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This document has been created with the help

of the BGG community in an attempt to correct

some gameplay problems that have been identified
in the scenarios of Mansions of Madness. This
document contains revisions to many of the cards
that may cause a scenario to become unbalanced
(or even broken), or even just un-fun. There are
also an assortment of other enhanced components
that when used will hopefully make your games
even more enjoyable.
Many thanks especially to BGG users salty53,
for the scenario breakdowns on which most of
the revised mechanics in this mod are based,
Hinnyboy for constantly making me think,
Matildadad for providing the templates used to
create the cards, and Gnome01 for the thumbs!

General Rule
When playing Mansions of Madness using
components from this file, the following rule
changes are in effect for all games:

Keeper Actions
Keeper action cards now fall into three types:
Normal Actions are the same as in the base
game rules; the keeper may use them as many
times as he likes without restriction providing he
has the threat to pay for them.
Restricted Actions may be performed as many
times as the keeper likes, but only once per round
on each target of the action.

Diminishing Actions may be performed as

many times as the keeper wishes, but the cost
in threat increases by 1 for each time it is used
beyond the first in a single round (so +1 threat the
second time it is used, +2 the third time, etc).

Event Cards
All players may read all Event cards before the
scenario begins, if they wish. The keeper may
read through the deck of Event cards at any time
while the game is in progress.
Additionally, Event 5 no longer ends the game
directly in any of the scenarios. Instead, most
Event 5 cards now contain an effect that will
remain in play until the end of the game (either
the investigators win or the keeper wins by
completing their objective).
If in the unlikely event that both the investigators
and the keeper complete their objectives
simultaneously (or are unable to complete their
objectives), the game is considered a draw.

Clue Cards & Skill

Whenever an investigator uncovers a clue card
while exploring, all investigators receive 1 skill

Starting Items
Investigators may not use other investigators
starting items (though may still pick them up and
carry them if need be).

Investigator Death

Stun Tokens

Whenever any investigator is killed before the

objective is revealed, the keeper immediately
gains bonus threat equal to the number of

Stun tokens now have the following effects for

monsters and investigators:

Monster Secrecy
Investigator players may not look under the base
of a monster until it is killed or otherwise removed
from play.

Lock Cards
Investigators must reveal and resolve any Lock
cards in rooms that they are attempting to either
enter or exit (meaning it is now possible for
investigators to get locked in).

The following three rules are added to the standard
rules regarding fire:
Whenever a fire and a darkness token are
present in the same room together, the effects of
the darkness no longer apply (you can place the
fire token on top of the darkness token to remind
you of this). The darkness token remains on the
board however, and it will continue to have its
effect if ever the fire token is removed.
If ever a zombie ends its turn in a room on
fire, after it has taken its damage as normal, it
becomes a flaming zombie. Place a fire token on
the zombie to denote this. A flaming zombie gains
-1 to its horror rating and +1 to its damage rating.
The zombie is not affected by the fire token in any
other way.
A room may contain more than one fire token
(though not more fire tokens than the number of
spaces that make up the room, as stated on the
Pyromania card). A figure ending its turn in a
room on fire takes an amount of damage equal to
the number of fire tokens in the room (instead of
the standard 2 damage as in the original rules).

Investigators with a stun token receive 1 fewer

Movement Step during their turn and suffer a -2
penalty to all attributes. If an investigator receives
a stun token during his turn, he immediately loses
1 Movement Step, if he has any remaining.
Monsters with a stun token move 1 fewer space
during their turn and suffer a +/-2 penalty to all die
rolls made during combat. Monsters discard stun
tokens at the end of the Monster Attack Step.

All status effect tokens (such as darkness and fire)
are considered limited. If ever a player must place
one on the board and there are none in the supply,
the player must take one from elsewhere on the
board to use.

Rule Changes
These rule changes are suggested but not
obligatory. Use them if your group agrees with
the philosophy behind their intent.
In any game of Mansions of Madness - whether
using these revised rules or the base rules - some
choices are simply better than others and may
lead to players always choosing the best of any
particular set of options, leading to less variety
between games. If you think it might be more
interesting to see a greater variety of options
being played out, with the players adjusting
their strategies to the strengths of what they
are presented with rather than just choosing the
superior option every time, use these two rules:

Random Story
At the beginning of the game, the story choice
markers for the scenario are placed face down
and mixed up. The keeper then selects his story
choices randomly.

Random Trait Cards

At the beginning of the game, each investigator
player randomises the two physical trait cards for
his investigator and selects one without looking.
He then does the same for his investigators
mental trait cards.

