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IT Project:

Lesson Plan Template





Preparing the

Assessment of

Elementary Education
3rd Grade
About Me Posters
Computers, Glogster Website
NETS (National Educational Technology Standards)
Students will meet two standards from the National Educational Technology Standards.
The first will be Creativity and Innovation. Students will demonstrate creativity, apply
existing knowledge to generate new ideas and create original works as a means of
personal expression. The second standard is Technology Operations and Concepts.
Students will demonstrate a sound understanding of the technology system and will use
the applications effectively and productively.
This project will provide a creative way for the students to display their likes and dislikes
and for the students to more easily get to know each other in a fun and creative way.
The students will each be provided a computer in order to use the website Glogster to
create their posters. Cameras will also be used by the teacher to take individual pictures of
each student to be downloaded onto their posters.
For the rough draft, paper and all writing tools will be made available for the students to
Objective 1: For the students to get to know each other better.
Objective 2: For the students to explore and understand a new technology.
Objective 3: For the students to broaden their creativity through a project that requires
technology and is meaningful to them.
First the project needs to be explained to the students. The students will then need to
make a rough draft of their poster on paper. After the students have a firm understanding
of what is to be done and have created their rough draft, they need to be shown in depth
how to use Glogster. As well as going through all of the necessary steps for making a
Glogster poster, the teacher will also show a finished example to the class.
Create: Students will use their knowledge about themselves to make a digital poster that
expresses themselves creatively.
Evaluate: Each student will need to write one sentence about five other students. The
sentence could be something new they learned about someone or something that they
found interesting.
Apply: Students will apply their previous knowledge with technology as well as their
knowledge of themselves to create their poster.


of Success

Understand: Students will show understanding by effectively and correctly creating a

poster on Glogster. They will also show understanding by completing the sentences about
the other students.
Remember: The students will need to remember different things that they learned about
other students and be able to write them down.
1. The teacher explains the About Me Poster, first by oral explanation.
2. After the teacher explains the project, the students will create their own rough draft on
paper with whatever appropriate information they would like to provide about themselves
on their poster.
3. The teacher will then look through all of the rough drafts to add comments, check any
glaring errors, and to check for appropriateness.
4. After all of the rough drafts have been approved, the teacher will make her own About
Me Poster on Glogster to show to the class.
5. The teacher will now introduce Glogster.
6. The teacher will go through step-by-step directions with the whole class to teach them
how exactly they will use Glogster to make their posters.
7. After the steps on Glogster have been explained, the teacher will show their finished
project and go through how and why they got each piece.
8. The teacher will use a camera to take pictures of all of the students individually, to then
be uploaded onto each of their posters.
9. Each student will then be provided a computer to start on their Glogster poster.
10. The students will use their rough drafts to create their poster and expand on their
11. After all of the posters are created, the teacher will upload the individual pictures for
the students.
12. The students will then have the opportunity to teach the class about themselves.
13. Each student will also need to write one sentence about five different posters that were
presented. The sentences will be something they found interesting or something new that
they learned about the student.
Success in this project will be measured on how well the student spent their time with the
computers to make their Glogster, their shown understanding of the project and the
technology through the quality of the final product, and their ability to listen and
remember things about the other students.