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VIU Faculty of Education

Daily Physical Activity Vancouver Island University

Name: Laura Rae



November 5th, 2014
Allotted Time
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Daily Physical Activity

30 Minutes

1. Rationale: Why is this lesson relevant at this time with these students?
Curricular Connection- Physical Activity all of kinds is important for everyone. In the grade 4/5
curriculum for Physical Education students are supposed to experience different ways of adjusting
speed, force, level, pathway, and direction in relation to people or moving objects; demonstrate an
ability to participate safely in specific physical activities and demonstrate fair play in physical
activity. This lesson has been created to reach all of these goals.
Relevance/Student Interest- These activities may help evoke some interest with the students to try
new and different movements than what theyre used to and hopefully have fun and want to engage
in Physical Activity on a daily basis.
2. Provincial Learning Standards: What competencies and concepts and content does this lesson
B1- Adjust speed, force, level, pathway, and direction in relation to people or moving objects (grade 4).
C1- Demonstrate an ability to participate safely in specific physical activities (grade 4).
C3- Demonstrate fair play in physical activity (grade 5).
3. Assessment
Lesson Outcome
What will students learn?

Sources of Evidence
What product or action will
show what students have

Students will perform basic

movement skills.

This will be a lesson the

teacher will observe visually
as it is only hands on with no
paper for evidence.

Students will use space

provided appropriately.
Students will work as
individuals and as a group.

What will you look for in this

The teacher will be watching

to see if kids are engaged in
the lesson, trying their best
and co-operating and being
respectful to and of others.

DO- Students will perform all

actions that the teacher calls

4. Resources, Material and Preparation: What resources, materials and preparation are required?
Last Revised: Fall 2005

VIU Faculty of Education


Cones, stop watch, whistle.

5. Lesson Development

Introduction: How will you introduce this lesson in a manner that

engages students and activates their thinking?

Teacher will introduce lesson.

Teacher will give students examples of the activities theyre expected
to do.
Teacher will let students do a few trial runs.
Teacher will be energetic and encourage students throughout entire

Teaching/Learning Sequence: What steps and activities are you going

to use to help students acquire and practice the knowledge, skills
and/or attitudes needed to meet the outcome?

Teacher will put students into a semi-circle and explain the activity.
Students will be reminded to stay out of other students personal
bubbles and to be respectful.
Students will start off by walking around in space provided (coned off
Teacher will ask students to switch up each activity every 10-30
seconds (teacher will blow whistle when to switch). These will include:
1. Walking
2. Fast Walking/Slow Motion Walking
3. Skipping
4. Walk and high five 5 different people then continue walking
5. Run and high five 5 different people then continue walking
6. Find a partner who has a similar height as you and stand
beside them teacher will demonstrate to kids how to do the
partner sit and stand-up.
7. Act like your favorite animal while still moving in the space
8. Freeze, look to the person closest to your right, give them a
hand shake and tell them 1 thing you like about them (teacher
gives example).
9. Walk freeze, do 5 jumping jacks and continue walking.
10. Jog touch each 4 corners of the space provided (directed by
11. Walk Freeze - Yell I LOVE SCHOOL

Closure: How will you solidify the learning that has taken place and
deepen the learning process?

Last Revised: Fall 2005


5 Minutes

5 Minutes

15 Minutes

VIU Faculty of Education

Students who are the collectors for the week are asked to please collect 5 Minutes
Students are asked to line up silently to go back to class room.
Students are asked to be quiet in line and while going into the school so
they dont disrupt other students working and to stay caught up with the
Students are led by teacher to go back into the school.

6. Accommodations (adaptations, extensions, other): How will you plan for students who have
learning/behaviour difficulties or require enrichment?

Students who are unable to do certain actions are allowed to walk or jog during that particular
action until it is done.
Students who may be unable to participate and asked to walk around part of the field (directed by
teacher) during lesson so they get some movement/physical activity in.

Last Revised: Fall 2005