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Dr. Trevor R.

Johnson, Principal
Dakota Hills Middle School
4183 Braddock Trail
Eagan, MN 55123
April 28, 2014
Dear Sir or Madam,
This letter is written on the behalf of Mr. Carl W. Plucker. Carl has been a teacher of social studies at
Blackhawk Middle School in District #196 since 1998. I have been the Principal of another District #196
middle school, Dakota Hills, since 2009 and have had the chance to work with Carl on two committees. The
first is the District #196 Program Implementation Committee that oversaw the districts middle schools
change from an 8-period day to a 6-period daily schedule and program from 2009 to 2012. This was nearly a
three-year process. The second is my work as a middle school administrative representative with the
secondary social studies teachers for curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Although I have not observed
Carl as a classroom teacher, I feel have come to know his work as an educator.
Carl is a professional and conducts himself in a most proper and dignified manner. Yet he is also a person
who is very congenial, approachable, and interactive. I have found Carl to be articulate in expressing ideas,
suggestions, and the reality of curricular and programming outcomes in the classroom. He is a person who
naturally possesses a focus on what is best for students. He can distinguish between matters of teacher
convenience and student learning. I have observed Carl to have both the personal fortitude and poise to
express ideas and opinions that are counter to colleagues but based in classroom experience and student
learning outcome. Carl is able to collaborate, compromise, agree and disagree in a professional manner and
with constructive intent and results.
I know that Carl is in a program via Minnesota State University-Mankato for a Specialists degree with
administrative licensure. While I would love to see Carl continue to be the strong and effective teacher he
has been at Blackhawk, I also want to support his ambition. On a personal level I know Carl to be a genuine,
caring, and pleasant person to be around. He balances professionalism with a good sense of humor and an
interactive personality. I see Carl as a person who is dedicated to children and who enjoys being in a school
setting with students and staff.
I wish Carl the best in his career goals as a person seeking an administrative role. He is a student-centered
person with a love of teaching and skills beyond the classroom that may be beneficial to both school site and
district-wide programs. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 651-683-6843

Trevor R. Johnson, Ed.D.