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NALSAR 2007Answer Key

Q1. D The opening sentence of the paragraph is given. t intro!"ces the s"#$ect of %the
night%. Sentence &fo''ows #eca"se it esta#'ishes the co(parison #etween %the night% that is
spent %"n!er a roof% an! %thenight% that is in %the open wor'!%. This is fo''owe! #y sentence
S #eca"se the prono"n %it% refers to %thenight%. Then) sentence Q fo''ows the se*"ence
#eca"se it contains the other significant e'e(ents of the night + %!ew an! perf"(es%.
Sentences Q an! R for( a (an!atory pair. This is #eca"se whi'esent ence Q
e,p' ai ns % t he ho"rs% or t he peri o! of t he ni ght ) i t i s sent ence R t hat t a-es
t hi s i !eaforwar!. The 'in- #etween the two sentences can a'so #e i!entifie! #y the
p'"ra' for( %are% "se! insentence R. The p'"ra' ver# for( can #e "se! with the p'"ra'
%ho"rs% in sentence Q. t (ay see( 'i-eit can #e "se! with the p'"ra' %stars% in sentence S
#"t that co(#ination is not in sync with the i!eapresente! in the sentences where the
a"thor is (entioning the changes that occ"r !"ring night ti(ean! not the changes in the
stars. The paragraph en!s with the given c'osing sentence that a'so catersto the sa(e i!ea
of changes that occ"r %in the face of nat"re%. So) &SQR for(s a correct or!er of
Q2. . The opening sentence of the paragraph is given. t intro!"ces the s"#$ect of
%corr"ption%. Sentence /fo''ows #eca"se %it% "se! in this sentence refers to %corr"ption%
(entione! in sentence1. Sentence 0fo''ows the se*"ence as it e,p'ains why is 'aw
not an effective too' in !ea'ing with corr"ption.Sentences & an! N for( a
(an!atory pair. Sentence & provi!es a so'"tion to the pro#'e( an!s"ggests that
%conventions wi'' have to #e #"i't "p%. The prono"n %those% !irect'y re'ates to
the%conventions% an! hence for(s a (an!atory pair. Sentence N (entions the
i!ea of respecting theconventions. The given c'osing sentence confor(s to the sa(e
i!ea an! e,p'ains how it is possi#'et o respect t hese convent i ons. 1ence) t he
se*"ence /0&N i s t he correct or!er of t he gi vensentences.
Q12. 3 Accor!ing to the given state(ent #oth the arg"(ents are forcef"'. Arg"(ent 0
provi!es a positiveaspect that ena#'es "s to en$oy a happy 'ife. Arg"(ent N
provi!es a negative aspect #eca"se of which 'ife #eco(es !evoi! of happiness. So)
#oth the arg"(ents are e*"a''y forcef"'.
Q17. .
Accor!ing to the given state(ent on'y arg"(ent 4 is forcef"'. Arg"(ent 5
s"ggests that stri-esca"se inconvenience to the peop'e. 1owever) the stri-e (ay #e for
a va'i! ca"se. So) #anning stri-esi n a' ' servi ces on' y on t he #asi s of t he
i nconveni ence ca"se! t o t he peop' e i s not a forcef"' arg"(ent. Arg"(ent 4
e,p'ains that stri-es is the on'y way) the on'y (eans #y which grievancescan #e
re!resse!. So) arg"(ent 4 is forcef"'.
Q16. A3'ear'y) on'y conc'"sion 7a8 fo''ows. 3onc'"sion 7a8 is restricte! to (an9s
o#e!ience to nat"ra's'avery whereas conc'"sion 7#8 inc'"!es the e'e(ent of
:"nworthiness9 an! :h"(an nat"re9. Thegiven paragraph refers to (an an! the two
for(s of s'avery. A'so) conc'"sion 7#8 (oves onto a!!that this :s'avery contin"es in for(
or another9) which (ay #e tr"e #"t this cannot #e !rawn on the#asis of the infor(ation
given in the paragraph. So) on'y conc'"sion 7a8 fo''ows.