Mythos Cards
This variant is for those who find the constant
interruption of Mythos cards an annoyance
and/or find that the Mythos cards create
unthematic situations when played to interrupt an
investigators turn (for example, a Mythos card
stating that an investigator is exploring a room
when in fact they are just passing through it).
Unless the Mythos card specifies a specific time
when it should be played (i.e, Play when an
investigator attempts to cast a spell..., etc), the
keeper may now play Mythos cards only:

During his own turn; all requirements on the

card must still be fulfilled, and the keeper spends
threat to play the card, as usual. Only one Mythos
card may be played on each investigator during
the keepers turn. Any effects on Mythos cards
that refer to this turn refer to the investigators
upcoming turn.
At the beginning of an Explore action; again,
requirements must be fulfilled, but the keeper gets
to play the card for free. One card may be played
at the beginning of each Explore action (regardless
of whether that investigator had a Mythos card
played on him/her during the keepers turn, or
whether the investigator somehow receives more
than one Explore action in a turn). The effects
of the Mythos card are carried out before any
exploration cards in the room are revealed. If the
effects of the Mythos card mean that the room can
then not be explored (for example, the Mythos
card makes the investigator gain a horror, followed
by a Panic trauma, meaning the investigator is
no longer in the room), the Explore action is still
considered spent.

ScenarioSpecific Rule
The following pages contain overlays to replace
certain sections in the Investigator and Keeper
Guides for each scenario. You can either keep
these as separate sheets, or you can print them on
to label sheets, cut them out, and stick them into
the Guides in the correct places.

Additional Setup Instructions

Keep the Raise Dead and Pyromania keeper action cards

5 extra threat and


Exploration: Axe, Brass Key, Ceremonial Skull, Crowbar, De Vermis

Mysteriis, Dhol Chants, Fire Extinguisher, Magical Phrase, Nameless Cults,
Ruby of Rlyeh, Sedative, Shotgun, Silver Key, Sledgehammer, Torch,
Whateleys Diary, Nothing of Interest x4 (if you own the Forbidden Alchemy
expansion, replace 1 Nothing of Interest with True Magick).

Claim Keeper Action Cards: Command Minion, Darkness,

Evil Presence, Take Sample, Uncontrollable Urges.

Dhol Chants,

Dhol Chants,

Nameless Cults
Nameless Cults
Special Rules

Investigators may use the action on the Torch card without

discarding it.

Special Rules
This scenario may only be played if there are two or more
investigator players.
Investigators may attack each other as if they were humanoid
monsters. The keeper may not use Uncontrollable Urges to make
an investigator attack another investigator with a spell.
If the keeper hands an investigator a face down Mythos card, that
investigator may look at it but may not share this information with
other players. The card is revealed when the investigator dies.
Whenever an investigator explores a room, the keeper takes the
exploration cards, looks at them, then passes them to the investigator
face down. Investigators must keep any cards in their possession
face down (though may look at those cards themselves at any time)
and may not tell other players what face down cards they hold. A
card is only turned face up when it is used for the first time (cards
that provide a continuous bonus are revealed the first time the bonus
becomes relevant, such as when an attribute test is performed).
Investigators may still exchange cards as normal, with the card
retaining its orientation for the exchange.
Clue cards are never revealed nor may they be read out (though they
may still be exchanged) - the finder of the clue may only state where
he believes the next clue to be located.
The keeper may not reveal what is written on the Objective card
unless a rule specifically allows him to.

2. Exploration: Brass Key, Ceremonial Skull, Colt .38, Crowbar, De

Vermis Mysteriis, Dhol Chants, Elder Sign, Knife, Lantern, Magic

Phrase, Nameless Cults, Password, Ruby of Rlyeh, Saturnian Wine,
Sedative, Silver Key, Sledgehammer, Startling Evidence, Torch,
Whateleys Diary, Whiskey, Nothing of Interest x10.

6. Claim Keeper Action Cards: Creature of the Night, Evil

Presence, Raise Dead, Uncontrollable Urges, Witchcraft.

Place the Ceremonial Skull card to one side, then shuffle the
remaining cards and place 1 random card in each empty room
(except the Foyer).


Investigators may ignore darkness
in your room.
Action: Discard this card and
place a fire token in your room.
You may then deal 3 damage to a
monster within 1 range.




The Fall of House Lynch

The Fall of House Lynch

The Fall of House Lynch



3A: A fiery figure bolts down the

hallway towards the bedroom.

2A: Walter Lynch picks up his axe

and runs down the hall.

1A: Walter laughs at you maniacally.

The man has clearly lost his mind!

If there are no maniacs on the

board, the keeper may place one in
the Foyer. He may then move any
maniac up to 2 spaces.

If Clue 1A has been found, place 1

time token on the next Event card.

Place a flaming zombie in

Hallway 2. The keeper gains the
Pyromania action card.
3B: The skinless remains of a
man throws open the door of the
Place a zombie in the foyer. The
keeper gains the Raise Dead
action card.
You can only presume this is
what became of the previous
investigators to venture here.

