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Week of Nov 10th

Nov 15th

To our teachers for their time and focused

conversations at conferences. I had six sets of parents
talk to me last night. All complimentary of what you
all are doing! Thank you!!

CSIP Goals

Goal 1: All students will achieve at high levels in literacy (Reading Comprehension and Writing)
Goal 2: All students will achieve at high levels in mathematics
Goal 3: All students will achieve at high levels in science
Goal 4: All students will become literate in digital and information technology and become
ethical, competent and contributing members in the local and world-wide community
Goal 5: All students will feel safe at and connected to school.
Goal 6: Develop and sustain partnerships among students, parents, staff and community to
prepare successful citizens for the future.

Building Improvement Goals for 2014-2015:

Through implementing research-based instructional strategies, we will
Goal 1. By the end of the year, 85% of all students final grades will be C or higher.
Goal 2. By the end of the year, our graduation rate will be at least 92%.

Please read through the CSIP and building goals above.

helping our kids attain these goals.

Consider how you are

Essential Standards charts should be completed before the unit takes place. These
will be used to guide our Dept PLC work.
Everyone should fill out the Enrichment form on our staff site,
Under RTI/MTSS click on ER Plans Form. This
needs to be completed by everyone by the end of the day Monday.
Focus on offering more extension opportunities for Our Kids that are already
proficient in their standards.
Be sure to check the list of when your dept is working with Heather. You will meet in
the SH Rooms on these meeting days. Here is the link:

Nov 14th is a PL day in the am and clerical in the pm. Your choice as to where you
work your clerical time. The morning will be an exciting new adventurea 7-12 joint
PL day. We will begin in the N Gym with all 7-12 teachers at 7:45 am. Please be

Nov 19th is the next new teacher meeting.


Molly Gill is hosting at PrairieWood at


As we build a Culture of Greatness, we need to keep up on our

professional reading. In Dr. Anthony Muhammads book The Will to Lead,
and the Skill to Teach, he defines a difference between a healthy school
culture and a toxic school culture. Attached is a picture of the page
and description.

To staff with birthdays this week:

o Nov 14th Molly Gill (the district has given you a birthday presenta PL day!!)
To our Bus Supervision Crew for this week. Enjoy the vest and the fall weather
o James Nelson
o Cheri Brummer
o Brooke Silbernagel


Monday November 10:

3:45 pm Girls Basketball Season begins!!
3:45 pm Boys Bowling Season begins!!

Tuesday November 11:

Wednesday November 12:

Thursday November 13:
7 pm Fall Jazz Concert vs the clinic @Concert Hall

Friday November 14:
7:45 am PL day vs un-padded chairs @ N Gym
11:30 am Beginning of clerical day vs necessary work @Wherever you decide

Saturday November 15:

Enjoy the week Prairie Hawks! As always, if you

have any questions or concerns stop in and see me.

Take care of yourself, take care of each

other, and take care of Prairie.