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Year 10 Social Studies Exam 2014

The Social Studies Exam has THREE resource based tasks:

In the Social Studies exam you will be given a grade of Achieved, Merit or
Excellence for each question.

You will have a question and a second answer booklet.

The exam is entirely resource-based.

The skills that are assessed are: Inquiry, Social Decision Making and Values.

Task ONE: Inquiry

Question 1). Global Patterns

In this question you will be asked to describe from resources global patterns.

Question 2). Causes of global patterns

In this question you are asked to select a global pattern and explain what were
its causes.

Question 3). The impact of global patterns on people lives

In this question you are asked to describe how the global pattern has affect

Task TWO: Values

The values question has only ONE question:

Question 1) Individuals/organisations points of view.

In this question you will be asked to identify:

a) Individual or organisation
b) viewpoints
c) explanations of their point of views

You will need to do this for THREE different individuals/organisations.

Task THREE: Social Decision Making

Has TWO questions:

Question 1). You need to look at the strengths and weaknesses of a course of

Question 2). You need to outline your preferred course of action. This means that
you need to view your personal opinion on an issue.