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Armstrong 39

rev. 07-16-2009

To turn on the projector

To turn on the sound system

To connect a laptop or mp3 player

To select the CD player, tape player, or record player

To view videos from the DVD/ VCR

There is a light gray projector remote attached to the side of the cabinet. Aim it at the projector and press the “ON” button to turn on the projector.

To preserve lamp life, please turn off the projector when you are finished by pressing “STANDBY” twice.

Inside the cabinet toward the top, there is a Technics stereo receiver. Press the “POWER” button in the lower left corner of the receiver.

Make sure “SPEAKERS B” is shown in the lower left of the receiver's LCD display; if not, press the “SPEAKERS” button (to the right of the “POWER” button) until “SPEAKERS B” appears on the display.

Use the audio and video cables in the bin on the left side the cabinet to connect your laptop or mp3 player to the inputs above the bin. Press “INPUT 1” on the projector remote to select the laptop on the projector. Press “LAPTOP/CD” on the stereo receiver to hear audio from the laptop or mp3 player through the sound system

Press the appropriate button (“LAPTOP/CD,” “TAPE,” OR “PHONO”) on the stereo receiver.

After turning on the projector and sound system, Press “INPUT 4” on the projector remote and press “DVD/VCR” on the sound system.



the black remote attached to the cabinet to control the