2B: A ghostly scene plays out

before you. There is an explosion
of gunfire!
Attack each investigator in a
bedroom or hallway space as if they
were a humanoid monster. You are
considered to be using a ranged
weapon with a damage value of 2,
and pass all attribute tests on a roll
of 5 or lower.

1B: Something indescribable in

the depths of the house begins to
prepare its escape.
Discard all Lock cards.
1C: The front door locks with a
loud click.
In order to escape, investigators
must solve Lock Puzzle #6B:




The Fall of House Lynch

The Inner Sanctum

The Inner Sanctum



As the clock strikes 2 the ground

begins to shake.

Deep within the monastery, an

ancient ceremony begins. Blood is
spilled and a dark power closes its
grasp on your soul.

1A: You cover your ears and pray

for the strange voices to get out of
your head.

Something ancient and deep

beneath the house rapidly pulls the
foundation down into the ground.
The answers no longer matter as
investigators and monsters struggle
for their lives.

The keeper gains threat equal to

half the current total damage on the
investigators (rounded down).

The keeper chooses an investigator

to receive 1 horror for each adjacent
room that contains at least 1 cultist
or cult leader.
1B: The ritual is about to begin!

Reveal Objective. At the end of

each round, remove 2 tiles from
the board containing rooms in the
following order: Ceremony Room
& Garden; Dining Room & Master
Bedroom; Basement & Laboratory;
Guest Bedroom & Hallway 2;
Hallway 4 & Foyer. Any figure on a
removed tile is killed.

The keeper may move each cultist

1 space.
1C: A hulking cultist guards the
door with a large knife in hand.
The keeper places a cult leader in
the Chapel. Investigators may not
escape from a space containing this




The Inner Sanctum

Blood Ties

Blood Ties


1B: If there is no chthonian in play, the

investigators win. Otherwise:

An alien voice cuts through the air.

Now it is time for you to do

something for uzzz.

The abomination lashes out at the puny

beings around it.
The keeper chooses one cultist in the
Chapel to be killed and one investigator
to be attacked by the cthonian.
1C: If there is a zombie, a Hound of
Tindalos and a shoggoth each in a room
with an investigator, the keeper wins.
Otherwise: The stars align without the
ritual taking effect. Angry cultists start
to flood into the monastery, ready to tear
you apart limb from limb!
Reveal Objective. The Summon
Worshippers keeper action is no longer
considered Restricted and may be used
without spending threat.

Hello, preccciouzz one. Your uncle

and I had a bargain - a pact, youz
see. Will you abide it?
The blood relative must choose 1 of
the following:
Choose an investigator to take 1
horror and receive any spell card.
I give you a glimmer of his great
Place a mi-go in his space.
No, no, nooo. We must finish our

If the blood relative chose an

investigator to receive a spell card
for Event 1, he must now choose 1
of the following for the keeper to
Place 1 sample token on the altar.
Place a fire marker in any 2 rooms
that are adjacent to a room already
on fire.
Deal a total of 4 horror and/
or damage to the blood relative,
divided however the keeper wishes.




Blood Ties

Blood Ties

Classroom Curses


A memory hidden in the darkest

corners of your mind suddenly
comes to the surface: a Latin
seance incantation your uncle
taught you as a child.

1A: Artimus attempts the ritual without

the proper blood offering.

The lights continue to flicker and

dim. At the end of the hallway you
can just about make out a pair
of silhouettes - a couple of the

The blood relative may choose to

test the number of clues found so
far. Before rolling the die, if every
investigator discards a skill token,
the blood relative may add his Luck
to the result of the die roll:
Pass: The keeper may immediately
perform any one keeper Action
without spending threat.
Fail: The blood relative may kill
any one zombie on the board.




At the end of each round, if Artimus is in

a space with an altar, the keeper may test
the number of samples on the altar:
Pass: The keeper wins.
1B: Sunlight shines down on the walking
cadavers, dulling the blazing inferno.
At the end of each turn, test the number
of clues found so far:

The keeper places two witches

and a darkness token in Hallway
3. Each witch has +2 health per

Pass: Place 1 Time token on this card.

The keeper receives 1 fewer threat each
turn for each token on this card.
1C: You can feel your uncles curse
beginning to drain your life force away.
At the end of each round, the blood
relative gains 1 horror or 1 damage
(keepers choice).





Classroom Curses

Classroom Curses

Classroom Curses




In the ever-increasing darkness you

can just make out that the pipes and
wiring in this part of the building
glow with an unnatural light.

From the switches and fixtures

throughout the building, sparks fly
and loud popping noises can be
heard. A distinct odour of ozone and
burnt wiring invades your senses as
the occult energies that fill the air
suddenly intensify, making your hair
stand on end and sending the school
around you into chaos!

