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Alexandria University Faculty of Engineering Prod. Engineering Dept. Forth Year Production Date: January 2012 Time : 3 Hours Final Exam - Year 11 - 12 Material Selection ( Elective Course ) Answer the following Questions : 1-3) What ate the major faetors affecting the selection of materials? Yb) For Duplex Stainless Steel State the chemical composition & One application 2-3) What are the types of Wear ? BR) Explain how to reduce the wear of materials ) State the types of modes of damage in wear 3 =) what is meant by " Precipitation Hardening " Describe Precipitation Hardening treatment for Al~ Cu alloy Discuss how the " Hardness property” can affect the Selection of materials 4%) Describe how to order a large diameter pipe &) What is the expected defeets which can be detected in a delivered carbon steel pipe , how to detect them 5 3) Differentiate between Rusting & Passivity of metals $3} Use neat sketch to show " The Pitting corrosion " ) what is meant by " P.R.E.N.” *alculate it for the following stainless steels -316 - duplex - 304 - ferritic ‘Arrange them ascending 6 ~ Select the suitable Engineering Materials for the following applications ~ Aircraft bodies Auto engine block - Sprigs - Material for hull construction - Dies - Surgical operation tools eHeat exchangers Structural components Auto bodies Automotive spare parts We ei Tavolino, furniture designer, conceives of a lightweight table Fig, (1) of daring simplicity: a flat sheet of toughened slass supported on slender, unbraced, cylindrical legs. The legs must be solid and as light as possible (to make the table easier to move). They must support the table top and whatever is placed upon it without buckling. Using the Modulus — Density chart fig. (2 ). What materials could one recommend. a7 7 Ww) fe 18 /PE jo Fe WE ay 65 32S at 36 un 345