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Argumentative Essay

Teacher : Iris Roa

Students : Valentina Iluf

Francisca Gonzlez Morales
Subject: Communicative Competence

Concepcin, september 10th, 2014

Consequences of discrimination toward immigrants

As the Oxford English Dictionary suggests, multiculturalism is the characteristics of a
multicultural society and the policy or process whereby the distinctive identities of the cultural
groups within such a society are maintained or supported". Furthermore, according to us,
multiculturalism is related to the acceptation and respect of the diverse cultures that co-exist to
each other. Around the world, we could find different multicultural cities, for example New York,
which has been one of the most popular by including cultures such as the Afro-Americans, the
Japanese, the Latin American or the Chinese and so on. However, discrimination towards
immigrants can influence their lives not only in terms of their rights, but also in their possibilities
of getting a job.
To begin with, there some situations in which foreigners feel like their rights are being violated.
When immigrants enter in an illegal way to a city, they have to deal with unhuman conditions
related to their ways of living, meaning, most of the placed in which they live are grubby and the
structure can be very old and dangerous Furthermore, they cannot celebrate any of their
traditions such us: birthdays, Christmas since the only purpose for them is to work, sometimes
this situation can be repeated even though they were introduced legally to the city. Furthermore,
there are some situations in which a foreigners are not allowed to enter some building or
minimarket, for the simples reasons that the sealers dont want to sell their products to people
that there are not originally from the community.

On the other hand, the possibilities to get a job for a foreigner are very limited because of the
variety of factors that are involved on that. On the other hand, the possibilities to get a job for a
foreigner are very limited because of the variety of factors that are involved on that. One of the
most common problems for immigrants is to get used to the new language in which they are
immerse and this issue have a big influence if they would like to apply for a job. Besides, another
matter that we could mention is about the variety of mechanics that work has in different places,
such as the working hours and the distribution of people inside the work. Furthermore, in some
cases discrimination play a negative role at the moment of hiring someone, since the employer
would prefer to hire someone who is from the society itself instead of hiring a foreigner, even
though, there are situations in which the immigrant is more capacitate than a native person.

To sum up, discrimination can affect the living condition of an immigrant, and even though the
main idea of a society is to treat everyone with the same opportunities and with the same rights,
these rules do not always apply in their lives. However, they are fighters, who are able to survive
in these types of situations for themselves and their families.