1A, 1C: Through the gloom you can begin

to perceive the vague outline of strange
creatures, like shadows, making changes
to the electrical wiring and installing their
own alien equipment.
The keeper places 1 mi-go on the board for
each altar that has at least 1 sample token on
it. He may place these mi-go in the Tower
Room and/or the Operating Room (1 per

For each sample token on an altar,

the keeper may perform one of the

1B: The feeling of magical energy in the

air reaches a crescendo, then fades, leaving
nothing but an unsettling calm...

Add or remove a darkness token on

the board.

Reveal Objective. The keeper places a

Hound of Tindalos (with +2 health per
sample on an altar) in the Tower Room and
discards all Lock cards. He may then move
the Hound of Tindalos up to 2 spaces for
each unrevealed clue still on the board.

4A: ...fire shoots out from the furnace,

engulfing the room in flames.
Place 2 fire tokens in the Furnace
4B: ...the temperature in the freezer
plummets at an alarming rate.
For the rest of the game, investigators
who end their turn in the Freezer
gain a stun token and investigators
in the Freezer during the Investigator
Trading Step do not discard stun

Remove a fire token from the board.



Classroom Curses

Green-Eyed Boy

Gain 1 threat.




Green-Eyed Boy


1A: Parts of the school begin to fade away.

The horrors start screeching Yuggoooth!

The door flies open and an hysterical

man enters the room. He wears a thick
winter jacket and icicles cover his salt
and pepper beard.

5A: A door slams open and the boy

runs frantically through. A madman
chases him, axe high over his head.

Reveal Objective. At the end of each round,

remove 2 tiles from the board containing
rooms in the following order: Tower Room
& Attic Loft; Study & Hallway 3; Furnace
Room & Hallway 1; Laboratory & Hallway
4; Corner Hall & Gallery. Any figure on a
removed tile is killed.

He runs to you and grabs the collar of

your shirt. Oh god, he weeps, it is
unspeakably horrible.

1B: Fog pours out of the angles of the room.

More of the hellish creatures have arrived!

His legs give way and he collapses to

the floor. I should have listened. Damn
curiosity, damn it to hell!

The keeper may place up to 2 Hounds of

Tindalos, each with +1 health per sample on
an altar, in the Attic Storage.

He looks up at you. Please save

yourself... save everyone. Whatever you
do, do not open the freezer-

1C: Puny mortals!

His eyes close for the last time.

Reveal Objective. Instead of attacking,

Helena may cast any spell as if she were
an investigator with a Lore of 6, treating
investigators as if they were humanoid
monsters and ignoring Sanity losses.

Remove the sealed door marker from the

Freezer door. Place a corpse marker in
the same space as the investigator closest
to the Freezer (keepers choice if tied).

The keeper places 1 maniac in any

investigators room. When this
maniac is killed, place a corpse
marker in its space.
5B: You hear murmering voices
growing louder and louder. You
grab your head and yell, SHUT
UP! Silence. The boy appears
around the corner with a finger to
his lips. SHHH.
Each investigator takes 1 horror.




Green-Eyed Boy

Green-Eyed Boy

Green-Eyed Boy



The door behind you suddenly

opens. You spin around, weapon in
hand, to find the butler, now in a
full robe.

The boy stands before you, his eyes

almost glowing with an unnatural
light. He speaks to you with the
cold cadence of a million tortured

At the end of each round, test the number of

clues found so far:

Are you surprised to see me? He

grins a devious smile.
I am a devoted servant and have
work to complete. I will not let you
jeopardise my mission.
The keeper places a cult leader in
any investigators room.
Mythos cards with the ? symbol
that are played face down may not
be given to investigators for the rest
of the game.

You know who I am...

The keeper may perform one of the
Discard the Witchcraft card, then
place a witch with +4 health per
investigator in any room containing
an investigator. This witch may
move up to 2 extra spaces when she
Draw 3 Trauma cards.
Reveal the objective.

1A: The boy begins to slam shut every door

to the mansion. He now has someone on
whom to take out his fury!
Fail: The keeper may place a sealed door
marker on any door in the Foyer (except
the exit).
1B: You feel a jostle as the boy runs past
you with something ivory white in his hands.
Fail: The keeper may force any investigator
carrying the Ceremonial Skull to drop it,
then may move the Ceremonial Skull card
up to 2 rooms in any direction.
1C: The spectre of your guilt for what you
did to your son starts to appear all around
you - its everywhere you look!
Fail: The keeper may place a witch in any
investigators space.




Green-Eyed Boy

Objective 1A

The keeper wins if the investigators

are unable to get the Ceremonial
Skull to the Foyer due to the final
Months later, the police uncover
your bodies in the mansion. They do
not link it to the boys murder by his
mother a decade earlier.
The investigators win if an investigator
escapes from the Foyer with the
Ceremonial Skull.

