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University of Minnesota Physical Education Lesson Plan

Name: Kelsey Coley

Lesson Name/Number: Dribbling(2 days) Grade Level: k-4

Unit: Soccer

Meets Standards: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

Psychomotor: Students will demonstrate the ability

to dribble and trap a soccer ball through various
Cognitive: Students will be able to recall the proper
foot positioning for dribbling.
Affective: Students will demonstrate teamwork and
sportsmanship through activities

Previous Experience:
Kindergarden: Students will have little to no experience with dribbling in
1st-4th: Returning Students should recall soccer skills learning in
previous soccer units.

Equipment Needs/Safety:
Soccer Balls (Foam and regular)
Gator Balls
Hula Hoops
Bowling Pins

University of Minnesota Physical Education Lesson Plan

Time: Instructional Activities (include diagrams) & Assessments:
1. Introduction:
A. Ask Students if they have their gym shoes and socks. (Gets
sticker if all students have both).
B. Have students go into squad spots for attendance.
2. Warm Up
A. Fitness:
i. 4th grade: Pick leader to do 7 exercises and crazy 8s
ii. k-3: Lead through fitness(Jumping jacks, situps, push ups,
crickets, mountain climbers, crazy eights)
C. 2 2-minute jogs (2 minute recovery walking)
Transition: Use whistle to have students stop and go back to
squad spots
3. Lesson
A. Knowledge Check: Ask Students what part of the foot is used
to dribble and trap the ball.
B. Demonstrate Dribbling and Shooting
C. Activity: 8 Goal (2nd-4th)
i. Students are put into groups of (5-7)
ii. Each student is given a number
iii. 2-3 numbers are called out and students with those numbers
have to try to score in the goals in the time allotted.
iv. The others, meanwhile, have to guard their goal from others
attempting to score at their goal.
v. If a goal is scored, the scorer takes a bowling to their groups
goal to keep track of points
vi. After time allotted, teacher calls out new set of numbers to
go, after balls are put back into middle.
G. Activity: Eagles Nest/Cookie Jar(k-1)
i. Students Are put into groups of 3 or 4
ii. It people must dribble the soccer ball around and attempt to
dribble the ball into another persons foot.
iii. if a runner is hit in the foot with the ball they become the
Transition: Stop Music and Blow whistle, and have students put
away soccer balls
4. Closing
A. Students put away equipment and line up in check 4 position.

Teaching hints and cues:

Wait for students to quiet before

proceeding to next activity
Use music for jogging cue

Inside and outside

Keep ball close to body for control
Demonstrate with teachers

Each Team starts with 6 pins

Split equal amount between each


Establish that runners cannot be hit

anywhere above the knee to be
turned into a tagger.
Go over safety
considerations(kicking ball hard)

University of Minnesota Physical Education Lesson Plan


University of Minnesota Physical Education Lesson Plan

University of Minnesota Physical Education Lesson Plan