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C. A. R.

Covidien Awards and Recognition for Employees

5S Implementation

WHO : All Employees
WHAT : 5S Implementation
WHERE : Covidien Production Area


To include the 5S as one of the criteria evaluated
every end of the month and it will be included in the
employees behavior and discipline. This is to
maintain the monitoring and implementation of the
activity. 5S engages people through the use of
'Standards' and Discipline'.

The 5 Steps are as follows:
A. Sort: Sort out & separate that which is needed & not needed in the
B. Straighten: Arrange items that are needed so that they are ready &
easy to use. Clearly identify locations for all items so that anyone can
find them & return them once the task is completed.
C. Shine: Clean the workplace & equipment on a regular basis in order to
maintain standards & identify defects.
D. Standardize: Revisit the first three of the 5S on a frequent basis.
E. Sustain: Keep to the rules to maintain the standard & continue to
improve every day.
The Team Leader will be responsible for the monitoring and implementation of
5S and it will be included in the monthly individual evaluation under his/her
Sample Evaluation Criteria

5S will be included on Personal Skills & Character

Personal Skills (10%) Additional tasks or new task/process learned and being
performed during the evaluation period.

Character (5%) This is the behavior & discipline of an employee and 5S will
be included on this field.

Productivity - 35%
Quality - 35%
Attendance - 15%
Personal Skills & Character - 15%
Total 100%

Example figure: