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By: Cole Weber, Rosalie Urban, Gabriella Bitton,

Tony Molloy
What are Contraceptives?
Contraceptives are a drug that serves the purpose of
preventing pregnancy
Contraception helps women plan if and when they want
to have a baby.
The condom is the only current contraceptive device
that helps protect sexual partners from STIs (sexually
transmitted infections).
Contraceptives Affect.
Sexually Active People
Not Sexually Active People
Women on birth control

Types Of Contraceptive
Barrier Method
Male Condom
Female Condom
cervical shield
Contraceptive sponge

Hormonal Method
Contraceptive pill
Viginal ring
The rod
Permanent Method
Tubal Ligation
Birth Control Visuals
Importance of Contraceptives
Preventing unplanned pregnancies has been an issue for
women and their families for hundreds of years.
Allow all genders to have sexual freedom.
Allows people to plan their lives without unexpected
Increased usage of contraceptives has contributed to our
understanding of the role of sexual intercourse along with
the notion of responsible parenthood.
Religious Viewpoints
o Believe that it is acceptable to have birth control, but since
they teach that sex outside of marriage is wrong, its better not
to have sex and not use contraceptives
Religious Viewpoints
o Commandment to marry and have children, and its forbidden to
waste a seed
Modern Day Orthodox Jews
o pregnancy or childbirth might harm the mother
o to limit the number of children in a family for the benefit of the family
o a married couple should not use contraception for the selfish reason of
avoiding having children altogether.

Religious Viewpoints
o Catholic Church only allows 'natural' birth control, by
which it means only having sex during the infertile period
of a woman's monthly cycle, so they basically are against
Viewpoints on Contraceptives
Doctors have a concern for the welfare of their patient
Some practitioners are against contraceptives, but this
isnt something they can tell there patient
o Personal issues with contraceptives are not ethical
to discuss with patients
o Therefore, doctors will allow and go along with what
the patient wants.
Interesting Facts
Around 62% of all women of reproductive
age use contraceptives
Birth Control pills are the most popular
In ancient Egypt they had birth control
Our Viewpoint
Our viewpoints on contraceptives vary, but we all agree
that the contraceptives should be used for the right
reasons. We believe that they are a good idea to control
population growth, prevent unplanned pregnancy, and
help stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

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