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Sigmund Friend

Patient: Marilyn Cuberle
After the surgery, healing is going quite well. No major reactions, as usual,
and no internal issues to speak of. Marilyn looks beautiful, of course, and is
responding to the brain lesions. The brain lesions were put in higher dose than the
normal patient because of her hostility. The lesions will go unnoticed by Marilyn
since they were put through the ear canal and latched onto the brain. She will not
need any upkeep on them any time soon, but will need upkeep in the next 10 years
to be revamped. Her diagnosis is now normalized from her previous diagnosis of
chronic depression and confusion.

Procedure Analysis:
As part of the procedure, we used local anesthesia to put her into a sleep
state. We then went through the ear canal and placed the lesions on her brain. This
caused a calm to come over her body, which made the physical transformation much
simpler. We put the body under intense heat to ultimately give us a clean slate for
complete transformation. Once all her skin melted and all features where
indistinguishable, we used the number 8 modeling skin to create who she is now.
The procedure went just as planned, except for a moment when we thought we had
woken up from the anesthesia right after the lesions where placed, almost as if her
subconscious was fighting the brain.

1 Glass of Instant Smile/day