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Hi aon ARBIE GIRL WORDS & MUSIC BY SOREN RASTED, CLAUS NORREEN, RENE DIF, LENE NYSTROM, JOHNNY PEDERSON & KARSTEN DAHLGAARD. Syoten: Hiya Babi! Ke! You waa 20 fr «ie? Se Ken Jump i! — 3 = a J T4s Tm a Bar-bie giel in a Bar-bie world, Fem SS SS life in plas- tie, it's fan-tas - tic, 5 SSeS: ee a ee Ait un dre you can brush my hair, sss me ev- "ry ~ where, — Baus! He i-ma- gi-na-tion, life is your cre-a - tion, 4 iat poets : Pep ae == a mm Bt Ne “ee fife ia ae a ——— a gS Ss SSS Come on Bar-bie, let's go par-ty! I'm a Bar-bie girl in the Bar-bie world, Flin life in plas-tic, i’s fan-tas - tic, you can brush my hair, un = dress me ev = i-ma-gi-na-tion, life is your ere - a = tion,— Tm a blonde— 22a == ——S aa P i ont Le = a SSS ft B or : fete —. 6 a a ~tim=to gil in a fm - sy wok dew me up—— make t tg. Tm you dl. ato oleae ork aT ret peace mad a mee eee - oe vee ee SSS SS bat fg eee You're my Come jump — in, ‘roll friend,— feel the Tet us gla - oe yi z = ; aa mr — — ? ean ~ mour in pink, Kiss me here, touch me there, han~ ky hit the town,... fool a - i on 5 oS pan ky. You can touch, Sasa Tene you can play. it you soy Tm al ways youn — - 4 Sg Sa Sag aS ve pT aT ? ah —— : ee SS cho SSS I'm a Bar-bie girl = : SS in a Bar- bie world, pe =