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Field Experience Reflection

Bethany Wilson
Dr. Hicks
EDUC 323

I have grown professionally as a result of this field experience because I was able to
experience hands on opportunities that helped build my teacher skills as well as preparing me to
become effective in the classroom. My field experience took place at Sheridan Elementary in
Orangeburg, SC. There, I was under the tutelage of Ms. Elisa Holman, a third grade teacher.
Working with faculty and staff as well as students at Sheridan was very rewarding. I was not
only observing and making notes of my experience but I also had the opportunity to teach a
small lesson to the students about finding the main idea and supporting details. Along with my
lesson, I was able to interact with the students and get a feel of how they learn collectively and
individually. While each student had different styles they learned instruction they also had very
characteristics and personalities. It was very interesting to see how the children reacted to the
teacher when she was talking. She speaks to the students and made sure they understand what
she was saying, and makes sure they are listening by asking follow up questions. She also asks
the students to participate by asking the students to give examples of what they are going over in
class and if they could explain. If the students did not understand the information after all their
activities and quizzes the teacher reviews the information again and makes sure the students in
the end know what is going on in class. What impressed me the most about my mentor teacher,
Ms. Holman, was her ability to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate her students. It
is important to always make sure students are accommodated in the classroom to ensure effective
Interacting with the students also helped build my professionalism. I helped with
students with writing assignments given by the teacher as well as being a tutor for those who
were falling behind. Interaction with the students became very easy where as when I first began
my experience it was a bit rough. Serving as a teachers assistant, I was relatively in the same

age group as the students resulting in a lack of respect. I immediately had to allow the students
to see where the differences lie between being a student and a TA. Once I showed the students
that respect for me, themselves, and each other was important, they quickly begin to warm up.
Serving as an assistant in my field work allowed me to experience hands-on situations that will
help me in the future to enhance me effectiveness as an educator.
Throughout my field experience, I have noticed many strengths and weaknesses in
myself that could affect me as a future teacher. A strength that I noticed I portray in the
classroom was my ability to think on my feet, an indispensable skill for all teachers. I used this
skill many times during my field experience. Not only is the career of teaching a challenge but so
are all of the guidelines and rules that a teacher need to follow. When it comes down to it, I think
that I would like to challenge myself in the classroom. These field experiences have cemented
my decision that teaching is most definitely my calling. I now feel more certain than ever that I
am on the right career path. These experiences have also helped me narrow down what age group
I would like to teach, as well as given me more insight into what I would like to teach. I have
expanded my future plans from teaching just general education to possibly include the broader
grouping of at risk students. I am more excited than ever to become certified and focus my
energies and enthusiasm on educating my future students. I want to be able to grow with my
students and be a successful teacher. Sometimes when a teacher challenges their selves, they
learn things about themselves that they never really knew and I am always open to learning
something new.