The police are quite horrified by your

evidence, and immediately dispatch a
squad to the old mansion. However, they
find no sign of the old witch.

Fall of House Lynch

The Inner Sanctum

The Inner Sanctum

Objective 1A

Objective 1B

Objective 1C

When this objective is revealed, discard all

Lock cards, maniacs and the Maniac Attack
action card from play.

If 4 cultists are in the Chapel at the start of your

turn, reveal this objective and place a cthonian
in the Chapel. The cthonian may not move but
may attack figures in adjacent spaces.

The keeper wins if 6 tiles have been

removed from the board by the final

From next turn, at the start of each of your

turns, place a horror token on this card. The
cthonian gains health equal to the number of
investigators for each token on this card.

Deep in the pile of rubble and bodies,

a possessed Walter Lynch cackles
weakly with his last breath.

The keeper wins when there are 5 tokens

on this card.

The investigators win if Walter (the named

maniac) is killed.
As he collapses to the ground, you breathe
a sigh of relief. Your employer will not be
happy, but at least you eliminated the evil
spirits vessel into our world.

The abomination grows to an

unstoppable size, swallowing the entire
monastery before letting itself loose on
the rest of the world.
The investigators win if the cthonian is killed
or if the cthonian is not in play when the last
Event card is revealed.
Youve stopped the abomination. The cultists
will likely kill you, but youve saved the world!

The keeper wins if there is a zombie, a

Hound of Tindalos and a shoggoth each
in the same room as an investigator and
A monster is in the same room as the
dropped Clue 1 card, or
The last Event card is revealed.
Its feeding time!

The investigators win if the investigator with

Clue 1 escapes from the Chapel.
You escape with Maries unconscious form over
your shoulder; the cultists will be forced to feed
the abominations they harbour with their own
flesh this night.
Unfortunately, Marie never awakens from her

Blood Ties

Classroom Curses

Classroom Curses

Objective 1B

Objective 1A

Objective 1B

The keeper wins if the following rooms

are on fire: Guest Bedroom, Storage
Closet, Entryway, Front Porch, Mud
Room, Storage Shed, Root Cellar,
Furnace Room.

When this objective is revealed, discard the

Uncontrollable Urges card from play; when an
investigator sets fire to the Tower Room, Study,
Laboratory or Gallery, he may also remove 1
time token from the Event deck.

When this objective is revealed, remove

all Hounds of Tindalos from the board and
discard the Darkness action card.

The keeper wins if all tiles have been

removed from the board by the final Event.

The keeper wins if a Hound of

Tindalos escapes from the Gallery
after Event 4 has been resolved.

With the house destroyed, the spirits of

the long-departed cultists can finally
rest peacefully in their rightful burial

The investigators win if the investigator with

the Ceremonial Skull is in the Graveyard.
As you place the skull back into its resting
place, the zombies collapse lifelessly to the
ground. You have undone your uncles mistakes.

The school is transported to the frozen

world of Yuggoth, where the mi-go can
study the eldritch secrets contained in its
tomes for use against... Earth.
The investigators win if either:
Investigators carrying a total of 4 spell cards
escape through the Gallery, or
At least 1 investigator escapes through the
Gallery while the following rooms are on fire:
Tower Room, Study, Laboratory, Gallery.
Having removed or destroyed the knowledge
the aliens seek, you bolt out the front door.

The sight of the creature escaping into

the night haunts you for the rest of
your tragically short life.
The investigators win if Event 4 has been
resolved and there are no Hounds of
Tindalos on the board.
After the hideous creature lets out its final
dying howls, you drag its body into the
freezer to preserve it for future scientific

Classroom Curses

Green-Eyed Boy

Green-Eyed Boy

Objective 1C

Objective 1B

Objective 1C

When this objective is revealed place Helena

(a named witch) in the Library and discard all
Lock cards and vents from the board. Helena
has +4 health per investigator.

The keeper wins if the dropped

Ceremonial Skull is in the Freezer.

The keeper wins if a mi-go kills an

You try desperately to scream as your
brain is removed. The mi-go carefully
places it into a cylinder in preparation
for the long, cold journey to Yuggoth.
The investigators win if Helena is dead and
No mi-go are on the board, or
An investigator carrying the Ceremonial Skull
is in the same room as a mi-go.
Upon discovering that their benefactor has
perished, the mi-go make flight, taking the
vestiges of their experiments with them.

Itaqua has been brought the key that

will grant him release from his icy
prison. Humanity is doomed for all

The investigators win if an investigator

escapes from the Foyer with the
Ceremonial Skull.
Ithaquas tricks and manipulations were
not enough to fool you. As you escape
the mansion, it suddenly blinks out of
existence, Ithaquas entry point into this
world gone forever.

