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Multiple Intelligences

Unit Plan Template

EDUC 522
Unit Title: Matrices Teacher: Kimi Van Spronsen
Grae !e"el: ##

Su$%ect: Math &nal'sis Time (rame: )*+ ,ee-s .#5 Instructional Da's/
0ouTu$e Vieo !in-: http:112223'outu$e3com12atch4
At the completion of this unit, students will be able to..
1) Perform Elementary Row operations
2) Write matrices in Row Echelon and reduced Row Echelon Form
) Add and !ultiply !atrices
") Find the #n$erse of a !atri%
&) Find minors and 'ofactors of a s(uare matrices
Ver$al@ !ogical@ Visual@ Kinesthetic@ Musical@ Intrapersonal@ Interpersonal@ Aaturalist
Technologies in the unit: iPad@ Wifi 'onnection@ )otability App@ i!o$ie App@
*ara+e ,and App@ ,lo++er, *oo+le Plus 'ommunity@ Edmodo@ -oice.hread
App@ Educreations App@ *oo+le /ri$e, *oo+le /ocs, Popplet App, 01itch App,
iPad 0tylus, i,oo1 2!atri% 'rypto+raphy3
4ou.ube 5han Academy, Pro6ector, 0pea1ers, !icrophones, 7eadphones, Air
Common Core stanars:
)-! 8. 9:) ;se matrices to represent and manipulate data, e.+., to represent payoffs or incidence
relationships in a networ1.
)-! <. 9:) !ultiply matrices by scalars to produce new matrices, e.+., as when all of the payoffs in a
+ame are doubled.
)-! =. 9:) Add, subtract, and multiply matrices of appropriate dimensions.
)-! >.9:) ;nderstand that, unli1e multiplication of numbers, matri% multiplication for s(uare matrices is
not a commutati$e operation, but still satisfies the associati$e and distributi$e properties.
)-! 1?. 9:) ;nderstand that the @ero and identity matrices play a role in matri% addition and
multiplication similar to the role of ? and 1 in the real numbers. .he determinant of a s(uare matri% is
non@ero if and only if the matri% has a multiplicati$e in$erse.
)-! 11. 9:) !ultiply a $ector 9re+arded as a matri% with one column) by a matri% of suitable dimensions
to produce another $ector. Wor1 with matrices as transformations of $ectors.
)-! 12. 9:) Wor1 with 2 A 2 matrices as transformations of the plane, and interpret the absolute $alue of
the determinant in terms of area.
Technolog' stanars:
#0.E 1.c BB ;se models and simulations to e%plore comple% systems and issues
#0.E 2.a BB#nteract, collaborate, and publish with peers, e%perts, or others employin+ a $ariety of di+ital
en$ironments and media
#0.E 2.d BB 'ontribute to pro6ect teams to produce ori+inal wor1s or sol$e problems
#0.E .a BB Plan strate+ies to +uide in(uiry
#0.E .b BB Cocate, or+ani@e, analy@e, e$aluate, synthesi@e, and ethically use information from a $ariety of
sources and media
#0.E ".b BB Plan and mana+e acti$ities to de$elop a solution or complete a pro6ect
#0.E &.b BB E%hibit a positi$e attitude toward usin+ technolo+y that supports collaboration, learnin+, and
#0.E 8.a BB ;nderstand and use technolo+y systems
Materials: .igital an non*igital/
1. 1 iPad per student
2. Wifi 'onnection
. )otability App
". i!o$ie App
&. *ara+e ,and App
8. ,lo++er
<. *oo+le Plus 'ommunity
=. Edmodo
>. -oice.hread App
1?. Educreations App
11. *oo+le /ri$e
1. -isual,
-erbal, Co+ical
2. -isual, -erbal,
. -isual,
Co+ical, -erbal
". ,odily
&. !usical
8. #ntrapersonal,
Co+ical, -isual
<. #nterpersonal,
-isual, Co+ical
=. #nterpersonal,
>. -erbal, !usical
1?. ,odily
-isual, -erbal
11. #nterpersonal,
12. *oo+le /ocs
1. Popplet App
1". 01itch App
1&. iPad 0tylus
18. i,oo1 2!atri% 'rypto+raphy3
1<. 4ou.ube
1=. 5han Academy
1>. Pre'alculus with CimitDs te%tboo19Carson)
2?. Pro6ector
21. 0pea1ers
22. !icrophones
2. 7eadphones
2". Air 0er$er
2&. Practice Wor1sheets
12. #nterpersonal,
1. -isual, Co+ical,
1". -isual, ,odily
1&. Co+ical, -isual,
18. -isual, ,odily
1<. !usical, -isual
1=. !usical, Co+ical
1>. Co+ical,
2?. #nterpersonal,
-isual, ,odily
21. !usical, -erbal
22. -erbal, !usical
2. !usical,
2". #nterpersonal
2&. )aturalist,
,ee- #:
Da' #: .he teacher will show a short $ideo clip introducin+ the unit on
!atrices and helpin+ students recall prior 1nowled+e from Al+ebra 2 on
matrices. After a short lecture on the fundamentals of matrices students will
create a $erbal $ocabulary cards usin+ -oice.hread to identify each of the 1ey
definitions that will come up throu+hout the unit. .his will also mar1 the
be+innin+ of the studentDs blo+ posts. .hrou+hout the unit for homewor1
students will be re(uired to create and 1eep a blo+, throu+h ,lo++er, on the
material they ha$e co$ered. When they ha$e completed their -oice.hread
$ocabulary cards this will ser$e as the first post on their blo+. 0tudents will be
a +roup of & students and are re(uired to comment on each member of their
+roupDs blo+ posts a minimum of once a wee1.
Da' 2: 0tudents will listen to the teacher on a lecture on how to sol$e systems
of linear e(uations usin+ matrices and EREDs, the lecture will include a one
minute $ideo clip summari@in+ the material. ;sin+ )otability students will
ta1e notes and add pictures and recorded audio clips to their notes. .hey will
then post this on their blo+ alon+ with a one para+raph written summary of
sol$in+ linear systems.
,ee- #:
Da' #: -isual, -erbal,
Co+ical, #nterpersonal,
#ntrapersonal, !usical
Da' 2: -isual, Co+ical,
Da' ): 0tudents will be placed into +roups of . ;sin+ notability and *oo+le
/ocs students will wor1 collaborati$ely on a set of practice problems sol$in+
linear systems usin+ matrices. .he completed *oo+le /oc will then be posted
on their blo+
Da' +: As a class the teacher and students will +o throu+h the practice
problems on the day before and students will ha$e the opportunity to as1 any
(uestions. .he teacher will be able to (uic1ly assess the students understandin+
and pro$ide additional help to fill in +aps in understandin+. 0tudents will watch
short $ideo clip on #n$erses and matri% operations. .he teacher will e%plain
that not all matrices are in$ertible and will introduce the class to the concept of
findin+ an in$erse. 0tudent will write 2 para+raphs on what they learned
concernin+ in$ertible matrices and post it on their ,lo+.
Da' 5: 0tudents will create a Popplet showin+ the structure of sol$in+ a
matri%, findin+ its in$erse, and matri%. .hey will add in a problem for each
branch of the Popplet by ta1in+ a picture .his will pro$ide them with a $isual
representation of how the information co$ered throu+hout the wee1 is
,ee- 2:
Da' #: .he teacher will introduce the concept of determinants to students and
+i$e a lecture on how to find the determinant of a s(uare matri%. For the lecture
the teacher will use Educreations to model for the students a pro6ect that will
be completin+ later in the wee1. 0tudents will write a summary of the lecture
material and post it to their blo+s alon+ with a lin1 to the Educreations -ideo
made by the teacher durin+ class.
Da' 2: 0tudents will download the i,oo1 entitled 2A+ents Assemble3.
.hrou+hout the ne%t two days students will wal1 throu+h the boo1 completin+
the different assi+nments as they pro+ress throu+h the boo1. 90imilar to a
WebFuest) 0tudents will utili@e *oo+le /ri$e, )otability, and the C!0
Edmodo as they become secret a+ents in an attempt to sa$e the chocolate from
utter destruction by usin+ !atri% 'rypto+raphy to brea1 secret codes and
create codes of their own. 9# ha$e attached a P/F $ersion of the i,oo1 at the
conclusion of this unit plan)
Da' ): 0tudents will continue to wor1 on their 'rypto+raphy Fuest. .hey will
assemble and submit their 'rypto+raphy 0ecret A+ent report and then post a
lin1 to their completed pro6ect on their blo+.
Da' +: .he teacher will show a short $ideo clip showin+ other applications of
matrices outside of crypto+raphy that was co$ered the pre$ious two days.
0tudents will learn how to find the area of trian+les usin+ matrices and
determinants. 0tudents will wor1 in partners to create a 01itch drawin+
showin+ the use of a matri% to find the area of trian+le and post the 01itch
Poster Problem on their blo+ with a summary of matri% applications.
Da' ): #nterpersonal,
-isual, -erbal, Co+ical,

