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Microteaching Lesson Plan 2014
Instructor: Monica Santizo Sandoval

Date: Jul 29, 2014

plan / Aug 2, 2014

Course Title: English

Grade: 7th

Unit: 1 Pronouns

Specific Topic: Subject and Object Pronouns


Recognizes and appropriately uses the subjective and objective pronouns in written and
oral communication by completing written exercises and oral practice

Subject and object pronouns are not only difficult to distinguish them from each other , they are also used
differently. It is important that an EFL / ESL learner be able to recognize said difference as well as be able to
use each pronoun correctly

Lesson Content:


Instructional Procedures

I will ask the Ss to tell me what a pronoun is, and guide them through to say that a pronoun is used to
substitute nouns.
I will show them cue pictures of some random people and ask them to say the appropriate pronoun. As
I say them, I will paste them on the wall to refer to later

5 min

b. Teaching procedures
We will define together pronoun and I will paste the concept up on the wall.
I tell the Ss we will review and practice two different types of pronouns, the subject and the object.
We will start with the subject ones.
I will then refer to my pictures and tell them sentences, for example,
(Picture of Sandra Bullock)
is a good actress.
(picture of Tom Hanks)
is a good actor.
(picture of the Kardashians) are sisters.
This I will do until I mention each of the subject pronouns and as I write them I will complete a chart on the
wall with the complete list.
I will tell the Ss that we just worked with Subject Pronouns and ask them to try to define what subject
pronouns are.
I will then take the same pictures but make different sentences to introduce the second kind of pronouns,
object pronouns.
Sandra Bullock gave Tom Hanks a gift.
And then ask them to use the correct pronoun for each of the people in my sentences.
I will raise up the Sandra Bullock picture and prompt the pronoun SHE
Then I will raise up the Tom Hanks picture and prompt the pronoun HIM
I will continue in this way until I fill up the chart with all the object pronouns
After we are done, I will ask the Ss what the difference is between the two kinds of pronouns and guide
through to a definition
Subject pronouns perform the action and are the subject of a sentence
Object pronouns receive the action and are part of the object
Controlled practice:
We will do together more sentences like these with the pictures together. I will put up the pictures
and prompt the actions asking them to tell me the sentence with the names first and then with the correct
pronoun substitution
Semi controlled practice:
I will ask for volunteers to step up and come to the front to help me out with the creation of sentences using
the same pictures. I will prompt with pictures and pronouns so they give me their sentences.
Free practice:
I will pair them up and give each pair a sheet of paper where I will ask them to write down their own sentences,
they can use my pictures if they would like to but the sentences have to be completely original and their
creation. They need to write down one for each pronoun
c. Closure:
I will ask then that each pair of Ss gives us two examples of their sentences, one subject and one object
d. Feedback:
As we listen to the sentences created by the other Ss I will encourage the others to help me correct the
sentences and evaluate how they are. I will then ask if there are any questions
e. Formative/ Summative check:
I will then sit everybody back down and hand them out a worksheet to complete and to hand in for
grade after a period of time
f. Student Participation:
When the sheets of paper are handed back, I will ask them to come outside with me and form a line. I
will indicate which side, front is subject, back is object, and tell them that when they hear the pronouns
they need to jump to the correct place depending on the function they play.
g. Homework:
I will assign for homework that they find a picture in the newspaper of something that happened so
they can bring it to class the next day and explain what happened with the appropriate pronouns.

15 min

10 min

10 min
10 min
5 min

10 min

5 min

Evaluation Procedures:
I will first diagnose where they are in terms of understanding of concepts and then that will guide me how
much review I must make or if I should only review the terms.
The evaluation procedures will happen throughout the class in things like observation and correction at the

time of possible mistakes.

Then when it is time for the free practice I will already know who will need more attention
Materials and Aids:

I will bring to class the cartulina on which to write down functioning as a blackboard
Markers and masking tape
Cue pictures
White sheets of paper
Copies of the worksheet