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Group Project

The diseases related to obesity and nutrition have been considered the most prevalent
disease in the modern society; therefore, the eating habits may be the most important
way to prevent this clinical situation. This research assumes that a number of students
eat at their desks or buy food such as cookies, chocolate from vending machines, or
even skip their lunch, which shows that students have unhealthy food during
lunchtime. However, there is little information regarding the eating habits of the EFL
students in the University of Glasgow during the lunchtime. Based on this hypothesis,
the purpose of this study is aimed at the eating habits of EFL students, whether the
food provided by the university could be satisfied, the price in relation to food and
suggestions and recommendations to canteens that what kinds of food they can
prepare for students. The general situation of students eating habits will be discussed
in the first section. In the second part, a questionnaire will be used to collect data in
this project. The result will be analyzed in the discussion section. Finally, a summary
will be included in this final section.
Our survey was conducted by means of a questionnaire distributed to 30 foreign EFL
students for their eating habits at lunchtime at the University of Glasgow. The
questionnaire has been chosen to collect a large amount of information effectively,
and consisted of two categorical questions, five multiple choices questions, two
open-formed questions and one sequencing question. It includes the attitudes from
students towards their favorite food, the place they usually go, the price in relation to
food and eliciting their suggestions and recommendations. The interview were
conducted over one week in the last week of June and lasted for approximately 10
minutes each. Compared questionnaires were collected and statistical methods were
used to analyze the results.