Da' +: -erbal, Co+ical,
Da' 5: ,odily
5inesthetic, Co+ical,
)aturalist, #ntrapersonal,
,ee- 2:
Da' #: -isual, Co+ical,
Da' 2: -isual, -erbal,
!usical, ,odily
5inesthetic, Co+ical,
Da' ): -isual, -erbal,
!usical, ,odily
5inesthetic, Co+ical,
Da' +: -isual,
#nterpersonal, )aturalist,
,odily 5inesthetic
Da' 5: 0tudents will be di$ided into +roups of and will be +i$en different
problems on topics from the unit. As a +roup they will wor1 to sol$e the
problem and then create a & minute Educreations $ideo sol$in+ and e%plainin+
how to sol$e the problems they recei$ed. .hey will post the finished lin1 to
Edmodo for their classmates to re$iew and also post the lin1 to their blo+s.
,ee- ):
Da' #: 0tudents will re$iew e$erythin+ they ha$e learned in the past two
wee1s concernin+ matrices by findin+ 5han Academy and 4ou.ube $ideos that
demonstrate each of the different concepts. 0tudents will find & different $ideos
with at least one from each site on findin+ the in$erse of a s(uare matri%,
findin+ the determinant of a matri%, sol$in+ a linear system with matrices and
an application of usin+ a matri% in a real world situation. 0tudents will then
post the lin1s to the $ideos they found on their blo+ alon+ with a sentence
summary of each $ideo
Da' 2: 0tudents will list out all of the 1ey $ocabulary associated with matrices
9determinant, s(uare, in$erse etc) and narrate their definitions usin+ -oice
.hread. 0tudents will be in +roups of " and will write a collaborati$e summary
of sol$in+ systems of linear e(uations usin+ matrices alon+ with each 1ey topic
discussed throu+hout the matri% unit usin+ *oo+le /ocs. Each +roup will then
post their summaries to the classDs *oo+le Plus 'ommunity and will comment
on a minimum of 2 other +roups posts. Each student in the +roup will be
assi+ned a role of /irector, !usic Producer, 0cript Writer, and Actor for their
radio broadcast which is due on day ".
Da' ): Wor1in+ in their +roups students will be+in plannin+ and structurin+
their Radio ,roadcast show. ;sin+ the Popplet app students will outline and
map out their +oals for the show alon+ with identifyin+ the connections
between matrices and in$erses. .he !usic Producer will be in char+e of
creatin+ the music and composin+ the matri% son+ for the show usin+ *ara+e
,and. .he 0cript Writer and /irector will wor1 to+ether to write out the script
for the show and ensure that each area of content is co$ered and discussed. .he
student in the actor role will assist and the 0cript Writer will write out a lineB
byBline script usin+ *oo+le /ocs. /urin+ the preparation process the actor will
use )otability to sol$e and show detailed e%planations of each problem that
will be discussed throu+hout the show and then share this with their +roup for
Da' +: Each +roup will re$iew their scrip, problems and music and be+in
filmin+ their radio broadcast usin+ i!o$ie. 0tudents will wor1 to+ether to edit
their radio broadcast to include all the main ideas and findin+s on matrices.
Da' 5: 0tudents will continue to film and edit their radio broadcasts.
0tudents will submit their finished product to the class 4ou.ube site alon+ with
completin+ the Pro6ect Form in *oo+le Forms that includes lin1s to their script
and problems used durin+ the show.
Da' 5: ,odily
#nterpersonal, -erbal,
,ee- ):
Da' #: #nterpersonal,
-isual, -erbal, !usical
Da' 2: -erbal,
#nterpersonal, -isual,
Co+ical, )aturalist
Da' ): -isual, Co+ical,
#ntrapersonal, )aturalist,
,odily 5inesthetic,
!usical, #nterpersonal,
Da' +: ,odily
5inesthetic, -erbal,
-isual, Co+ical,
#nterpersonal, )aturalist
Da' 5: ,odily
5inesthetic, -erbal,
-isual, Co+ical,
#nterpersonal, )aturalist
1. ,lo+
2. Popplet
. Educreations -ideo
". 'rypto+raphy Fuest Report
&. !atri% Radio Production
1. #ntrapersonal,
Co+ical, -isual
2. )aturalist, Co+ical,
. ,odily 5inesthetic,
". -isual, Co+ical,
)aturalist, ,odily
&. -isual, Co+ical,
)aturalist, ,odily
&ssessment .7uantitati"e ru$ric/:
9logging :u$ric