The keeper wins if an investigator

kills another investigator (except one
holding the Loss of Will card) who is
in the same room as a witch.
The trauma of your sons death by your
own hands has finally overwhelmed
you, and the guilt that has been
haunting you like a ghost ever since
now forces you to a deeper damnation.
The investigators win if they find Clue 1 and
then solve Wiring Puzzle #3B.

You have found a way to awaken the

memories of your sons death without guilt;
it was not your fault.


Restricted Action: Choose a monster

to move up to 2 spaces.
Any investigators in the monsters
space may first test Strength or
Dexterity (-1 if Beast, -3 if Eldritch):
Pass: Take 1 horror. The monster
moves 1 fewer space.
Fail: Take 1 horror.



Diminishing Action: Choose an

investigator to test his remaining
Sanity -2:
Fail: You may move him to an
adjacent space or force him to resolve
an action from 1 of his spell, artifact,
equipment or tome cards (you make
all relevant choices).


Restricted Action: Choose a humanoid

monster (or a mi-go) who is not carrying a
sample to attack an investigator. If the monster
causes damage, place a sample token on the
monster and move it 1 space towards any altar.

Whenever an investigator, zombie, cultist

or cult leader is killed, place a corpse
marker in its space.

If a monster carrying a sample is in an

altars space at the start of your turn, place
the sample on the altar and gain threat equal
to the number of investigators. You gain 1
extra threat per turn for each sample you
have on an altar.

Pay 1 threat to place 1 corpse marker in a

Gaveyard, Crypt or Morgue.


Restricted Action: Choose a space

containing an altar. Place a cultist in
that space.

Action: Perform 1 of the following:

Pay 2 threat to replace a corpse marker that

has been in play since the beginning of this
game round with a zombie.


Action: Place a darkness token in any room.

Then, if there are at least 3 darkness tokens
and no Hounds of Tindalos on the board,
you may pay threat equal to the number
of darkness tokens on the board to place a
Hound of Tindalos in the same room.
Action: Move one Hound of Tindalos
from one room in darkness to any space in
another room in darkness.


Diminishing Action: Choose one:

Place a fire token in a room already on fire,
or containing a campfire or flaming zombie.
Place a fire token in a room adjacent to a
room that is already on fire. Then test the
number of rooms on fire:
Pass: Choose an investigator to remove a
fire token from any other room.
A room may not hold more fire tokens
than the number of spaces it contains.


Action: Kill up to 3 cultists that have not

moved this turn in a single room and pay
an equal amount of threat to place the
corresponding monster in the same room:
1: Zombie
2: Hound of Tindalos or Crawling One
3: Shoggoth
The summoned monster may not move this


Your witches may attack investigators in

adjacent spaces.
Diminishing Action: If there are no witches on
the board, choose a lone investigator to test his
remaining Sanity:
Fail: Pay 1 threat to place a witch in that
investigators space.
If no investigators are within a witchs
line-of-sight at the end of any of your turns,
remove that witch from the board.

Place the Padlocked Door

Lock card in this room.



Under a pile of
coats, you find the
fresh bloodied body
of the butler. He breathes
heavily and struggles to
speak; You cant help him.

His eyes glaze over as he

stares towards the kitchen.
Theyre hiding. Tell them...
He then falls still.
Place a corpse marker in your


You pick up the
phone and attempt to
call for help. The line
is dead.

The child appears. Dont

leave. I need you! he cries.
His shape flickers as he roars
Reveal Objective. Place the
Ceremonial Skull under any
exploration cards in the:
2A: Tower Room
2B: Nursery



Lying in a corner
you discover the
mauled remains of one of
the schoolgirls. On the floor
near her is an unfinished
message: Amelia, those
witches have brought these
beings here so that they can
use the power contained in
this place against us! Ill try
to hide-

Bravo, my puppets - you

have finally made it here. I
do in fact need you, but only
your body, not your mind.

Tucked into the

pocket of a white
coat you find a
crumpled note: I overheard
Agatha and Tabitha talking;
theyre up to something
demonic, and its seeping into
the walls of this old school.
Cant you feel it?

Reveal Objective. The keeper

places a cult leader in this
room. This monster can move
1 extra space when it moves.

Place the Padlocked Door

Lock card in this room.


As you explore
the dusty room,
you suddenly get
a strong sense of dj vu
coupled with a vision of
two girls near an altar. You
cant tell if it is the past or
the future, but the girls are
reciting unspeakable words
from a dusty tome as a portal
to another place slowly opens
before them...

Reveal Objective.



The room is covered

in fresh blood. You
barely manage to
keep your lunch in.

