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Theoretical Base for Practice Introduction

My undergraduate work in the classroom setting helped me obtain the

nursing program outcome of theoretical base for practice. In the classroom I
learned about nursing theorists as well as solid scientific facts that helped me
develop a base for my clinical learning. We were taught the importance of best
evidence based practice and learned how to critique articles to determine their
credibility and translate these practices to real life situations. Among many others,
two specific assignments helped me achieve the theoretical base for practice goal.
The first document in this category is a paper about proper sites for
intramuscular injections. This paper was completed during my first semester of
nursing school when I was learning how to find credible sources and synthesize the
information found into an organized paper. I chose the topic because I was shocked
to find out that some popular sites for intramuscular injections were no longer
recommended. Since I completed this paper, I now know where to properly place
these injections and have even instructed my peers to improve their clinical skills
and perform best evidence based practice.
The second document is my senior issue analysis paper I had to complete in
my last semester of nursing school. To go along with our capstone presentation, we
had to synthesize the information into a scholarly paper. The topic I chose was self
care for nurses, and I fully believe that my nursing practice will be improved
because of the research I did. I learned that nurses who care for themselves provide
a better quality of patient care. I also learned how to promote self care in myself
and others in the process.