Criteria :ating

#dea and
.he student does not
stray away from the
main points of the
lesson. #t possesses an
introduction, body,
and conclusion with
an e%ample and
problem for each topic
Enly two points
are connected to
the main idea. An
body, and
conclusion are
included, but only
2 e%amples are
Enly one main
point is
connected to
the main idea.
body, and
conclusion can
not be
identified and
one e%ample
is pro$ided.
.he topic is not
identified. .he
body, and
conclusion are
not able to be
from each other
and the main
idea has no
Post Fre(uency All e$ents are
recorded in a re+ular
and timely manner.
posts per wee1 on the
material co$ered in
class. 'omments are
replied to in a timely
manner, comments
each wee1. Replies
show a depth of
understandin+ and
relates to the
!ost e$ents are
recorded as they
happen. !ost
comments are
replied to in a
timely manner,
two comments
per wee1. .he
reply shows
Posts ha$e
with most 1ey
only once
each wee1.
Posts are
!aterial is not
recorded as
they occur. )o

'on$entions !athematical
lan+ua+e is s1illfully
used to build a stron+
case in the studentDs
writin+. .he post
includes " or more
mathematical terms.
lan+ua+e is used
throu+h most of
the blo+ and wor1
well with the
ar+uments. .he
student uses at
terms. .he paper
has a clear
purpose and
meets specified
lan+ua+e is
attempted but
not used
properly. .he
student has
into the entire
.he student
uses 2
;se of
lan+ua+e is
i+nored or
0tudent uses ?B
1 mathematical

;se of
.he student +reatly
enhanced their weblo+
space usin+ $ideo,
.he student
enhanced their
weblo+ to some
.here is $ery
little e$idence
of multimedia
.he student did
nothin+ to
enhance or
personali@e the