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MSTH210: On Campus Internship 1


Date of Submission: November 20, 2014



30, 2014

6, 2014



Type/ Focus of
Treatment Plan
Clerk this week

Both Rehabilitative
treatments for
shoulder pain

Clinic Instructor: Andrew Clapperton

Procedures Completed (Assessment/ Treatment/
Modalities/ Home Care)
- Clerk this week.
- Notifying therapists when patient
arrived, billing, scheduling and
rescheduling new and returning patients,
inputting health historys

First patient
Student initial, 30 mins of assessments:
conducted Health History, pain
assessment, AROM of shoulder (ruling
out joints above & below), MMTs
(erectors, mid/low traps)
30min Rehabilitative treatment of
shoulder effleurage, c-kneading,
palmar kneading, forearm kneading,
muscle squeezing, homecare postural
Second patient
Returning patient, 10min of
assessments: MMTs (lateral/medial
rotators) SOT (empty can test)

This week I had the
opportunity to be clerk. It was
a little confusing at first to
know how to do a few things,
but I eventually the hang of it
and came out easy for me. I
was able to do a lot of at the
front and was always busy.
Today I felt that I was very
rushed during both
treatments. I messed up few
things. I learned after both
treatments that I need to take
a calmer approach to things
and not get overwhelmed.

MSTH210: On Campus Internship 1

13, 2014



1st Rehabilitative for

mid/lower back
2 Wellness for back

50min rehabilitative treatment,

effleurage, c-kneading, palmar kneading,
muscle stripping (deltoid/infraspinatus)
First patient
Returning patient, 10min assessments:
Kemps test (-), MMT QL grade 5, no
pain, AROM of thoracolumbar
50mins rehabilitative treatment
effleurage, c-kneading, palmar kneading,
muscle stripping (erectors), modalities
hydroculator, home care erectors
Second patient
Initial patient, 20mins assessments,
health history, postural assessment,
AROM of thoracolumbar
40min wellness treatment, glides,
effleurage, c-kneading, palmar kneading,
muscle stripping (erectors)

This week I felt a lot more

comfortable after my first
patient had told me he felt a
lot better after his treatment
last week and looks forward to
coming in for a few more. The
second treatment was just a
wellness treatment and felt I
didnt really learn much off
that patient minus the glides I
had performed.

MSTH210: On Campus Internship 1


Date of Submission: November 20, 2014

Clinic Instructor: Andrew Clapperton

October 30, 2014

Description of Experience
Today I was the clerk. I had the ability to show when patients
arrived, do billing payments for patients, schedule and reschedule
new and returning patients, make phone calls for patients not
arriving, cancelling appointments. Overall it was a good learning
experience on how everything works up at the front.

November 6, 2014

Today I treated two patients. One was a first time patient. There
was a bit of a language barrier, but I was able to understand him
well. He came in for shoulder pain and I had done all the
assessments needed to be done for him. The second patient was a
returning patient and he had come in for shoulder pain. He does a
lot of overhead work and this pain he said he started recently and
wanted it to be treated. I conducted all the assessments needed to
and got him on the table. Although I felt overwhelmed as I hadnt
treated in two weeks, I felt that it went well in the end

November 13, 2014

Today I treated two patients. The first patient was my returning

patient from last week. He wanted me to treat his lower back this
week. He said lasts week treatment he felt very good after his

Performance Indicator Achieved

- 1.1.c utilize effective electronic
communication (completed: 1.1.c.1/3)
- 1.2.s. perform basic information functions
electronically (completed: 1.2.s.1/2/3)
- 1.2.u perform billing procedures (completed:
- 3.1.c apply standard hygiene & infection
control precautions (all)
- 1.3.b maintain professional boundaries in
relationship with patient (all)
- 1.3.c comply with confidentiality &
information privacy requirements (al)
- 1.1.a utilize effective written communication
- 1.1.d communicate in a manner that respect
diversity (all)
- 1.1.f utilize active listening skills (all)
- 1.1.g utilize & respond to non-verbal
communication (all)
- 1.1.h. contribute to an effective, collab
atmosphere in group settings (all)
- 2.1.a obtain comprehensive case history from
patient (all)
- 2.1.h perform palpatory assessment (all)
- 1.2.x establish a mentee/mentor relationship
- 1.2.j utilize professional judgement (all)
- 1.3.a display positive regard toward patient

MSTH210: On Campus Internship 1

treatment and looks forward to coming back. After I treated his

back he was very pleased with how he felt after. The second patient
was for a wellness treatment. There wasnt much to really say about
this patient because it was a wellness treatment.

- 3.1.b maintain a safe & comfortable

treatment environment (all)
- 2.1.d select & perform assessment
incorporating knowledge of patient history,
contraindications & precautions (all)
- 2.1.m perform muscle strength assessment
- 2.1.t interpret findings & formulate clinical
impression/diff diagnosis (all)

Three (3) Performance Indicators I have not achieved are


Perform muscle length test

Perform joint play assessment
Employ critical thinking

My plan for achieving these three performance indicators is

I will need to review my patients SOAP notes more clearly and take my time as I am always doing things in a rush and forget to do some things
that I should be doing with my patient (assessments wise)
I am SATISFIED with my progress in this Internship so far
I am satisfied because I have come a very long way from the beginning. I understand things more and Im getting a lot of feedback from
instructor that has helped me a lot. I am looking forward to the next on campus internship and what is to come.
I am NOT SATISFIED with my progress in this Internship so far
There are still many things that I can do better. I need to still be more confident and take my time when doing things as I am always rushing
with things. I know this a problem I am trying to overcome.