Q1;. A The given state(ent refers to :"n!erstan!ing chi'!ren9s persona'ity #y way of
st"!ying their ho(eenviron(ent9. 3onc'"sion 7a8 'ays e(phasis on the ro'e of teachers
an! parents in the #etter(ent of the chi'!. This is #eca"se parents are in contro' of
the ho(e environ(ent. This confor(s to thegiven state(ent. 3onc'"sion 7#8
contains the e'e(ent of :the schoo'9 an! the fact that :they areignoring the
i(portance of ho(e at(osphere9. This conc'"sion is a 'itt'e far fetche! #eca"se on
onehan! the ro'e of schoo's has not #een referre! to an! on the other han!
whether the schoo's arerea''y ignoring the sa(e or not is a !ifferent *"estion a''
together. 1ence) on'y conc'"sion 7a8fo''ows.
Q20. A The given paragraph presents a pro#'e( re'ate! to the #ehavio"r s"#$ecte! to
Sche!"'e! 3astes an!Sche!"' e! Tri #es. 3onc' "si on 7a8 !i r ect ' y fo' ' ows
#eca"se i t present s a !i r ect so' "t i on t o t hepro#'e(. 3onc'"sion 7#8 refers to
:"ncivi'i<e! peop'e9 in genera'. This is not in confor(ity with thegiven state(ent. So)
on'y conc'"sion 7a8 fo''ows.
=K Section
2> c
2? #
2@ a
22 c
27 c
26 #
2; a
.oth the Assertion an! the Reason are tr"e. A'so) the given Reason is the correct
e,p'anation. Thisis #eca"se 1oysa'a sc"'pt"res are carve! in the soft (ateria') which is
why e,cessive !etai' can #ecarve! into the sc"'pt"re a'ong with the orna(entation. So)
#oth are in sync with each other.
>0 a
> 1 ! 7 ( o s t ' i - e ' y 8
>2 c
>> !
>? c
>@ !

>2 a
>7 a
>6 #
>; #
?0 !
?1 !
?2 a
?> a
?? c
?@ #
?2 #
?7 a
?6 a
.oth the Assertion an! the Reason are tr"e. A'so) the given Reason is the correct
e,p'anation. TheReason confir(s the narrow str"ct"re of the 'ower reaches of the river
an! the Assertion e,p'ainsthe conse*"ence of the sa(e. So) it is #eca"se of the
narrow str"ct"re of the 'ower reaches of theriver that there are f'oo!s in the sa(e
region. 1ence) option A is the correct answer.
?; a
@0 c
@1 !
@2 #
@> #
@? a
@@ c
@2 a
@ 7 a 7 ( o s t ' i - e ' y 8
@6 !
@; a
20 #
21 c
22 !
2> c
2? !
2 @ ! 7 ( o s t ' i - e ' y 8
22 c
27 c
26 #
2 ; a 7 ( o s t ' i - e ' y 8
70 !
71 a
72 #
7> c
7? c
7@ #
72 #
77 c
76 a
7; c

60 #
61 #
62 c
6> #
6? #
6@ c
62 #
67 !
66 #
6; #
;0 c
Q10@. . A(ia#'e (eans %frien!'y%. /"t of the given options) three options are c'ose %goo!
nat"re!%) %he'pf"'%an! %-in! hearte!%. The c'osest to the (eaning of %frien!'y% is %goo!
nat"re!%. This is #eca"se #eingfrien!'y is a positive attri#"te that !efines the
overa'' character of a person. .eing %he'pf"'% an!%-in!hearte!% on'y !efines one
partic"'ar aspect of a person%s character. So) option . is correct.
Q102. . The . part of the sentence contains the error. The sentence sho"'! rea! % a s(a''
an! !yna(ic% Thesea!$ectives nee! a con$"nction.
Q107. . An incorrect preposition has #een "se! in the sentence. t sho"'! #e %fa#ricate!
o"t of the(% an! not%fro( the(%.
106. D This sentence contains no error.
10;. A The sentence contains a (o!ifier error. The sentence !oes not e,p'ain :when9 !i!
the #rother finishhis wor-. Therefore) the correct sentence sho"'! rea! as :.efore
we reache! his p'ace with great!iffic"'ty #eca"se of heavy traffic) (y #other ha!
finishe! his wor-.9
110. 3 The "sage of the preposition % e,cept of% is incorrect. The sentence sho"'!
rea! %e,cept the poorari!%.