Red letters are smeared on

the large oil painting: You
cant help him.
Beneath it lies a bloody
arrow pointing to the right.
Place a corpse marker in your



You find your jacket

sitting in the corner
of the room. How did
it get here? As you move
closer, you notice it is a strait
jacket - your strait jacket.
You suddenly remember your
sons tragic death. You cant
cope; none of this is real!

Reveal Objective. The

investigator who revealed this
card may spend Actions to
attempt Wiring Puzzle #3B.


Reveal Objective.


Suddenly, the door to this

room slams shut.



You find two metal

cylinders, each
containing a brain.
One is labelled Jessica
and the other Amelia.

Helena Detaignes voice calls

out from the darkness, The
Mi-Go offered power, and in
gaining it my students have
assisted me well; Agatha and
Tabitha in service, Amelia
and Jessica in sacrifice.
Reveal Objective.

A frantic man paces
inside the room.

Hes not my son, no,

not mine. The ceiling above
him groans as he secretly
hands you a key.
I swear its not my fault. The
experiments have nothing to
do with it. A slimy tentacle
suddenly bursts through the
ceiling, consuming him whole.
The keeper places a chthonian
in this room.



You almost trip over

some toy blocks as
you enter the room.
As you pick one up, you are
consumed by a vision. A
womans voice purrs, My
boy... my master demands
a sacrifice. She presses a
pillow on his face until his
feet stop kicking.

Reveal Objective. Replace

the Lock card in the Freezer
with the Ceremonial Skull.

You have prevented an indescribable horror

from being let loose upon the world. The
gateway to the ancient city beneath Walters
house is closed forever.

Suddenly, the door to this

room slams shut.

Place a ladder marker in your

space and the Chapel.



The investigators win if the shoggoth dies

or if Event 5 has resolved and there is no
shoggoth in play.

The only object

that seems out of
place in this room is
a small bag of toiletries you
find sitting on a shelf. Inside
is a note: Those girls were
talking about using this place
as a conductor of magic. I
think that might explain
whats been happening!

You are so close to stopping

them, but you must move
quickly to where the dead
live. This password should
get you past the guards.

A robed figure sits

on a stone throne
at the far end of the
room. She speaks to you with
a familiar voice... Marie??

Having opened a portal to a

dimension of unspeakable horrors, a
mad Waltar Lynch hangs himself; his
work - and his life - are over.



Do not fear me; Marie sent

me to assist.


The keeper wins if the shoggoth

escapes from the Foyer.

Place a ladder marker in your

space and the Chapel.

A hooded figure
sits in the corner of
the room. His raspy
voice beckons to you:


If there are 2 sample tokens on an altar,

reveal this objective and place a shoggoth in
the Ceremony Room.

So much blood spills in the

inner sanctum! Tell the guard
running the ceremony: non
omnis moriar. Proceed with
caution, my friend. - Marie


Objective 1B

The room at first

appears empty.
You then remember
Maries favourite hiding
space and find a note taped
behind the door hinge.


Fall of House Lynch









Sharp Melee Weapon.
Once per turn while attempting
a Lock puzzle, you may test
Pass: The puzzle is completed.
Action: Attack a monster in your

Gain +2 Lore.
Action: Test your Luck:
Pass: Gain 3 skill points.
Fail: The keeper gains 3

You may perform 2 actions
each turn, providing at
least one of those actions is
casting a spell (you may not
cast the same spell twice).

Sharp Melee Weapon.

Action: Attack a monster in
your space or drop this card
to test your Dexterity:
Pass: Deal 3 damage to a
monster within 2 range.





Action: Discard this card
and take 2 horror to remove
1 time token from the Event

Gain +1 Willpower.
Action: Discard this card to
heal up to 3 horror.

Action: Discard this card
to heal up to a total of 3
damage and/or horror,
divided however you choose.

Gain +1 Willpower and +1
Action: Test your Luck +1:
Pass: Stun a zombie or
vampire within 1 range.





Action: Discard this card to
choose an adjacent room 1 space
away. Roll a die 3 times and
deal damage equal to the highest
roll to each figure in the chosen

Whenever a monster is
placed in your room, the
keeper must instead place the
monster in an adjacent room
of your choice (if able).

Whenever you spend a skill
point, test Willpower:
Pass: Heal 1 horror.

You may perform 2 different
actions each turn, providing
one of those actions is an
Explore action.





Whenever you reveal a
Nothing of Interest card
while exploring, gain 1 skill


Equipment, Blunt Melee


Any player may use Duke.

Action: Attack a monster in your

space or test Intellect and Lore:

Gain +2 to Dexterity and

Strength tests during combat.

Pass Both: Another investigator

in your space gains 1 skill point.

Action: Once per round, give

Duke and 1 Exploration card to
an investigator within 2 spaces.

Blunt Melee Weapon,

Action: Attack a monster in
your space or discard this
card to discard all fire tokens
from your room.

