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Panning to move


Tap and hold an item, and then move the device to the left or right to move the item to
another panel on the Home screen or the Applications screen.

Double-tap the device to move to the top of a list of contacts or emails.


Panning to browse
When an image is zoomed in, tap and hold a point on the screen, and then move the device
in any direction to browse the image.

While the screen is locked, tapandholdthe screen, and then rotate the device to landscape
orientation to launch the camera. To use this motion, on the Home screen, tap Apps -
Settings -> Lock screen Lock screen options, and then drag the Camera quick access
switch to the right.



Turning over


Turn over the device to muteringtone,pause media playback, or mute the FM radio (when
using the speaker}.

Sweep your hand across the screen to capture a screenshotThe image is saved in Gallery *
Screenshots. It is not possible to capture a screenshot while using some applications.



Shake the device to search for Bluetooth devices.

Cover the screen with a palm to pause media playback.

- Shake the device to update the list of emails or information from Yahoo News, Yahoo
Finance, or AccuWeather.