Q111. A The phrasa' ver# :ta-e off9 refers to a s"!!en increase or growth. /ption A an! .
are very c'ose. Aprofession refers to the vocation or e(p'oy(ent of a person specia''y
that re*"ires a s-i'') whereas career (entions a person9s genera' progress or co"rse
of action in 'ife. So) :career9 is appropriatehere.
Q112. D An!angers (eans to e,pose to har( or !anger.
Q11>. A 1ar#inger (eans that which signa's the approach of so(ething. n this case)
%!eath an! !oo(%.
Q11?. . Ac*"itte! (eans %to #e free fro( a charge%. This fits appropriate'y in the #'an-.
Q11@. 3 To co(pro(ise (eans to sett'e the !ifferences #etween two parties in or!er to
reach an agree(ent.
Q112. . The given set of wor!s revea' !ifferent for(s of energy. So) ther(a' is % heat
energy% ) %hy!e'% refersto % energy of (oving water%. B"st 'i-e %coa'% is the (ain raw (ateria'
for pro!"cing %ther(a'% energy)%water% is the raw (ateria' for hy!e' energy.
Q117. D The given wor!s are antony(s. %Desiccate% (eans %!ry% an! %(oist"re% is its
antony(. So) theopposite for %!ar-en% is %'ight%.
Q116. . %Cissiparo"s% refers to repro!"ction thro"gh fission or %!ivision%. Si(i'ar'y)
oviparo"s refers torepro!"ction of eggs.
Q11;. . The given pair is a set of antony(s. %3hagrin% refers to !isp'eas"re whereas
%co(p'acency% refers top'eas"re.
Q120. A Syrac"se is a p'ace 'ocate! near Rochester. Accor!ing to the given wor!s)
Syrac"se was an ancientcity $"st 'i-e 3arthage that was !estroye! #y Ro(e.
Q121. A %A"!acity% (eans to #e %#o'!%. %3owar!ice% is the appropriate antony(.

Q122. . %&arsi(onio"s% refers to %penny pinching% or so(eone who is stingy. %Lavish% is
the appropriateantony(.
Q12>. DA %'aconic% person "ses very few wor!s so %pro'i,% which (eans wor!y is the
appropriate antony(.
Q12?. .%Ar"!ite% refers to a person who is very -now'e!gea#'e. gnorant is the
appropriate antony(.
Q12@. 3%Dena'% refers to so(eone who can #e corr"pte!. So) %princip'e!% is the correct
Q122. .%3o(pen!i"(% refers to so(ething) which is %short%. So) %nf'ate!% is the correct
Q127. .Recri(ination (eans a %co"nter charge%.
Q126. A!iosyncrasy refers to an in!ivi!"a'%s specific attri#"te or eccentricity.
Q12;. 3Cait Acco(p'i (eans an acco(p'ishe! fact
Q1>0. 3De(agog"e (eans a ra##'e ro"ser.
Q1>1. AThe a"thor e,p'ains the !iscoveries in science that 'e! to an increase in the
"n!erstan!ing of the#io'ogica' activity of ce''s. n every paragraph the a"thor provi!es
(ore evi!ence an! shows howeach !iscovery 'e! to the so'ving of (ysteries re'ate! to
the f"nctioning of DNA an! protein.
Q1>2. 3The answer is c'ear'y (entione! in the 'ast 'ines of the passage. :This
(echanis(EE.how h"(anse,pose! to catt'e prion proteinsEE prion for(.
Q1>>. D The a"thor first e,p'ains the ear'ier scientific #e'ief re'ate! to DNA an! protein.
1e provi!esevi!ence that cha''enges this #e'ief an! then (oves onto e,p'ain the
f"nctioning of the prion. Thisse*"ence of the a"thor9s i!ea has #een !escri#e! #est in
option D. /ption A is incorrect #eca"se thea"thor is not stating a so ca''e! %co((on
#e'ief%. /ption . (entions the #enefits of st"!y whereasthe a"thor on'y tries to e,p'ain
the ca"se of the !iseases #y "sing reason. /ption 3 is restricte! tothe !iseases (entione!
in the passage. This provi!es a narrow approach to the given passage. /n'yoption D !oes
$"stice to the str"ct"re of the passage.
