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Tessil Joy L.

Loren December 10, 2012

Movie Title: Soul Surfer Humanities 1b / 1:302:30 p.m.
The movie that we saw was really inspiring. As a matter of fact, it taught me lots
of lessons in life that I would enumerate in this short essay.
In connection with everything give thanks. 1 Thessalonians 5:18. Being
thankful of what we have is the first realization I got from the movie. Having the things
we have dreaming of is a blessing and the things that we do not have, inspires or
motivates us to do the things we thought we cannot do or achieve.
Another is that, having a positive attitude or perspective towards unpleasant
situations. We cannot expect everything goes as what we have planned. Our failures
can be our strength and if we are able to survive it, it would be the best story that we
could share with others. It is not healthy to focus too much on our weaknesses because
it could eat up our time trying to shore up those weaknesses, instead of maximizing the
strengths we still have.
Moreover, as for the characters in the movie I have realized what the old clich
says No man is an island is true. Her family has helped her a lot in her recovery. They
never failed to support her, as well as her friends. This also goes to her spiritual family.
There are things we need in life that can only be met by getting closer to God through
our spiritual family.
Lastly, we have to offer our very best. As the bible verse said, Whatever your
hands find to do, do it with all your might. In other words, in everything we do we should
do it with excellence. Anything we do can be made important if we make it something
more. Just like in the movie, Bethany Hamilton did her best even if most of us may find
it impossible for her to do so. Her story is indeed a very good example for each and
every one of us. We are all accountable to God, for every gift, talent, resources and
opportunity that we have in life. If we give less than our best, then we are shirking our
responsibility that is to offer Him our best.