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5118 West Onyx Ave.

Glendale, AZ 85302
(623) 8471789
October 8, 2014
Mr. John Smith, Principal
Ironwood High School
6051 West Sweetwater Ave.
Glendale, AZ 85304
Dear Mr. Smith,
I am very interested in becoming a part of Ironwood High School as a Career and Technical Education
instructor, for the marketing and computer applications curriculum. I am graduating from Arizona State
University and Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, in May 2015, with my Bachelor's degree in Secondary
Education with a focus in business courses. I graduated with honors from Glendale Community College
in 2013, earning both my Associate in Arts and Associates in General Business degrees. I transferred to
Arizona State University for the education program and continued taking business courses.
Additionally, I will also graduate from Barrett, the Honors College, where I chose to do my thesis on a
topic that I am dedicated to, financial literacy. Along with my thesis, I have done several research projects
on financial literacy including two publishing articles, one as a first author, and one as a second author. I
also have a strong understanding of how the key concepts relate in the business world from my past work
My student internships placed me in these courses, which only solidified my desire to teach this
curriculum. It is my desire to teach computer applications, marketing, and other related business courses
so that when the students graduate from high school they are far better prepared to take their next step
towards college, a military career, or becoming gainfully employed. I feel that all students today have the
potential, they just need the tools, and the skills to help them succeed and that is my job as a teacher.
I have high expectations for my students simply because I know that they can rise up to meet the
challenges of learning these concepts. They will count on me to keep them engaged and that is a
challenge that I can meet. I will also count on the parents to engage in theirs child's progress and work
with me whenever there might be a situation that needs additional attention.
I have a high interest in becoming part of the Peoria Unified School District since I am well versed and
appreciative of the education the district provides to its students. Three of my children have attended
school in this district. I am particularly well acquainted with Ironwood High School and find it to be an
exceptional school. I am hoping that you might find some time in the near future to meet with me to
discuss a teaching career at your high school.
Thank you for your time and consideration of my request. I will be calling within the next week to see if
you will have any time available for us to meet and talk in person.

Yvonne T. Lawson