Q1>?. ARefer to the 'ast 'ines of the secon! paragraph that c'ear'y (entions the
contra!iction of :specia'proteins acting a'one) witho"t genetic !irection.9
Q1>@. DThe secon! an! the thir! paragraph of the passage provi!e a(p'e evi!ence to
$"stify this option.The a"thor c'ear'y (entions the !i'e((a s"rro"n!ing the !iseases
ca"se! #y prion proteins. n thethir! paragraph the #io'ogica' activity of the prion protein
is (entione! that e,p'ains the "n"s"a'#ehavio"r of these proteins. 1ence) the a"thor is
(ost 'i-e'y to agree with option D.
Q1>2. DB"st 'i-e a prion protein is not a foreign protein) a cri(ina' is not an o"tsi!er. 1e
e,ists an! operateswithin the society. The prion protein rep'icate the(se'ves #y
cata'ysing the conversion of nor(a'copies of the protein in to the prion confor(ationF
si(i'ar'y a cri(ina' convinces (any otherin!ivi!"a's who have previo"s'y o#eye! the
'aw. So) option D is (ost ana'ogo"s to the propose!(echanis( of a prion.
Q1>7. DThe sentence refers to two activities in the past tense. /ne activity happene!
#efore the other one inthe past. The s"#$ect first ha! a hairc"t an! then he too- a #ath. So)
option D is the correct answer.
Q1>6. DThere is no error in this sentence.
Q1>;. 3There is a (o!ifier error in this sentence. The s"#$ect sho"'! #e intro!"ce! in the
sentence #eca"seit wasn9t the #o, that entere! the shop.
Q1?0. DThere is no error in this phrase :#'ow over9 (eans to pass with 'itt'e 'asting
effect. This confor(s sentence.
Q1?1. AThe to the str"ct"re an!

the (eaning of the given sentence.
Q1?2. DNone of the given options fit in the #'an-.
Q1?>. AThe i!io( :to p'ay "p to9 (eans to i(press others in or!er to gain their favo"r.
This fits in with thegiven sentence. :.osses9 is appropriate in the secon! #'an-.
Q1??. .. fits #est in the given sentence. The hint is given #y :fi'a(ent9 that is present in
option ..
Q1?@. D/ption . an! D are c'ose. 1owever) a 'aw cannot :#eco(e enacte!9. 1ere) the
"sage of the ver# isincorrect. :.eca(e operative9 fits in the given #'an-. The hint is
provi!e! #y the options present forthe secon! #'an-. A :cri(e9 or an :offence9 is recor!e!
"n!er the 'aw. ."t the first wor! in option A!oes not fit in the #'an-. So) #oth the wor!s
given in option D fit in we''.
1?2. DThe #eginning sentence of the paragraph c'ear'y intro!"ces the fig"re of T"nis
Q1?7. .Refer to the thir! 'ine of the secon! paragraph. t e,p'ains that the
resi!ents were a#'e to :set "ptheir own constit"tion) e!"cation syste(EEE.on the
is'an!.9 This c'ear'y e,p'ains the free!o(an! in!epen!ence that was en$oye! #y the free!
Q1?6. ./ption . c'ear'y s"((ari<es the f"nction of the secon! paragraph. 3a(p#e''9s
fai'"re in the secon!paragraph wasn9t his :event"a' fai'"re9 #eca"se (any (ore efforts
fo''owe! this event. 1ence) . isthe correct answer.
Q1?;. 3The passage i s a#o"t 3a(p#e' ' an! hi s t ri "(phs an! fai ' "r es. The
(onet ary va' "e has #een(entione! with reference to the fig"re that 3a(p#e'' ha!
#eco(e at that point in ti(e. The secon!paragraph (entions that he #eca(e one of the
three African A(ericans to #e e'ecte! to the =eorgiaState Senate. There prevai's a
co(parison #etween the (eagre s"( of (oney pai! #y the p'antationowner in
co(parison to the persona of 3a(p#e''.
Q1@0. DThere is no evi!ence present in the passage that $"stifies options A) . or 3. t is
on'y option D thatis the s"ita#'e answer. Refer to the 'ast two 'ines of the secon!
paragraph where the a"thor e,p'ainst hat a sharecroppi ng syst e( was i nst i t "t e!
an! a si (i ' ar) i f not preci se) for( of s' avery was contin"e!. Th"s) on'y option
D is appropriate.
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