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Social Media in the Classroom Professional Development Plan

Kimberly Lirette and Valerie Green-Scott

Nicholls State University
EDTL 594

Social Media in the Classroom Professional Development Plan
In order for Ellender Memorial High School (EMHS) teachers to become more
comfortable with using social media in the classroom, professional development must be
implemented. During EMHS professional learning community (PLC) meetings, a
brainstorming session will be developed incorporating various ideas on how social media could
be used in the classroom. Teachers will be given the opportunity to voice their concerns
regarding how they will implement this into their classroom instruction and how to deal with the
infrastructure that comes with social media use. Within this session, all teachers will participate
in discussing the pros and cons of using social media as an additional resource to classroom
instruction and assessment. From here, teachers will then be grouped according to course
content similarities where they will brainstorm different ways to integrate social media into their
classrooms. After groups have been given enough time to collaborate within their groups,
teachers will share out their ideas amongst one another as a whole.
Once ideas are set into place, a mock Facebook page will be set up, demonstrating to
teachers how to set up a social media site in their classrooms. From here, teachers will be asked
to join a previously made Facebook group page which will be used as a professional
development tool. This page will provide teachers with instructional videos and resources as
well as provide a medium for collaboration with other teachers within the group. Within this
group, teachers can post discussions board questions, list ideas, discuss benefits and
disadvantages seen thus far and create lessons with other teachers. Teachers will also be able to
voice concerns about any issues they are experiencing with students while using these social
media tools; other teachers will be able to provide insight about how they have dealt with similar
problems or give suggestions on how they can address the issue.
Social media is a great tool to use in the classroom. This type of learning could be used
as a motivational tool to get more students involved in their education. By participating in
discussion about the use of social media in the classroom, creating mock lessons and actively
engaging professional development opportunities, teachers should be able to use this tool
successfully in their classrooms.