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Information Technology in Sub-Saharan


Worlds in explanation:

Seems to be : appear to be something
Lost continent : unable to find way of continent
Computerized : put details of something on computer
Two score countries :
Telephone density : cell density
Plague by : Epidemic diseases
Nevertheless : despite a situation or comment
Leave much to be desired :
Not surprisingly then :
Consequently : as a result or in view of something
Reader input :
Less-developed countries : Small amount unindustrialized
Yet : So far
Although : granting or in spite of the fact that
Increased : become larger or greater
Computerization: to install or start using a computer system to
organize, control, or automate something
But : used to introduce a statement that disagrees with
something just said, or that expresses an emotion such as
surprise or disbelief at what was just said
Examples abound : Examples to be present in large numbers or
Because of : for the reason that follows
Vendors, the urge to : Somebody who sells something
Aid-donated : aid give or present something
In many : In majority
These mandate : these support from electorate
Such : of the kind mentioned or understood from the context
However, a number of : used to indicate that no matter what
happens, a situation remains the same a lot of
A mixed blessing :
personnel : the people employed in an organization, business, or
armed force
Moreover : used to add a further piece of information that
supports a previous statement
IT transfer : to move from one place to another, or cause
somebody or something to do so
Power supply : to satisfy a need or requirement power
literate personnel : Person having the ability to read and write
For instance: For an occurrence of something
Woefully : feeling or expressing great distress or sorrow
Telephone cable : electronic communications device cable
Programming : broadcasting of programmers
Consulting : providing specialist advice
Most : Greatest
Training facilities : acquiring of skill
Keep up with demand. Only a handful of :
degrees : extent or amount
As a result of : As attending of
Hire : give somebody work
Poor : Not rich
Waking up : advice to be careful
Overlooked: past and past participle of overlook. to fail to notice
or check something as a result of inattention, preoccupation, or