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My Formulae for Liquid Manure

(Beware: - has awful stench so cannot have it indoors)

Neem cake - (neem ki khali) - 1 kg
Mustard cake - (sarson ki khali) - 2 kg
Any other cake u can get hold (groundnut/cotton seed etc etc 250 grams each otherwise no need)
Bone meal - 250 gms
Blood meal - 250 gms (optional)
Cow dung manure - 5 kgs (decomposed)
Container - 30 liters or bigger with a lid can use a big earthen matka too
(If u dont need so much liquid manure then reduce the quantity in the same proportion a little bit
here and there wont affect much)
Fill the container with water until half; mix all the ingredients one by one with a stick. Fill the
container with water leaving some space. Keep mixing the contents once or twice everyday with
a stick. Let it rot for a week ten days in summers and around 2-3 weeks in winters or cooler
place. You will know it as the whole thing will be decomposed very well the color changed to
very dark brown black.
Beware of the stench it produces but is very good for vegetables and flowering plants. (So keep
the lid tight and keep it far in one of the corners of the garden)
It takes one week ten days in summers and 2-3 weeks in winters, when using dilute the mix
with 1:10 (one part mix and 10 parts water) and feed your plants accordingly depending on the
size of your pot.
I use a small plastic glass (100 ml) 1/3 of the diluted mix for pots up to 4 inches, 1/2 glass for
bigger pots up to 10 inches and full glass for pots bigger than 10 inches.
Do not use the liquid manure for saplings and freshly planted plants; let them catch up growth
and then use.
Use more diluted solution for very delicate plants.
(Has worked very well for my winter vegetables, winter flowers esp. dahlia and chrysanthemum)
More suggestions are most welcome