After you deal damage

to a monster with a
ranged weapon, test
Luck -1:

Whenever you reveal

a clue card while
exploring, test Intellect:

You gain +1 to all

attributes during
combat. Whenever you
cause at least 1 damage
during combat, cause 1
additional damage.

Eat Lead!

Whenever you attack a

monster, you may spend
a Movement Step to
make the keeper draw 2
combat cards matching
your weapon. You may
read both, choose 1 to
resolve, and discard the


Pass: Double the

damage you dealt to the

Lucky Shot

On the Case

Pass: Gain 2 skill


Before making a
Dexterity or Luck
test, you may spend a
skill point to use your
Intellect instead.


At any time, you may

discard an equipment,
tome, artifact or
weapon card instead of
spending a skill point.


Whenever you receive

a spell card, you may
choose to draw 2, read
the backs of both, then
choose 1 to keep and
discard the other. After
you do this, gain 1

Expansive Mind

Before making an
evade test, you may
take 1 damage to
automatically pass
the test and move the
monster 1 space.

Throw off the


Pass: Spend 1 skill

point to heal 2 horror.

Action: Test Luck:


After making an
Intellect or Lore test,
you may spend a skill
point to re-roll the die
(limit once per test).

Trial and Error

Whenever you fail an

evade test, take 1 less
damage (to a minimum
of 1) and you may
move 1 space.

Whenever another
investigator within 1
range performs a skill
test, you may spend
a skill point instead
of that investigator to
add your Luck to the
relevant attribute.


Pass: The keeper must

choose an objective card for
this scenario for you to read.
He must choose a different
objective card each time you
pass this test.

Whenever a clue card is

revealed, test Intellect -X
(X is the number of the clue

Process of

Once per round, after

passing a horror test,
you may move 1 space.

You Think
Youre Scary?

Fail: For each point that you

failed the test by, you may
look at 1 Mythos or Trauma
card in the keepers hand
(chosen randomly). You
may then spend a skill point
to discard any 1 card you
looked at.

Fail: Choose a room. The

keeper must tell you if it
contains any clues. If it
does not, you may look at
all cards in that room then
replace them in the same
Shoes for Saving
the World

Action: Test your remaining

Sanity -5:


Action: Test your

remaining Sanity -5:

Remote Viewing





When a monster is killed in your

room, you may place the figure
on this card (limit 1 figure on this
card). Investigators in your room
gain +1 on attributes when making
tests during combat against this
monster type.

Action: Place a horror token on

this card to stun a monster in
your space. Then test the number
of tokens on this card:

Action: Test Intellect:
Pass: Spend a skill point to
allow another investigator in
your space to heal 2 damage,
then you heal 1 horror.




Pass: Gain 1 skill point

or heal 2 horror.

Whenever a monster is
killed in your room, test


When the keeper

wishes to play an injury
Trauma card on another
investigator in your
room, the number in the
top-right corner of the
card is considered to be
2 lower.

Field Medic



You find another

note: Those girls
are trying to bring
something here, Im sure
of it. Ive been feeling like
something has been stalking
me these past days, Amelia its everywhere, hiding in the
shadows. I can feel it looking
at me, especially when Im
near the old books.
The note is signed off

It costs the keeper

1 extra threat to use
abilities or card effects
that allow him to move,
attack with or take an
action with another
investigator in your
You start with the
Plague of Locusts
Spell card.


Fail: If it is a
Humanoid monster,
look at its token.

Pass: Look at the

monsters token.

Action: Choose a
monster in your room
and test Lore:

Action: Attack a monster in your

space. The keeper draws a Blunt
Melee combat card and reads it
to you. Before rolling the die,
you may choose to discard it and
draw a Sharp Melee card instead.


Blunt and Sharp Melee Weapon.


Once per round, you

may look at (then
replace) the top face
down Exploration or
Obstacle card in your
room without needing
to Explore.

Keen Eye

Action: Spend a skill point to
choose another investigator
in your space with an insanity
Trauma card, then test Intellect:
Pass: Discard the Trauma card.




Pass: Take 1 horror

(without exceeding
your Sanity) to allow
another investigator in
your space to heal 2


Action: Test Willpower:


Pass: Discard this card and you

are stunned.

While you are hiding,

you may spend both of
your Movement Steps
to move to any space up
to 6 spaces away that
is in a room containing
no Exploration, Lock or
Obstacle cards.

Sharp Melee Weapon.

Action: Attack a monster
in your space. If you deal
damage to a stunned target,
deal an additional 2 damage.



Scribbled on the
back of a map of
the old part of the
building you find another
message: Those girls are
trying to summon something
otherworldly, I can feel it.
Something evil this way
comes, Amelia; I can see the
eyes in the dark!
The message is signed off