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From: Normand PO1 JFCA@FMF Cape Scott USD@Halifax

Sent: October!!1" 1!:#$ PM

%o: & HF' All FMFCS and (N)" U*er*+ & HF' N"! , A**ociate*
S-b.ect: F/: Ur0ent mea*-re*
1mportance: Hi02

%o A(( MCAN U*er*3
Plea*e do not repl4 to t2i* email and i* not re5-ired to be for6ard to
an4 member*3
On be2alf of 7Adm Ne6ton8 Comd MA7(AN%9J%FA8 in li02t of t2e c-rrent
*it-ation 2appenin0 in Otta6a8 2e 2a* a*:ed all per*onal remain in t2eir
re*pecti;e b-ildin0* for t2e time bein0 and re*trict mo;ement in -niform
in p-blic a* m-c2 a* po**ible3
1n order to 0et t2i* o-t 5-ic:l48 onl4 <n0li*2 me**a0e i* enclo*ed 2ere3
Frenc2 ;er*ion 6ill follo6 later3
Maril4n Cleal
<xec-ti;e Admini*trati;e A**i*tant9 9A.ointe admini*trati;e exec-ti;e %o
Commander 9 D- Commandant Joint %a*: Force Atlantic 9 Force
op=rationnelle interarm=e* de l>Atlanti5-e Maritime Force* Atlantic 9
Force* maritime* de l>Atlanti5-e PO ?O' @@### Station Force*8 Halifax
No;a Scotia8 Canada ?$A B'B
P2one 9 %=l=p2one @#!"!FG$B"
Fac*imile 9 %=l=copie-r @#!"!F#)!1
Ho;ernment of Canada 9 Ho-;ernement d- Canada