easily visuali,e the meaning. "his example shows how literature inspires people
and gives readers a visual image into the creativity of the writer. In conclusion,
writers can express their imagination through their literary production. -oreover,
literature can be a *ind of education, which can improve *nowledge and s*ill of the
reader. Lastly, literature ma*es readers become more creative by using words that
inspire through new ideas that become visual to them.